After one of the hottest summers ever recorded, the temperatures are finally dropping, fall is here and winter is right around the corner. Many are rejoicing for the oncoming chilly winter days and what’s better than to celebrate this joyous occasion by spending it abroad in cities perfect during the winter time! These destinations throughout the world are some of the best winter locations that will give you an unforgettable experience, ranging from unique places to some more popular ones. Regardless of their popularity they will have you excited for your next winter escapade.

 1. Amsterdam, Netherlands


Amsterdam has an amazing atmosphere during the winter time, with the streets and canals aglow with warm lights it gives a romantic winter feel that you can’t get anywhere else. The streets lined with canal homes from hundreds of years ago, this charming city will sweep you off of your feet. Tour the canals in the winter time close to dusk and watch how the city lights up and comes alive. Around Christmas time the Christmas markets can be found walking down the main street in the city with lots of decorations around every corner lighting up Amsterdam. Here you can buy all kinds of delicious Dutch treats and other invaluable items that will make it a time to remember. Delicious Oliebollen, which are a staple for that time of the year, are a must-try while you’re in Amsterdam in the fall or winter. If you come a bit earlier you might be able to catch Sinterklaas!

2. Beijing, China


Beijing, a city where the past meets the future while people try to get from place to place in the present. This capital city is massive in size with plenty of things to offer those wanting just a taste of China. Nestled between mountains on three sides this city stretches as far as the eye can see, with the Forbidden City in the Middle. Beijing maintains all of its historic sites extremely well, the city itself is super clean and among these ancient cultural buildings are super high-tech ones that are a complete contrast. People hold onto old traditions and habits while adjusting to the present and the future of this magnificent city. Visit Jingshan Park in the morning, it’s located across from the Forbidden City, walk up the winding stairs up to the pavilion and feast your eyes on the entire city. The view is spectacular. In the morning you’ll catch the older population doing Tai Chi, dancing and exercising together. It’s a magnificent sight to behold. Treat all of your senses by putting Beijing on your travel agenda!

3. New York, USA


New York is known as the city that never sleeps, being extremely chaotic but in a controlled way. There are always so many things happening at once, which makes for a sharp contrast to the silent winter nights. The beautiful lights warm up the city as snow comes down and it’s a true sight to behold. You won’t get bored in New York during winter time with plenty to do and plenty of places to stay warm. Partake in anything from the Chinese New Year celebrations in China Town to the vibrant musicals and plays on broadway. Shop till you drop or get to know locals and the hidden gems of New York in Queens, Brooklyn or Harlem giving you a different side of New York.

4. Muscat, Oman


Dare to be different and head to Muscat for an amazing trip to the middle east! This unexplored country is still raw and has many hidden gems to offer. During the winter the temperature cools down immensely making it a comfortable moderate climate that’s warm during the day and cool at night; perfect for those who can’t stand the heat or the cold. Muscat is perfect for those who want to step outside of their comfort zone. Home to endless deserts, pristine beaches, deep canyons with waterfalls paired with ample cultural sights there is lots to do in this seaside city.

5. Torres del Paine, Chile


Have you ever wanted to see a glacier? Well, they are plentiful in Chile and you can cruise down rivers while admiring the imposing glaciers. Since glaciers are disappearing, this experience will leave an impression for years to come. Not only does Torres del Paine have majestic glaciers, there are plenty of possibilities to hike through beautiful mountains, stroll through national parks, sail boats on the waterways and admire the wildlife. While exploring Torres del Paine and embracing the breathtaking nature this country has, you might encounter some of the inhabitants of Chile; condors, pumas and guanacos. This picturesque country is bucket list worthy on so many levels!

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