Jamaica is a land of opportunity, a land “we love” as its motto says! Discover the Caribbean sea best sunny island and get to experience an incredible adventure on Jamaica’s roads. Favoroute has gathered some information so you could fall in love with the Jamaican tropical hint! This wonderful paradise country presents so much diversify landscapes and change of scenery that even the smallest coconut tree can become a masterpiece in the sunset panorama! Follow the steps of Sandra Smits our Travel Designer and discover that Jamaica can also be way more than pretty sandy beaches but also a full astonishing human experience!

> Must see city focus : Negril

Negril is little hidden gem of Jamaica and when most people rush to the capital Kingston, the well-advised traveler will also give a lot of attention to the east city of Negril!

Jamaica Negrill3 Jamaicai4 jamaica beach lagoon

(All pictures are taken from Sandra Smits guidebooks about Jamaica)

Incredible beaches, blue hole, caves and rivers, Negril is yet far different from the rest Jamaica. The city has its own peculiar coastal village stamp and its richness is impressive.

Negril presents an 11km long beach where can be observed the customs and daily life habits of its inhabitants from sunrise to sunset! Real open door on the local Jamaican life, you just need to know the right spots where to get the ultimate thrill and enjoy a heart-lightning human experience! If you are ready for adventure, Negril is the perfect place to begin with! Village up in the hills, extraordinary cliff where to have an unforgettable jump, rivers, waterfalls, tropical park, limestone caves,  sunbath listening to some local reggae tunes with a mango in hand to amazing coral reef snorkeling sessions awaits you!

Find out more about these incredible memorable activities and approach Negril in a new light with our Travel Designer 3 days in Negril guidebook!

 > Weather : Subtropical

jamaica activities

 Jamaica is quite known for its paradisiac tropical weather! Sun is up all day and temperatures will blow your mind! Such a climate can be tough to manage for undisposed travelers but this is the best weather existing to have enjoy real summer activities! Snorkeling, surfing, jumping from the cliffs, sunbath… best moment of the day being when the sun goes down and creates a wonderful stunning sunset panorama!

Jamaica weather is also at the very core of the soul of the country and of its inhabitant’s way of life! Customs, easy-going manners, spicy, refreshing dish to tropical fruits, the land of Jamaica has breed amazing products thanks to its sunny merciful weather!

 > Beach and coast spots : Irie Beach

And yet, when sun is up, beaches must be close!

Jamaica Beaches2 Jamaica Beaches1 Jamaica Beache2

(All pictures are taken from Sandra Smits guidebooks about Jamaica)

No better way to enjoy and celebrate the Jamaica sun than stepping and have a swim in its coastal beaches! White sandy, coconut, intimate, recluse or more frequented beaches will make your day! From adventurous like sea side to concerts and parties beaches, the only thing left to say is that Jamaica got them all and that the pictures will do the rest!

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 > Culinary experience: A spicy and cheerful local experience

Jamaica Negrill2Jamaica beahceeJamaica Beaches

(All pictures are taken from Sandra Smits guidebooks about Jamaica)

Food had brought up the people for generations! And in Jamaica it’s never been so true! Do get to know Jamaica’s people and to learn about their customs especially their culinary extraordinary resources and secret recipes! Exotic fruits, exquisite meat, surprising spicy taste will make your taste-bud go mad! Even watching the locals preparing their most famous dishes from simply cutting a coconut will be a great time!

One of its most tradition dish is the Ackee and Saltfish!


Epic preparation, the Ackee fruit contains some poisonous parts that only the mastering fingers of locals will know how to treat! Ackee will then be boiled with onions, peppers, tomatoes, spices (piemento) cooked with salt cod! A delicious dish that can be served as for breakfast or dinner! Tropical unexpected touch : some boiled green bananas can be served alongside this surprising dish!

Find out more about local experiences and follow the lead of Sandra Smits who will show you how to get the ultimate rasta way of living the country in her guidebook available on the app!

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