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Eco Travel means discovering the world while loving it and taking care of our natural resources. Actually, this has been a society’s concern for a long time already and, lately, a lot of people are jumping into the eco-friendly movement; also when traveling.

We, at Favoroute, want to prove that discovering the best places and respecting the environment at the same time is possible!

In the following post, we have collected some of the most beautiful eco-friendly accommodations around the globe so, next trip, there’s no valid excuse! Interesting fact: they’re as beautiful as sustainable.


Eco Travel in the Swiss Alps: White Pod

White Pod - Eco-friendly Hotels Favoroute

We’ve rated this hotel as the best one of our list for its creativity and impressive location. During the winter, you are literally over the clouds and surrounded by shining snow. Absolutely breath-taking! In addition, these white pods use minimal water and electricity, produce less waste and consider renewal resources.


Eco Travel in Vietnam: Six Senses.

Six Senses Con Dao - Eco-friendly Hotels Favoroute

Photo by: Six Senses Con Dao.

No words are needed to describe the beautiful sights of this location! The Six Senses in Vietnam provides its customers with the best views while taking care of this wild piece of nature. How? The materials used to build the hotel come from sustainable resources and the structure maximizes air flow to reduce the need of air conditioning, between other eco-friendly solutions.


Eco Travel in Tanzania: Chumble Island Coral Park Eco-Bungalows.

Chumbe Island Coral Park - Eco-friendly Hotels Favoroute

This beautiful accommodation located in the Indian Ocean is not just impressive but also sustainable. In Tanzania, you can find this hotel which is made from local resources and uses solar panels for lightning, as well as rainwater as the only source of water. Enjoy this wild atmosphere while taking care of our beloved nature!


Eco Travel in the British Columbia: Nimmo Bay Resort.

Nimmo Bay - Eco-friendly Hotels Favoroute

Photo by: Nimmo Bay.

This hotel, just accessible by helicopter or boat, offers to its customers the possibility to experience the real beauty of one of the biggest forests in Canada. Since this space is not manipulated and still wild, it is possible to observe bears or dolphins just next to your window. Nature in its purest stage!


Eco Travel in Tasmania: Saffire Freycinet.

Saffire Freycinet - Eco-friendly Hotels Favoroute

Photo by: Saffire Freycinet.

This Australian accommodation is the fifth of our list and still as beautiful as the former hotels. However, what makes this accommodation special is not the building or the sights but its eco-friendly advantages. For instance, the food provided in the Saffire Freycinet come from local vendors and the windows, lighting and air-conditioning are energy-efficient!


Eco Travel in the Maldives: Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa.

ark Hyatt Maldives - Eco-friendly Hotels Favoroute

For those who had doubts, here we have the evidence that eco-friendly can perfectly mean beautiful. Actually, this accommodation is extremely appealing because of its green purposes. The Park Hyatt, in the Maldives, is built over the Indian Ocean in order to minimize the interaction with the natural environment. Amazing!


Eco Travel in Costa Rica: Lapa Rios Ecolodge.

Lapa Rios Ecolodge - Eco-friendly Hotels Favoroute

Photo by: National Geographic.

Since deforestation is a real problem in the country of Costa Rica, this hotel can be considered eco-friendly due to its aim of protecting the 1,000 acres within its private reserve. This solution, along with many others, makes this place sustainable and one of our top 10 hotels. Moreover, the sights are incredible!


Eco Travel in Zambia: Sindabezi.

Sindabezi - Eco-friendly Hotels Favoroute

Sindabezi, located in Africa, is a great example of eco-friendly accommodation. Some reasons: the resort is run by solar power and all the cleaning products are biodegradable. Additionally, the wood used to build the small cabins is sustainably farmed and a special water system makes possible to save around 20,000 plastic water bottles per year. Impressively green and beautiful!


Eco Travel in Australia: Longitude 131.

Longitude 131 - Eco-friendly Hotels Favoroute

This fancy hotel located in the north of Australia has everything anyone could image, despite the rough nature by which is surrounded: the desert. Instead of buildings, the main spaces can be found under tents (fact that is already eco-friendly). In addition, the whole accommodation uses solar power for lighting, along with other respectful solutions.


Eco Travel in France: Hi Hotel.

Hi Hotel - Eco-friendly Hotels Favoroute

Although this hotel, located in Nice, is surrounded by a really different landscape, it also has eco-friendly initiatives that make it pretty special. Of course it does not protect the forest since it’s located far away from the wild nature, but some solutions such as offering organic food or using recycled paper also count when taking care of the planet. A green option in the middle of the city!


Are you already into eco travel? What are you waiting for traveling while taking care of the planet?

Favoroute Team.

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