Unexpected places - photo by : Mélanie Chesnel

Europe, Europe.. Beloved Europe! In these surprising times for the Union, we thought it could be wise to focus on Europe’s unexpected places rather then its political decisions (#Brexit). Rummage through your drawers for your passport, while you need it, why not make the most of it and discover our bucket list of unexpected destinations and secret places all over the European continent?

Here we go!

Favoroute has made up the top 10 unexpected destinations and secret places across Europe just for you, Enjoy ! 

1.  Reykjavik, ICELAND

Reykjavik termes, Iceland

If you are an unpredictable traveler and love to discover secret untouched places, Iceland must be in your bucket-list!

Go north when everybody rush to the South and put on your best chapka, setting a foot on the edge of the world in Reykjavik.

Known to be the world northernmost capital of all sovereign state existing, Reykjavik is surprisingly one of the most populated and moving city of Iceland. Throbbing, growing, buzzing, steaming… Reykjavik is the heart of what make Iceland so mystical: its brute harmony between ancient remote landscapes and explosive cultural and economic metropolis.

Check-out how to make the most of the Reykjavik experience with Favoroute selection of guidebooks: “Reykjavik” by Rebecca Boektje and “West Island and Reykjavik” by Pluijms Eetbare Wereld.

2.   Greek Islands, from Santorin to Lesvos, GREECE

Greek Island secret gem

Up for an unforgettable adventure? Go off the waymarked roads and start hiking on one of the Greek secret Islands! Santorini, Mikonos… and why not go further and almost touch the Turkish border in Lesvos?

Enter in a full symbiosis with the capricious and wild nature of Greece, enjoying the diversity of the mountainous region of Lesvos being the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. Connect with the Greek way-of-life discovering their ports, villages, rocks, lakes and even breathe a new life wandering around the olive groves.

The full itinerary and many more precious tips await you in Steven Egeis ‘s “Lesvos Trail : Hiking the South guidebook !

 3.  Lombard Lakes, ITALY

Lombard Lakes, Italy

Sirmione, Lago di Garda – Photo by : Mélanie Chesnel


Bardolino, Lago di Garda – photo by : Mélanie Chesnel

You won’t be able to say that you have experienced the full Lombard adventure if you had not sealed once on its mythical Lakes!  No more than 30min to 1h from both Milan as well as Verona, Lago di Como, Lago di Garda and Lago Maggiore are the jealously hidden gems and secret places of Lombardy.

Go to Como for a day or two and enjoy the relaxing and colorful panorama of the favourite Milanese’s seaside resort. Reach Lago di Garda and treat yourself with a boat cruise among the coast villages of Sirmione, Garda and Bardolino! Between vivid sailing ships, a medieval castle plunged in the lake and some swans dabbling in the turquoise water, Lago di Garda is the best of what the Italian and Swiss countryside can offer. End up your change of scene trip with Lago Maggiore, the wealthiest lake of Lombardy and have a walk among the amazing villas of the past century.

Don’t miss your chance to discover the incredible diversity of Lombardy from the sea side to its glorious metropolis and check-out Favoroute’s selection of guidebooks for both Milan and Verona created by our Travel Designers, Rebecca Boektje ” Hotspots in Milan”  and  Harme Kraak “Romantic Verona“.

4.  Family Tour from Kolding to Copenhagen in DENMARK

Traditional port in Denmark


Family trip in Denmark

Be Denmark’s privileged guest and enter its vast playground from Kolding to Copenhagen!

Between cultural sessions, countryside expeditions bounding with deers, a breath of the fresh air by the sea side, an eco-city tour in Copenhagen, Game of Thrones vibes in Kronborg, or a fun break as well at Legoland … Denmark secret places family tour as proposed by Laura Weenink’s guidebook “My family travel in Denmark”  is a children friendly trip that will not convince only the younger but also the elder never to go home again.

Check-out as well Favoroute selection of guidebooks for Denmark! “Copenhagen city trip” and “A long week-end in Copenhagen” by Robert de Koning!

5.  Budapest, HUNGARY


Budapest Parliament, Hungary

Have a look at the magnificent Hungarian Capital and don’t miss the real “Pearl of the Danube” opening its shell for you!

At the very core of the Liberty and New Art style, Budapest is a city scarred by its past but overall radiant with its charms and secrets spots. Amazing blend between Berlin and Prague, do go to Budapest if you want to have an accurate hint of Central Europe. Budapest is a singular city and offers nowadays a very evolving and trendy center at the edge of modernity carefully balanced with its traditional stamp.

Budapest being a city with more than 1000 years of history still visible, do check Robert de Koning’s guidebookA long week-end in Budapest” as to make the most of it and don’t miss its atmosphere!

6.  West Coast, SWEDEN

Typical fisherman snowy village in Sweden

Already familiar with Stockholm? Or just searching for more typical destinations to catch the real Sweden soul?

Grab your backpack and reach the West Coast, sensations guaranteed. Between Gothenburg and Salto, go to secret places where only a few thought to go and enjoy the no-man land atmosphere of the authentic Sweden Coast. Stride along the fisherman villages and share with your travel companions their hut for few nights!

From a deer photo-hunt to inspiring lake panoramas, enjoy fully the Sweden West Coast getting Margot Eggenhuizen’s itinerary and tips in her guidebook. “Gothenburg and Swedish West Coast

If you are interested in doing a city trip in Stockholm, check-out Favoroute‘s Travel Designer Go Marjo’s fantastic guidebook3 days in the super Stockholm


Gozo Island, Malte

Explore the Mediterranean Sea landing in Malta and taste to the Latin as well as Arabic atmosphere from the North to the South of this sunny Island.

> Are you an Art passionate? Get your eyes ready for the millennium art citadels of Valletta and Mdina.

> Searching for a resourcing journey? Enjoy the blue lagoon beaches from which spread miles of white and warm sand!

> You are more of an adventurer? Get on a bucolic expedition to the Island of Gozo!

Find out more hidden gems in Malta in Roos Kriek’s guidebookMalta, Mediterranean Lake” and come back home then proud to say “I’ve fully visited a European country back and forth

8.  Koper by train, SLOVENIA

Lake Bled, Slovenia

Are you searching for a new way of travelling?  Than get on board and discover Slovenia’s secrets by train! Next stop: One in a life time experience!

Known to be the little Venetia of Central Europe, one easily fall in love with Slovenia as if it was meant to be. Its snowy mountains peaks to its blue-green lakes, Slovenia has to be experienced and seen as a whole. What better idea than exploring it by train and get the Trans-Siberian feeling not that far from home!

Discover how our Travel Designer Reizen met de Trein, in this guidebookKoper by train, Slovenia“, does to make the way to Slovenia a real trip from The Nederlands to Munich to Koper!

9.  Antwerp, BELGIUM

Baroque classic houses style, Belgium

Who would have thought that such an unexpected destination could be so close, at the very heart of Europe?

Antwerp has kept all its glory of the ancient times from its baroque moguls to its international port. Blossoming art city, homeland to the famous painter Paul Rubens and of the European fashion Academy, Antwerp is the modern twist of Belgium where creativity is endless!

Don’t miss it and check-out Hannah de Groot’s guidebook “Gosh, how cool is Antwerp” and Favoroute special selection of “Things to do in Antwerp” for our English speakers!


Krka Waterfalls by Albina Gović

Krka Waterfalls by Albina Gović

Croatia is a land of opportunity for adventure lovers!

Croatia has “something for everyone”, whether you are a party traveler, a gastronome, a family, a music lover, a Game of Thrones fan, an adventurer or a historic heritage passionate, Croatia has everything you are looking for!



Check-out our blogpost  “Travel Styles in Croatia ” and find out which part of Croatia you are bound to see!

 Interested in experiencing unexpected adventures ? Find your match-destinations and travel spirit (Food Travel, Eco TravelLuxury Travel or Spiritual Retreats and many more) with Favoroute Travel Style selection!

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