Morocco is such an incredible journey! A true adventure, one can only be surprised by Morocco’s colorful architectural wealth and impressive, untouched landscapes. From exhilarating local encounters to some deeply resourcing alone together moments, Morocco will have something for everyone! Stunning medinas, ancient markets and desert excursions await in the paradoxical Morocco. Slowly switching from centuries of traditions to new modern hotspots, Morocco is nonetheless still considered as one of the most authentic places on earth. Favoroute has gathered everything you need to know to make the most out of Morocco gems! Enjoy!

Must see city focus: Marrakech

Marrakech is present in most of bucket lists and dream destinations! A sparkling city at night conveying the authentic Arabian night feeling, Marrakech is yet even more surprising in the daylight when the current local life can be spotted. Have a tour on the Jamaa-El-Fna square where one can enjoy all Marrakech craziness! Between traditional artistic gathering, open air street theater to storytelling sessions in the middle of the place, Jamaa-El-Fna remains at the heart of the Marrakechi daily life and culture.

From 'Explore the true Marrakech' guidebook

From ‘Explore the true Marrakech’ guidebook

But do keep in mind that the best way to really catch Marrakech soul is still to get lost in its steep and narrow streets seeking the unexpected! The old Medina of Marrakech will for sure seduce you! Hammams, traditional food hotspots, hundred of bazaars and well conserved riyadhs can be found in every corners. Just between the Palace El Badi and wonderful oriental Majorelle Gardens, do not miss Marrakech hidden gems!

Find your way in the teeming and challenging Marrakech with our Travel Designer guidebook!


Morocco climate is unique and extreme. Due to its proximity to both the Atlantic Ocean and Sahara desert, many different climates can be found depending of the area of Morocco. Mediterranean for the coasts, Continental for the mountains regions and Semi-arid for the south of the country. Every and each of these extreme climates supporting and being at the very core of the Moroccan diversity.

From 'Explore the true Marrakech' guidebook

From ‘Explore the true Marrakech’ guidebook

Topping 36°C, there will be no better feeling than wandering aimlessly during the warm Arabian nights! As the weather is always good in Morocco, many cities seem to never sleep! People are always out and up to something. Prepare yourself for some heated crazy evening festivities!

Desertic and natural best spots:

When most of us think about an excursion in the desert as the main ‘outdoor adventure’, our Travel Designer’s expert eye spotted quite an exceptional exploration spot just outside Marrakech! Waterfalls enthusiasts check it out here. Morocco has a diversity of landscapes that is truly impressive. Located on the African continent but at the edge of the Mediterranean borders and Atlantic ocean, Morocco has it all! From coastlines, wide deserts to snowy mountainous regions… The High Atlas being the most incredible mountain chain in Morocco. Spreading from the center to the south of the country, this montainous chain is mainly inhabited by Berbers over 2,500km.  Its several forest hills and waterfalls are amazing!

From 'Explore the true Marrakech' guidebook

From ‘Explore the true Marrakech’ guidebook

But still one of the most enjoyable experience to have in Morocco is to ride a dromedary in between the Saharan dunes and oases! Even if it is considered as one of the primary tourist attractions, we should all agree on the fact that exploring the Sahara remains a must try!


Culinary experience :

Morocco is internationally known for its beauty but one should not forget its incredible food! Spice trading, fruit and vegetables markets are invading the cities from all parts. The only thing you need to do is let yourself be guided by the peculiar scents wafting from the teeming streets. The markets several displays of colorful spices are mind-blowing! Red, blue, yellow, orange and even pink spicy powder cones will ravish your eyes! Local products guaranteed!


Eating in Morocco is a pure delight and having a taste to its traditional dishes is a must! Many roasting and grill food trucks await in the city centers with delicious meat or vegetables skewers. A great way to eat on the go!

But for those you wish to have a complete culinary experience, the traditional tajine is a must try! Both refering to the pottery cooking pot and dish: tajine, is an exquisite slow- cooked in water mix of sliced meat (often lamb or fish), spices (cumin, cinnamon, saffron, paprika) with dried fruits or nuts and vegetables. Tajine is served in the form of a ragout with some bread! A thrilling adventure for your taste-buds!

From 'Explore the true Marrakech' guidebook

From ‘Explore the true Marrakech’ guidebook


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