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Delicacies, clothes, perfumes, antiquities… Street markets are those magic places where everything can be found, even the most unexpected items!

Since they’re normally made by and for locals, exploring those shopping spots means getting to know the essence, culture, and personality of the city they belong to. Don’t miss the opportunity to pass by and dive into the history of the location you’re visiting!

We, at Favoroute, love them so we’ve collected the best street markets for you to include new places in the bucket list. Are you -or your shopaholic self- ready?


Best street market in Moroco: Zoco (Marrakesh)

Zoco - Biggest Markets Favoroute

The Zoco, which literally means ‘great mess’, is the largest market in the north of Africa and a real tradition when it comes to the Moroccan country. Historically, this place was used by commercials to sell their products and the general public to meet people from other tribes, drink tea with friends or even arrange weddings.

Today, the Zoco is a puzzle of artisans, noise and visitors that love exploring the area and the multiple items offered: from clothing and jewelry to carpets, terracotta, medicinal herbs or spices. If you have the chance to visit the market, don’t forget this is the right place to bargain! Buyers are normally expected to pay 1/3 of the original price!


Best street market in Spain: La Boquería (Barcelona)

La boqueria - Biggest Markets Favoroute

From the African market, we move now to a pretty different shopping spot but as colorful as the former one: la Boquería.

Located in Barcelona, next to one of the city’s main street, this market is a fascinating mix of light, scents and fresh products. There you can find the best raw material (fish, meat, fruits and vegetables) as well as stands with delicious juices and all kind of bites.

The iron building and the structure of the market itself is already appealing, although walking around among busy locals and thousands of colors is what makes the experience definitely unique!


Best street market in Spain / Balearic Islands: Hippy Market (Ibiza)

Hippy Market - Biggest Markets Favoroute

Still in Spain but in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, you can find the well-known hippy market of Ibiza.

With just 30 years of history, this space has evolved pretty fast from its original size of 5 stands to the current number of 200+. They describe themselves as an oasis of color, peace, music, and dreams, so you can already perceive the hippy heritage in their personality.

Walk through the garden and find under the different tents all kind of artistry: clothing, musical instruments, discs, decoration, books, incense and antiquities. In addition, get your future predicted or just chill with a natural juice and the music played by the different DJ’s!

Do you want to know more about the Hippy Market? Check here the information we have for you!


Best street market in Mexico: 20 de Noviembre (Oaxaca)

20 de Noviembre - Biggest Markets Favoroute

Photo by: Life and Food

Food lovers: you cannot dream of a better market! If meat is your delicious sin and your mouth just water with the smell of spices and chile, you must visit the popular Mercado 20 de Noviembre (November the 20th Market) in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The variety of food is huge there, as well as the amount of comedores or dining rooms. Choose the most appealing vendor (all of them will be offering out loud the best delicacies) and get ready to enjoy your meal! Don’t miss, neither, the corridor of the grilled meat. The smell, colors, and taste are simply amazing!


Best street market in The Netherlands: Flower Market (Amsterdam)

Flower Market - Biggest Markets Favoroute

It’s time now for the only flower market of the list! In the heart of the Dutch capital, literally floating on one of its canals, you can explore the well-known flower stores of Amsterdam!

Instead of food, clothes or craft items, there are all kind of bulbs and seeds in this shopping space. Contrary to the former markets, this one is mainly thought for the tourists since they come to the Netherlands willing to enjoy the colorful tulip fields (which are one of the icons of the country).

The special location, along with the contrast between this huge amount of plants and the busy city of Amsterdam, make the experience and this market pretty amazing!


Best street market in Thailand: Floating Market (Bangkok)

Floating Market - Biggest Markets Favoroute

Photo by: Worldtraveland

The next one is probably the most original (although every day more touristic) shopping spot we’ve listed. The floating market in Bangkok would be as any other place if their ‘shops’ were not canoes or small boats!

Some of these thai markets are just a humble aggrupation of boats next to a pier while others look like an entire floating city. The well-known Damnoen Saduak, for instance, evolved from a simple food market to one of the main touristic attractions of the country. If you want to feel as an authentic local, go to smaller ones. There are a lot of them which are not as spectacular when it comes to dimension but definitely magic!


Best street market in Turkey: Gran Bazar (Istanbul)

Gran Bazar - Biggest Markets Favoroute

Photo by: Leminevaganti

To understand the dimensions of the following market, located in Turkey, we will use numbers. The Gran Bazar has 45.000 square meters and, inside, you can find 20.000 workers and between 300.000 and 500.000 visitors. There are more than 3.600 shops, distributed along 64 streets which you can access through 22 doors. Impressive, right?

Going to this giant market is a must if you want to dive into the country’s soul and culture. The Gran Bazar also started as a small place where artisans could sell their craft items and finally turned into one of the biggest and oldest markets of the world. Find everything you can imagine and, as we advise you with the Zoco of Marrakesh, don’t forget to bargain!


Best street market in UK: Camden Market (London)

Camden Market - Biggest Markets Favoroute

And we finally have the well-known Camden Market located in London, UK.

This impressive place, which collects tourists and locals alike, has everything you can imagine: shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs, theatres and cinemas. It’s open seven days per week and there’s always something going on in the middle of this colorful and lively market.

Visiting the Camden Market or Camden Lock is a must if you’re in the capital of England. Walk along those awesome streets, get lost, and discover unexpected treasures in any of the small stores and street stands you’ll find. Absolutely inspiring!

Which one is the best street market for you?

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