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If you’re thinking on going abroad soon but still have not decided to which country, it may be a good idea to travel to Germany! Located in the middle of Europe and surronded by a pretty large number of countries, there’s a destination suitable for all kind of travelers.

History, art, landscapes, and culture: the trendy and multi-faceted Germany will probably surprise you! In this post, we’ve collected some basic information for you to start getting familiar.

Ready to know Germany a bit better?

Capital: Berlin!

Berlin I - Travel to Germany Favoroute

Berlin is a great capital. Broadly known and admired, this city embraces, both, a long history and a brighter future. Opportunities, art and youth can be found at every corner, creating a really special atmosphere; Berlin’s one.

If you travel to Germany’s capital, don’t miss the city center and Alexanderplatz: an absolutely huge square where the telecommunication’s tower is located, as well as the tube and many shops and restaurants. Having a walk next to the museum island is also magical, and visiting all the historical monuments (we already said Berlin’s history is definitely large) a must. Don’t forget, though, the artistic part of the city; hundreds of artists are based in the capital of Germany. Just look at the stickers glued to the walls or the street lighting. The amount of them are impressive! 

One monument: East Side Gallery

East Side Gallery - Travel to Germany Favoroute

Although Berlin is full of breath-taking monuments, there’s one we do need to highlight: the East Side Gallery.

Everyone knows the wall that used to divide Berlin into, roughly explained, the communist and capitalist side. Luckily enough, that tragedy ended on 1990 with the demolition of this barrier. The city became one again, and the citizens an entire community.

There’s still a small part of the wall in the German capital, which has been reconverted into a street art gallery. Artist worldwide have contributed to changing what once was a nightmare with bright and fresh masterpieces. Those paintings are placed on the remaining wall, and claim for the freedom and love that was taken from the Berliners some years ago.

East Side Gallery is, basically, history, art, and humanity made an impressive monument. Definitely worth it if you travel to Germany!

Most popular dish: beer and wurst

Food time! I bet everyone has tried, at least once, the two following German delicacies (no doubt about the second one): the popular Frankfurter wurst and the beloved beer!

If you travel to Germany, don’t miss the opportunity to try one of their multiple sausages. Among them, there’s a pretty popular one called Currywurst, which normally comes with ketchup and curry powder on the side. Don’t worry too much about finding these sausages, though: there are plenty of street stands in the center of Berlin which serve Currywurst, Frankfurt and many other.

They also have beer, and Germans are definitely proud of this product. Actually, they have a festival in October called Oktoberfest where wearing the traditional German costume and drinking beer are the two main activities. It’s a good opportunity to get to know the culture, right?

Oktoberfest Munich Germany | Favoroute

Average temperature

Temperature Germany - Favoroute

As most of the countries located in the middle of Europe, Germany has pretty average temperatures. Winter can be cold (but not extreme), and the summer mild. The coldest temperature would be 0.7 on January and the warmest 18.2 on July -still under 20 degrees-.

Hohenzollern Castle Germany | Favoroute

It sounds interesting so far, right? If you want to know more than the basics for your travel to Germany, check all the information we have for you here. Let us guide you to the hidden gems of this country!

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