Death Valley USA

We are all looking for a enjoyable afternoon under the sunshine right? Well, if you are looking for some more extreme experiences, Favoroute has find out for you the warmest places in the world. Get ready and heat up for this challenge! Sunglasses and sun hat mandatory!

1. Kebili in Tunisia 

Kebili Tunisia

This small oasis in the middle of the desert has already topped one of the highest temperature score of Africa! An extreme climate that will enable you to live and approach fully the inhabitants customs of its charming and typical oriental village! Radical change of scenery guaranteed!

2. Death Valley in the USA 

Death Valley USA

The Death Valley has been evaluated as to have one of the warmest air temperature of the world around 47°C and even topping the 56°C in 1917! With its large and  mythic road, the Death Valley will enable you to ride on its red and orange land standing below the sea level which is in part responsible for its heavy air! Dare to experience this road-trip challenge (but you better not broke down there)

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3. Dallol in Ethiopia

Dallol Ethiopia

Incredible and unique place in the world, Dallol depression is spreading from its salt plain to its volcano at over than 100 meters below the sea level! Dallol has registered the hotest annual average of the world : 34,6°C with very minimal changes of temperature throughout the year! For the brave only to visit!

4. Bangkok in Thailand


Named hottest city on the planet, Bangkok offers a smoggy, humid and heavy air temperature of an annual average of 28°C. Humidity is known to be up to 90% and even in winter temperatures rarely fall under 20°C. Daily life can be made very uncomfortable but enjoying Bangkok amazing gems will make you forget the heat for a moment at least!

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