Favoroute weekend

The weekend is the ultimate time to relax and to daydream about travel. Therefore, Travel Designers see the weekend as the best time to post their inspiring stories on the internet, hoping for the lost wandering traveler to feel inspired and to pack his/her bags. Also this weekend. In two posts, Favoroute was brought to the attention!

The first article about Favoroute was by our Travel Designer Sandra, from the blog Travel by San. She wrote an article about Favoroute in her Travel News & Tips section, about how Favoroute continues to expand and about her guides about Tenerife, Florida and Sevilla. Curious about the article? You can find it here (in Dutch).

Schermafbeelding 2014-11-10 om 10.12.48

The second article about Favoroute was written by Emiel, from the blog Act of Traveling. He wrote about his trips and guides about Myanmar, Favoroute gaining popularity and the crowdfunding campaign that helps us to grow. The article is written in English, and can be found here.

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At last, Favoroute has published yet another travel guide from Rene Pluijm, the Dutch television chef from television show Pluijm’s Eetbare Wereld, broadcasted at RTL4. In this second guide, he explains more about his extraordinary travels and the food culture in Iceland; like eating fermented shark, a true tradition in Iceland. A real must-read! In the upcoming weeks, Rene Pluijm will publish a travel guide every week in the theme of that week’s episode, like Croatia, the Faroe Islands, Israel and Peru. Stay tuned!

Pluijm Favoroute