by Tiany Kiriloff

Going to Belgium and not sure what to do in Antwerp? Favoroute has created a short list of some things to do in Antwerp!

Antwerp is an international port city located on Belgium’s River Scheldt. In the city centre you can find century old Diamond District houses with thousands of traders, cutters and polishers. Antwerp also has a Royal Academy of Fine Arts, which was founded in 1663, and is known today as the European fashion academy. Besides this, things to do in Antwerp include many yummy restaurants and fun cafe’s!

by Tiany Kiriloff

by Tiany Kiriloff

Things to do in Antwerp: Eating

Antwerp has lots of amazing restaurants ranging from many different prices and cuisines.

Chez Fred by

Chez Fred by

Chez Fred is a cozy little restaurant with small wooden tables and a cute terrace overlooking busy Kloosterstraat. The cuisine is traditional Belgian with a modern twist, don’t worry there are also lots of pasta dishes and nice salads on the menu. This place is definitely a hidden gem waiting to be discovered!

Travel around Antwerp in 2 days and experience the best food at the nicest restaurants! Check out this guidebook if you’re interested in food travels.

Things to do in Antwerp: Cathedral of Our Lady 

Antwerp Cathedral by Hannah de Groot

Antwerp Cathedral by Hannah de Groot

There are many churches in Antwerp, but this majestic cathedral dominates the city’s skyline, and inside you can find magnificent canvases painted by Rubens. The Cathedral of Our LadyOnze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal, is a beautiful Roman Catholic cathedral located in the centre of Antwerp.

The construction on this fine Gothic styled church started in 1352 and ended in 1521, although it has been said it has never really been completed. The overall design of the Cathedral was done by Jean Appelmans. The belfry of the Cathedral is included on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Around the Cathedral there are many restaurants, perfect to have lunch/dinner with a view!

Things to do in Antwerp: MAS Museum

MAS Museum by Alvesgaspar

MAS Museum by Alvesgaspar

Museum aan de Stroom also known as the MAS allows you to become acquainted with “Antwerp in the world, and with the world in Antwerp”. It allows you to discover the city’s rich past, the river and the port with beautiful views of the city and architectural gems.

The MAS can be found in the middle of the Eilandje, a thriving neighbourhood in Antwerp. The museum is 60 m high and on the top floor (10th) you can enjoy a 360-degree panorama view of the city, the port and the river. The museum has over 500,000 pieces, some permanent and some temporary exhibitions.

Things to do in Antwerp: MoMu – Fashion Museum of Antwerp

MOMU by Romaine

MoMu by Romaine

Set in the heart of the city’s fashion district, Antwerp’s fashion Museum is a dynamic and inspiring space with high ceilings and distinctive contemporary architecture. The fashion museum is on every must-see list for the Flemish city, the museum’s collection of clothes are very unique and impressive. The curators have collected over 25.000 items from clothing to accessories. Some of the items even date back to the 16th century!

The building is also home to the Fashion Department of the Academy, and the relationship between the two institutions ensures that MoMu is very much a living museum with active links to contemporary fashion culture as well as historical expertise.

Discover hidden gems of Belgium, the land of chocolate, beer, and amazing culinary masterpieces. Small, and sometimes even mistaken for being a part of its neighbouring countries, Belgium still has a lot to offer! Its main cities Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, and Brussels hold a true medieval spirit and bring travellers back into fascinating pasts!

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