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Since most of us are starting to enjoy the first hints of our summer holidays, we thought it would be about time we speak truthfully about what should be our main concern : where to find the best cocktails? Whether you are still searching for your favourite cocktail or are in need of a refreshing break, this blogpost is for you.

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Introduction Refreshing juices and cocktails

Summer is coming!
Time to take a refreshing break and sip (with moderation) a cocktail by the sea or sunset right?

Favoroute has specially made up its top 5 of the best places where to enjoy and discover your favourite summer cocktail for you.

Cheers !

1.      Milan, ITALY

Act like a local and have a taste of the detox bitterness Milanese Spritz cocktail !

When Spritzes are on the tables, you can be sure that summer has started! This traditional Milan local cocktail won’t ever go out of fashion (and of character). An explosive refreshment skilfully elaborated with juicy oranges, lime slices, Aperol liquor and prosecco : ideal for a warm summer evening!

Favoroute tip for a unique experience : Spritz is a cocktail to be enjoyed in the typical trendy Milanese atmosphere in one of the several bars overlooking the famous Navigli canal, real place-to-be on evenings. Check-out Rebecca Boektje’s “Milan’s Hotspots” guidebook to know more about it!

Aperol Spritz | Top 5 places for a cocktail

Photo by: Charlotte van Dijk


2.      Havana, CUBA

Follow the tracks of the authentic and famous refreshing Mojito in Cuba

Mojito is a well-known ingenious mix of lime, mint, sugar, ice, and rhum – already experienced and appreciated by most of us. Largely revisited in many countries, nothing worth the real and authentic one in Cuba. Symbolic aroma of a successful summer, a simple Mojito will give you the kick you need to discover Cuba’s hidden gems.

Favoroute tip for a unique experience: Where to enjoy best your Mojito than in its birthplace Havana? Check-out Andra Dobrescu’s guidebook “Cuban Alchemy” and find the perfect sunset spot as well as many unforgettable gems to be discovered in Havana.

Best cocktail in Cuba : Mojito !

  3.    Barcelona, SPAIN

  Rush to the picaresque Barcelona and warm up to the sound of Flamenco with a glass of Sangria!

Ancestral well kept secret recipe, we can assure you that only the Spanish know how to make us irreversibly fall in love with their sweet, dry, lush and smooth traditional red wine and season fruit cocktail. Pineapples, apples, oranges, a zest of citrus and a lot of patience and know-how, Sangria is unquestionably the unforgettable Barcelonian signature of your journey.

Favoroute tip for a unique experience: Don’t miss the full Barcelonian atmosphere and let us guide you in a singular local food initiation through Barcelona thanks to Alba Colino’s online guidebook “Local hidden gems of Barcelona”

Best cocktail in Barcelona : Sangria !

 4.         JAMAICA

Feeling up to a taste buds adventure? Try the Ginger beer in Jamaica, 100% sensations guaranteed.

If you are crossing Jamaica, Ginger beer has to be on your ‘TO-DO’ list! This curious non-alcoholic Caribbean cocktail is a fresh and natural energetic sparkling mix of ginger spice, yeast and sugar. Ginger Beer is known to be as precious and delicate as its island, not loosing its natural fizzy softness when opening it is an art.

Favoroute tip for a unique experience: Bring your Ginger beer with you in your backpack and reach to the Treasure Beach, one of Jamaican’s hidden gems! Find out more about this spot and the Island’s complete tour in Sandra Smits’s ‘Best Irie Beaches of Jamaica‘ guide.

Best cocktail in Jamaica: Ginger Beer !

5.         Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

Are you rather looking for an energy refill? Enjoy the sweetness of an inimitable Caipifrutas in Rio de Janeiro!

Have a taste of the breath taking Brazil’s national spirit cocktail: the Caipifrutas, a unique composition of season juicy fruits. Beware, Caipifrutas is not a juice, the whole fruit is used and this is what makes it so particularly enjoyable and tasty. The most known combinations are to be the lemon, watermelon and kiwi Caipifrutas. Only few drops of the local alcohol cachaça will transform your Caipifrutas in a delicious Caipirinha.

Favoroute tip for a unique experience: Treat yourself with a out-of-time relaxing and refreshing break on the Copacabana Beach, a Caipifrutas in the hand, let Roell de Ram’s “Discover the genuine Brazil in Rio de Janeiro” guidebook show you the way!

Best cocktail in Rio de Janeiro : Caipifrutas !

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