The Next Web features Favoroute travel guides

Last week the guys from The Next Web featured Favoroute as one of the 5 startups that make globetrotting the world a hassle free affair. We couldn’t agree more and we are super proud to be listed as one of their 5 startups!

The author of the article, Sofie Bittner, explains: “I recently moved to Amsterdam to work for TNW and so far it has been an absolute blast. New city, culture, food and people – what else could any self-proclaimed globetrotter ask for?” As she starts talking about Favoroute, she continues:

I moved to Amsterdam after previously having spent only about four hours in the city. Now that I have access 24/7 I want to explore the city without seeming like too much of a tourist. Favoroute is a wonderful solution for that. Their guides are not “one size fits all”, but rather written for specific travel styles. You don’t just get the obvious tips, but hidden spots curated by locals that give you a very personalized experience and will make you feel more like visiting an old friend than a foreign city.

With 80 different Favoroute travel guides, written by local experts all around the world, Favoroute’s mission is to become the go-to travel guidebook platform in the world. Need a guide for your travels? Get in touch with one of our local experts! To test out our digital travel guides, you receive a Free Amsterdam City Guide with the local tips shared by the Favoroute Team, simply by downloading the Favoroute app.

Read the full article on The Next Web page or have a look below.

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