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Foodies, coffee lovers, Amsterdammers, people into sweet but healthy, organic cuisine, and design: this is your post!

If you like to discover new places and try the best coffee, share a cup of this dark pleasure while meeting some friends, working surrounded by an inspiring atmosphere or just chilling with a book, coffee places are definitely your element. And Amsterdam your city!

We have collected the best spots in town to appreciate delicate coffee artistry, presented with an original and unique packaging! Nice stores, better products, and engaging concepts are common characteristics among our top 5 coffee places in the capital of the Netherlands. Ready to discover them?


Best coffee places: Toki

Binnen Dommersstraat 15, 1013 HK. Amsterdam.
Toki - Coffee Spots Amsterdam Favoroute

Photo by: Toki

You’ll feel the good vibes even if you’re still not inside; you just need to look at the smiling face staring at you from the window. Welcome to Toki(o)! The place to go slow.

Located in a peaceful corner in De Jordaan neighborhood, Toki welcomes all kind of people with good coffee and some other delicacies. The design is visible in every detail (the spoons, for instance), and the atmosphere unique. Just bring your laptop if you need to work or take it easy with some of the magazines they lend to their customers. The barista will make you feel like home, and you’ll easily feel comfortable in this great environment!


Best coffee places: Coffee and Coconuts

Ceintuurbaan 282-284, 1072 LR. Amsterdam.

Coffee and Coconuts VI - Coffee Spots Amsterdam Favoroute

If you need to have some work done but libraries are not inspiring enough, we recommend you Coffee and Coconuts. This café is the right location for students or young professionals, and the ideal place to have informal meetings and friends reunions. The three-floor building has a really appealing design, which makes you feel comfortable even when it’s crowded. If you are hungry after some hard work, there’s no need to move. You can also have lunch or dinner!

Nice coffee, good pastries, delicious drinks, and tasty (but still healthy) food are the main ingredients of this successful café. You’ll find it in the neighborhood of De Pijp and, good news, they normally close at 11 p.m.!


Best coffee places: Bocca Coffee

Kerkstraat 96HS, 1017 GP. Amsterdam.
Bocca Coffee - Coffee Spots Amsterdam Favoroute

Photo by: Bocca Coffee

You’ll probably never find it if you don’t know where this café is located. Just leave the street that leads to Leidseplein from the city center and walk 5’ to the left. At some point, the wooden sign will let you know you found Bocca Coffee!

Once inside, choose the best spot (all of them are lovely) and ask the barista for some advice when ordering your cup of coffee: they have different beans! Actually, they’re also roasters and their delicious products are used in many other places within Amsterdam. Interested on learning more about this dark, drinkable pleasure? Ask for one of their workshops!


Best coffee places: Scandinavian Embassy

Sarphatipark 34, 1072 PB. Amsterdam.
Scandinavian Embassy - Coffee Spots Amsterdam Favoroute

Photo by: Alex Bernson

Let’s go to De Pijp again. Actually, this place is pretty close to Coffee and Coconuts, although they don’t keep any resemblance when it comes to the concept and dimensions. Located in a hidden corner in front of the Sarphatipark, you’ll find the Scandinavian Embassy. It is not so big but absolutely charming, and you’ll definitely love the north European look.

Ask the baristas if you have any question about your drink, they’ll be pleased to answer! Try some of their pastries (the carrot cake is pretty nice), and just relax with some friends or a nice book. Enjoy the coziness made coffee place!


Best coffee places: Berry

Bilderdijkkade 27, 1053 VH. Amsterdam.

Berry - Coffee Spots Amsterdam Favoroute

And our last recommendation is Berry. Located in the Western part of the city, this lovely spot is a great place to relax. Why? Just seat near the window after lunch, and let the sun warm up your skin with a nice cup of coffee next to you. It sounds like a plan to us! If you’re lucky, the barista will be baking some cakes and the shop will smell like sugar, cinnamon or lemon.

The design of this coffee place is also unique, as well as their ‘private library’: there are some shelves full of books and magazines for their customers to read. We’re sure you’ll love this place!


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