Going on vacation can sometimes be a hassle. Not to mention sometimes it doesn’t go right and the mood can be completely ruined. Getting away from the day to day and relaxing is the goal for most people going on vacation. Whether that time is spent hiking up rigorous mountains, laying on the beach or mingling with locals the following tips will help create the perfect stress-free trip!


Planning, planning and more planning

Plan your trip far in advance! Research was conducted at the Breda University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands on vacationers and it showed that people are happiest when they’re waiting and anticipating the trip they’ve booked. The excitement is the highest at that very moment in time. While you wait for the vacation you planned months in advance you’ll have plenty of time to look at what you want to do. Take your time doing it and make sure you don’t leave out anything! Create a list and plan, this will create more and more excitement for the oncoming vacation.


Leave work behind

Stop and smell the flowers! Start by making sure that you leave work behind completely. Even if you enjoy everything you do at work, give yourself some needed TLC. When you’re on vacation that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be. You don’t want to be caught working on your vacation when your goal was to relax and unwind. To feel like work is well taken care of, make sure that work has been delegated before you leave, and that you have a clear and thorough ‘away from office message.’ This will make you feel much more at ease knowing that people know of your absence and that business will continue on without you!


Dare to do different things

When on vacation dare to be different. Break the mold and do stuff you wouldn’t do in your day to day life and stay busy is the most important. Being busy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, if hiking through a rain forest is what you’ve always wanted to do, do it! Cross some things off of your bucket list. Did you want to explore and partake in cultural activities? Explore the catacombs of Paris? Enjoy the hot springs in the mountains of Japan? As Nike’s slogan says: “Just do it!” Don’t hold yourself back any longer, and enjoy the things you’ve always wanted to enjoy.


End on a high note

It’s been proven that ending your vacation on a high will make you feel a lot more satisfied than if the peak moment you experienced was halfway through the vacation. Make sure you plan something you really wanted to do toward the end of your trip. Even if it’s just a special dinner at a certain restaurant, scuba diving near coral reefs, or visiting a UNESCO World Heritage site, end your vacation with a bang!

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