Go and live the summer American dream with our selection of summer destinations in the USA! Everything will seem bigger, prettier and sunnier as always in America, why not have both a hint of the delusion of grandeur and sun then? From San Diego to the Oregon coast, make the most out of what America has best to offer and get surprised by some destinations you might not have considered yet!

1 – San Diego

san diego 1

From ‘San Diego sunshine’ guidebook

San diego

From ‘San Diego sunshine’ guidebook

San Diego is well known for its so typical American beaches with its red and white lifeguard cabins! One of California’s best gems, San Diego, has an extraordinary stamp between American and Mexican hints. Only a few miles from the Tijuana Mexican border, San Diego will offer you the best of both worlds! Summer is a full experience in this 7th biggest USA city, where one can enjoy, sea, sun and nightlife but also some wild activities as the visit of its great Zoo. Beautiful and unique architecture, San Diego will make you feel its Hispanic influence and reveal some great hidden spots!

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2 – Miami

Miami Beach sunset by Cyril Bisson

Miami Beach sunset by Cyril Bisson


Miami Beach

Miami is one the most iconic USA summer destination! Hotspots of surfing session to sunbaths on the Miami Beach, the sunny wide city will blow your mind. Best of what Florida has to offer: go down Ocean Drive and have a taste to its warm night lush of life! In Miami everything is possible, you can either live the beach lifestyle to the fullest day and nights or even go down its famous Little Havana or Coconut Grove district to experience its different latino and trendy atmospheres. This sea side city must also be on the bucket list of art lovers that will for sure be amazed by the Art Deco and the whole Wynwood Art districts!

3 – Key West

Key West by Cyril Bisson

Key West by Cyril Bisson

Key West sunset by Cyril Bisson

Key West sunset by Cyril Bisson

Key West is quite surprising! If you like to experience the extremes, do go to the southernmost point of the USA in Key West and go even further to enjoy some snorkling and diving in its coral reef! Unique place in the world, the journey to Key West is in itself an adventure. Indeed the only path to get to this summer paradise is to go through its path standing in the middle of the ocean. On the other side of the road, you will find coconuts beaches and incredible sunset spots! Few miles from Miami, Key West is an unexpected destination to definitely consider!

4 – Oregon 


Crater Lake Oregon


America got it all! If you are not that much a sunbath beach lover, than definitely rush to Oregon! Wonderful lakes, valley and canyons will make your day! Oregon is one the state that has the highest diversify landscapes. You can find in Oregon evergreen forests to deserts, glaciers and volcanoes! Mystic land, Oregon is full of surprises and will share with you all its treasures. Do consider visiting Crater Lake has to have a hint of the natural elements forces! A breathtaking experience that will lead you to discover an all other side to America, more natural, wild, mysterious and authentic!

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