Traveling has always been an exciting and adventurous venture. But what makes it truly unforgettable is traveling to certain places that are well-known travel hotspots during a specific season! This includes destinations from winter holidays, summer beach paradise(s) to special natural phenomenas.

In the following list we are going to tell you about the gems you can visit during the 4-seasons that you may not have thought of before. As well as the famous place you have always wanted to go to but was put off by how crowded it can get!

With this list that Favoroute has generated you can enjoy the most popular places with little to no crowds along with the best possible rates for the season!


1) Rocky Mountain – National Park Colorado 

Recommended seasons: Winter/Summer

Rocky Mountains – by Unsplash

Even though the park is open all year round, due to heavy snowfall and extreme weather conditions in the winter large parts of the park are often closed. This is not to say that you can’t visit the park during winter, all park entrances are open, but visitors must be aware of storms and avalanche dangers and have the proper skills to cross-country ski into the high mountains.

To avoid the busy crowd, the best time to visit the park would be either just before mid-June, or just after mid-August, as you would be avoiding the busiest time – school vacation. However, winter is gaining popularity too because it is the quietest time, regardless of the bitter cold, the scenery is still beautiful and worth while seeing!

To make things easier for visitors, Favoroute’s Robert de Koning has put together a guidebook that includes a scenic roadtrip of the Rocky Mountains!

2) Aruba – Bonaire – Curaçao

Recommended season: Summer/Autumn

These 3 beautiful places, also known as the ABC islands of the Netherlands Antilles, were dismissed by the Spanish in the 16th century for being “Islas Inutitles” or “Useless Islands”. Now they are amongst the more popular and safest (weather-wise) travel destinations in the world!

The first stop of the ABC islands is Aruba. Aruba’s weather is consistently warm all year round (average temperature of around 28°C), but the quietest and cheapest time to visit is during low season, the months of mid-April until mid-December, as then the hotel prices remain low and special travel deals are being offered during this season.


Aruba – by Jill Heyer

The next stop is Bonaire. Bonaire’s peak season is December to April, therefor to avoid packed hotels and high prices, the best time to visit is from October to November when hotels reduce their room rates and the flood of tourists from cruise ships temporarily subsides.


Bonaire – by staudmedia

For more information on travel routes in Bonaire see Favoroutes Myrte Hisschemöllersguidebook, which includes many beautiful images of sceneries that you must see!

And last but not least is Curaçao. This island is well known for its rich culture and beautiful pastel colours can be seen throughout the island. From May to November during the off-peak season, you will find the lowest airfares and hotel rates, with rooms often priced up to 50 percent lower then they are during the peak season.


Lagoon, Willemstad Curacao – by Mariamichelle

All three islands are located just outside the “hurricane zone”, this means that your vacations on the islands will rarely be disrupted by tropical storms!

3) Iceland

Recommended seasons: Early Spring/Autumn

Iceland Road

Iceland – by Anders Jildén

Mid-June to August is Iceland’s most robust tourist season, but what many tourists are not aware of is that Iceland also offers plenty to do in Spring and Autumn. During these seasons the prices are dramatically lower for airfares, car rentals and accommodations! September is also the time when the night sky starts turning into thousands of shades of green, blue, red and yellow – you may know this as the famous northern lights. Around this time, the temperatures drift between 6°C and 11°C. At night these temperatures can drop to 0°C. In Spring, the temperatures vary from 1°C to 6°C in April, and 4°C to 12°C in May with brighter, sunnier and less rainy days.


Iceland – by Jeff Sheldon

From horseback riding, snowmobiling, and visiting spa’s – these are some of the many activities Iceland has to offer. Not sure which part of Iceland to visit? Check out the guides Favoroute has to offer!

4) Maui

Recommended Seasons: Spring/Autumn


Maui – by Marlies Harting

Maui is eminent worldwide for many things; its beauty, its history, pristine beaches, waterfalls, landmarks – and the list goes on! It’s a wonderful place for a Hawaiian vacation. Due to Hawaii’s location at the edge of the tropical zone, it only has two seasons, both of them warm. There is a dry season (summer) which is between the months of April and October and a rainy season (winter) between November and March.

The high season for Maui is generally from mid-December through to March or mid-April, this is when the prices are up and resorts are often booked to their maximum capacity. The best rates are available during the off season, which is mid-April to mid-June (Spring) and September to mid-December (Autumn). What not many tourists are aware of is that the off season is when Hawaii experiences reliably great weather! So if you’re looking to avoid crowds, and save money this is the best time to visit.

For more information on which beaches to visit, where to eat, where to stay and what to do in Maui check out travel designer Marlies Harting’s guidebook to get the most out of your trip!

5) Algarve, Portugal.

Recommended Season: Spring

Beach in Algarve by Realme

Algarve Beach – by Realme

The Algarve is a popular destination all year round due to its wonderful Mediterranean-like weather conditions. Its most popular season is summer, however some of the best months in the Algarve are during off-season, when it is not as crowded and the region can be enjoyed at a much more serene pace – especially for sightseeing and other activities!

During the summer months surfing is a very popular activity in the Algarves. That’s why Favoroute recommends this wonderfully cosy surfing accommodation in the South-West of Portugal, you will find more details in the guidebook!

Interested in more surfing destination? Check out more hidden gems in our guidebooks for surfing around the world.

6) Saint Petersburg

Recommended Season: Winter

Russia in general is often associated with cold year long winters around -25ºC. While this may be true for some parts of Russia it is not so for the Russian port city Saint Petersburg.


Sunset in Saint Petersburg – by Andrey


Saint Petersburg is the city with moderate temperatures, however as winter weather comes in fast, temperatures can still easily dip below freezing as early as October. Due to these reasons, hotels offer large discounts for the rare tourists that are brave enough to face the cold in October to mid-April. Fortunately, there are many events to enjoy in the winter time such as frosty winter festivals and cosy holiday celebrations.

Looking for a quick city trip to Saint Petersburg? Here is a 3 day/2 night guidebook to help you make the most of your stay in this majestic city.

What’s your favourite (off) seasonal destination?

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