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Capitals are those places known by everyone when you talk about a concrete country. Capitals are normally visited and photographed, loved and pursued by travelers around the world. Capitals collect nice sights, international business, and all types of people. Capitals are great.

However, we also love discovering unexpected places; those hidden gems that are less touristic but still magic. They’re probably not as known and visited as the capital but give them a chance and you’ll get surprised.

The following post is about Utrecht, a charming city of the Netherlands located in the middle of this country (one hour away from the capital, more or less). Although it can seem Amsterdam’s young sister, don’t let appearances fool you! Utrecht has its own personality and lovely spots waiting to be discovered.

We believe one day will probably not be enough for you to enjoy the whole city and experience Utrecht in all its aspects.

In any case, you need to start somewhere! Let us guide you through the heart of Utrecht in one day…


Good morning, sunshine! Oh, wait. This is the rainy Netherlands.

If the sun is shining, don’t waste your time and just go outside to enjoy the warm feeling on your skin! In case it’s not, you can better visit ‘T Koffieboontje for breakfast and let them make your day.


Time to start visiting! Really close to this café, you will find one of Utrecht’s main streets: Breedstraat. On Saturdays, have a look to the biggest textile market of the Netherlands which is located here. Go to Voorstraat, as well, and discover different urban hotspots and hang-outs.


If you’re getting Dutch already, by this time your stomach will start complaining. We have something for you and your hungry belly: Fam.Stegeman. Enjoy a nice lunch not so far from where you are and get ready for the afternoon. Nice places are still waiting for you…

Fam.Stegeman - Visit Utrecht


Let’s move again! Now, go to the south and you’ll pass by the Utrecht University next to Museumkwartier. Explore the area and fall in love with the city’s lovely personality. Visit some local stores, walk alongside the canals, and enjoy the historical buildings.


Coffee break? We have more suggestions! Why don’t you stop at Blackbird Coffee & Vintage? It is not the average café, you will see. Just take it easy and relax. How’s the city so far?


Last walk before dinner. Keep going to the south until you find Twijnstraat, another popular street of Utrecht (actually, the oldest one). Find local entrepreneurs there; cheese and wine stores, bakeries…. We also advise you to visit the Ledig Erf, which has lately become really popular. End of today’s journey!


After a long day walking around and discovering hidden spots, you deserve a nice dinner. Where? Try Speck Bar & Grill. Eat some nice food and drink some refreshing beers. Now, making the evening longer or chilling at the hotel is up to you!

Speck - Visiting Utrecht


Not enough? Download the Utrecht App and discover new tips along with Explore Utrecht!

Favoroute Team.

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