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Located in the middle of Europe and surrounded by France, Luxembourg, Germany, and The Netherlands, you can find the beautiful country of Belgium.

Travel to Belgium if you are thinking of spending a weekend abroad soon. We believe this can be the perfect destination since it’s not a really expensive country, well located when it comes to Europe, and with lovely cities.

Keep reading to know the basics and, if you become interested, let us guide you to Belgium with its beautiful hidden gems!



Brussels - Travel to Belgium Favoroute

We’ll start with the most known place in the country: Brussels.

Despite being a big, international, and modern city, Brussels keeps the charm and peace of smaller villages. There, you can find nice open squares like the popular Grand Place, where the city hall is located. Curious fact: its bell tower (a 96 meter tall building with a really pointed roof) can be seen from many places of the city, becoming a clear reference to situate yourself in Brussels. You can also admire impressive palaces and cathedrals, enjoy walking along green parks and visiting museums.


But don’t forget…

Ghent - Travel to Belgium Favoroute

Way smaller but absolutely beautiful, there’s Ghent.

If you’re going to spend more than just one weekend, it may be interesting for you to visit another city next to the capital. We, at Favoroute, recommend you Ghent (approximately one hour away by train from Brussels). The architecture, the river and bridges, the different cathedrals, the main square… Even the hidden corners! You will definitely fall in love with this place.

Ghent’s well worth the visit and, if your main purpose is doing sightseeing, it will take you just one day. It’s also a nice destination to spend a relaxing weekend, far away from huge and busy cities.


One monument

Manneken Pis - Travel to Belgium Favoroute

The monument we want to highlight for being worldwide known is located in the capital. Actually, it’s the symbol of Brussels.

The Manneken Pis is a hidden fountain with the shape of a little boy peeing, which is always surrounded by curious visitors taking pictures of him. However, what all of them may not know is that this guy has a female partner: The Jeanneke Pis. This lady can be found in a really busy street of the city which is full of restaurants. It is believed that, this sculpture, was made by the owner of a restaurant to attract people to this place and, consequently, to his business. Next to the Jeanneke Pis, there’s also Delirium (popular bar that offers more than 2,000 beers!).

The Atomium, a 102 meter tall atom, is also internationally known. It was built due to the Universal Exposition of 1958 and has become a clear symbol of the city, along with the naughty sculptures.


Most popular dish

Waffle - Travel to Belgium Favoroute

There are some Belgian delicacies you need to try in order to say your visit to this country was complete.

First of all, don’t miss the fries. I know, you’ve thought all this time they came from France but if you ask to the locals, they will surely (and proudly) say they’re originally from Belgium! Beer is another product of which Belgians are really proud. They’ll have to discuss with the neighbors where the best beer comes from, though. When it comes to desserts, don’t forget to try the Belgian chocolate and the popular waffles! You will find them everywhere, plain or along with all kind of fruit and sauces. Simply delicious!


Average temperature

Temperature - Travel to Belgium FavorouteThe weather is not really extreme in Belgium. The average temperature during the year goes from 9 to 10 degrees, being January the coldest month and August the warmest. Next to the sea, the temperature’s even softer.


Did you know?

Belgium has two official languages: French and Flemish. The upper half is the Flemish part while in the South, people speak French. The capital, however, which is located in the northern part, is bilingual.

It’s also well-known that Brussels (the capital of the country) is also the capital of the European Union. There you can find the European Parliament, which holds the meetings that take place between the European representatives of each country.


Here you have the basic information. It sounds appealing, right? If you’re definitely into learning more about this country and travel to Belgium, check what we have for you here! Routes and personalized maps, the best tips and hotspots, activities and fun for you to enjoy a trip to this country. See you in the way!

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