100 best hidden gems for 2016 | Favoroute

‘What are your favorite places in the world?’ is what we asked our 150+ Travel Designers. Discovering the world place by place, our local experts, travel bloggers, and journalists collected their hidden gems for you!

Looking for some adventure in your travels, yet have no clue what the most amazing places in the world are? You can find your list here! Considering gastronomy, scenery, culture, and unique spots, the gems are divided by continent (not ranked by number!). Pair them together if you’re planning a road trip or visit them during a city weekend trip – lucky you! Let us guide you to unexpected places. 

Europe’s Hidden Gems

1. GEM Fest, Georgia.
Hidden gem by: Dariko

How to better start this list, than with an actual Gem Fest! This annual festival held on the Black Sea shore, in a small sunny village Anaklia, hosts world famous musicians like Armin van Buuren, Who Made Who, Booka Shade, and more… 24 hours of music, fun, summer drive and craziness – this is a real gem of the Georgian festival scene! Visit Dariko’s guide for beginners about Tbilisi!

GEM Fest Georgia | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Dariko


2. Istria, Slovenia. 
Hidden gem by: Food Travel Photography

The unknown sister of Croatia, but just as beautiful and a lot more quiet: Istria. Slovenia only has 46 km of coastline, but it’s extremely special. With influences of Venice and small villages like Piran and Izola, the coast of Slovenia is a must visit for 2016! 

Istria Slovenia | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Food Travel Photography


3. Agroturismo’s and rural hotels in Ibiza, Spain
Hidden gem by: Pure! Food Travel

In love with Ibiza! After only a few months I returned to the magical island to explore amazing agroturismo’s and rural hotels. Can Lluc is one of my favourite luxury hotspots. Lucas, the friendly owner, invited me for a delicious lunch and of course I said yes! Read more from Jeannette from Pure! Food Travel in Ibiza here. 

Can Lluc Ibiza | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Pure! Food Travel


4. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany.
Hidden gem by: Charlotte from Favoroute. 

This castle from King Ludwig in Bavaria, Germany was the first inspiration for Walt Disney’s fantasy castle. Hidden between the mountains and lakes, this castle is most definitely worth a detour on your way from/to Munich. This castle makes you feel like a princess for a day! 

Neuschwanstein castle | Hidden Gems Favoroute


5. Cinque Terre, Italy.

With its unique location on top of the rocks, Cinque Terre is one of the astonishing beauties of the Riviera on the Italian west coast. In each of the five towns, also called ‘The Five Lands’ the colorful houses are built on the steep hills. A truly romantic hidden gem behind the rocks.

Cinque Terre Italy | Hidden Gems Favoroute


6. Icaria Island, Greece.
Hidden gem by: Barbara Venetikidou

The island of fun in its folklore way. Almost every night during summer there are fiestas in different villages, where locals and visitors dance exactly until 10 am. Live orchestras, where the violin is the king of the fiesta and the Icarian wine its queen. The locals are famous for their long living and their loosen way of life. The perfect place to relax after a stressful winter in the city. Better to visit in August (especially between 5-20th ). Breathtaking scenery, delicious fish to eat. Read more Greek guides from our local, like Thessaloniki.  

Ikaria Seychelles Greece | Hidden Gems Favoroute


7. Kunst En Eerlijke Koffie (KEEK) in Utrecht, the Netherlands
Hidden gem by: Explore Utrecht

Art and fair coffee – sounds like a winning combination. KEEK is not only a lunchroom, but also mini gallery and a place for artists to showcase their talents. Located on the Twijnstraat, one of the oldest streets in Utrecht. KEEK offers sandwiches, delicious savoury or sweet scones with dips, salads, cakes and more made from organic ingredients. A must go to when you are visiting this Dom city in the Netherlands! Read the full Utrecht guidebook here. 

Kunst En Eerlijke Koffie (KEEK) in Utrecht, the Netherlands | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Explore Utrecht


8. Praia da Ponta Ruiva, Portugal.
Hidden gem by: Casa Meranka

The South-West of Portugal is full of hidden beaches, and the beach Praia da Ponta Ruiva is one of them. About 20 minutes away by car from Casa Meranka, Ponta Ruiva is a great place for surfing. If you can find the beach through the maze of dirt tracks between Villa Do Bispo and the coast, you’ll be well rewarded when you get there! Find more about this astonishing region in the surf guide ‘Surf Trip South-West Portugal‘.  

Ponta Ruiva Portugal | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Casa Meranka


9. Restaurante Ingredients in Valencia, Spain
Hidden gem by: Pure! Food Travel

After a bicycle tour to Russafa, Valencia’s hipster neighborhood, let’s try some tasty home-baked breakfast: orange juice made from the famous local oranges, green tea, toast made of homemade bread, cereal with soy yogurt, and a crunchy veggie quiche. Most ingredients at ‘Restaurante Ingredients’ are organic, and they have their vegan and vegetarian specialties. Find more food tips for Valencia here. 

Ingredients Valencia | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Pure! Food Travel


10. Snow hike to Fane Alm, Italy.
Hidden gem by: Travel Around With Me

The picturesque village of Fane Alm is one of the most beautiful villages pastures in South Tyrol and can only be reached on foot. Put on your snow boots but for the approximately two -hour hike where you will also pass the ‘Milky Way’. In winter the Zingerlehutte is the only cabin that is open. Make sure to try the homemade knödel with a good glass of wine! 

Fane Alm Italy | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Henriette Bokslag


11. Svaneti Museum of Ethnography and History in Mestia, Georgia
Hidden gem by: Dariko 

People go to Svaneti for hiking, skiing, enjoying the nature, but a visit to this museum in Mestia is a real must. Ancient books and tools, precious treasures kept high in the mountains… Totally worth seeing! Visit Dariko’s guide for beginners about Tbilisi

Svaneti Museum Georgia | Hidden Gems

Photo by: Dariko


12. Hjørundfjord, Norway.

Ready for some Norwegian Fjord Adventures? The Hjørundfjord, close to the city of Alesund, is the largest fjord in Norway and a magnificent destination for your hikes with its mountains peaking at an astonishing 5,000 ft above sea level. Even though the mountains are highly popular and often visited by tourists, the fjord is something of a secret, left out of all other tourist routes.

Hjørundfjord Norway | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Michaela Potterbaum


13. Champagne – Ardenne, France
Hidden gem by: Food Travel Photography

This area is perfect when you want to getaway for a few days close to home. Plunge in the Champagne, learn more about this liquid gold, stroll through the vineyards, drive through the beautiful surroundings, and wander through small villages like Troyes. 

Champagne Ardenne France | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Food Travel Photography


14. Praia da Cordoama, Portugal
Hidden gem by: Casa Meranka

Cordoama is a huge west-facing beach with a dramatic backdrop of cliffs that fringes the ‘Coasta Vincentina National Park’. During the summer this beach picks up almost any swell going and is strangely sheltered from the prevailing north wind, but come the winter, the swells can often be too big. Read more about the South-West of Portugal in the guidebook by Casa Meranka. 

Praia da cordoama Portugal | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Casa Meranka


15. Michelangelo’s face, Florence, Italy.
Hidden gem by: Leonardo & Elisa

On the right of the entrance of the Palazzo della Signoria, on one of the stones of external wall of the façade of the building, it has carved a very interesting man’s face, given nothing less than Michelangelo. It is said that the artist has engraved back to the wall during the execution of Savonarolaand. Another astonishing fact is that it seems like it was not even minimally damaged by the terrible flood of 1966. 

Michelangelo's Face, Florence Italy | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Leonardo & Elisa


16. Last Chance restaurant, in Sagres, Portugal. 
Hidden gem by: Casa Meranka

With a stunning view from their sheltered terrace over the crystal blue waters of Mareta beach you can loose many hours here from breakfast all the way into the evening. Top coffee, imaginative salads, quality cocktails and mouth watering tapas means that this establishment can offer exactly what you want for any time of day. This little, essentially beach shack is well run, with fun staff and a creative edge and is also an exceptional spot to watch the surf when it pumps at Mareta and your all surfed out. Read more about South-West Portugal in the guidebook ‘Surfing Trip South-West Portugal‘. 

Last Change Restaurant Sagres Portugal| Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Casa Meranka


17. Querença, Portugal.
Hidden gem by: Magnificent Escape

Querença is a small town located near Loulé. There is a water museum, a church and the Fonte da Benémola, a protected area of great natural beauty. You can hike here and in the park are a number of caves with archaeological remains. Interested in Portugal? Click here for more guidebooks about this beautiful country! 

Querença Portugal | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Harmke Kraak


18. Mudflat Hiking in the Netherlands.

Mudflat Hiking (or ‘Wadlopen’ in Dutch) is a unique experience in the north of the Netherlands. Depending on the tide table, you can walk from the Dutch mainland to one of the Dutch islands in the North Sea. Walking on the Mudflat requires bringing a guide, because of the changing tides situations can be easily misjudged. Read more about the hidden gems in the Netherlands in one of these 23 guidebooks

Mudflat-hiking-Wadlopen-Netherlands | Hidden Gems Favoroute


19. Bergen, Norway.

This Norwegian beauty, on the coast of Norway and gateway to the many fjords this country has to offer, was part of the ‘top 10 world’s most underrated cities’ by CNN in 2014. Unbelievable right?! Surrounded by mountains, this pretty city is the ideal destination for cruise fans and nature lovers. Visit the old quarter of Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, or when you are a foodie, have a look at the Bergen Fish Market. 

Bergen Norway | Hidden Gems Favoroute


20. Samothraki island, Greece.
Hidden gem by: Barbara Venetikidou

The island of the hippie way of life. The island where you sense a powerful energy coming from it. The island of the big mountain called Feggari (Moon), with its waterfalls and lagunas. The island that combines both trekking on the mountain and swimming into the glass clear sea. Wild, rocky beaches, not for common tourists. The best wild goat meat in Greece, famous for its different cooking methods. Visit all summer long (August the best month). Read more Greek guides from our local.

Samothrace Beach Greece | Hidden Gems Favoroute


21. Blessing of the horses in Siena, Italy.
Hidden gem by: Travel Around With Me

The Palio di Siena is an event in the heart of the Italian city Siena. Despite the thousands of visitors visiting the race in Piazza del Campo, there are still some ‘hidden gems’ to discover. The best and most special activity here is the blessing of the horses in the local churches of the participating districts before the actual race takes place. 

Palio di Siena Italy | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Henriette Bokslag


22. Peine del Viento Sculptures in San Sebastian, Spain.
Hidden gem by: Alba from Favoroute 

On the coastline in Basque country you can find these magical sculptures, designed by Eduardo Chillida. The literal translation is ‘combs of the wind’, brushing the wind through its teeth. On stormy days the sea shows is strengths and the waves crash with all their might against the cliffs. A magical place that’s a must visit in the region! 

PEINE DEL VIENTO” SCULPTURE San Sebastian | Hidden Gems Favoroute


23. Husky adventure and winter wonderland in Røros, Norway. 
Hidden gem by: Pure! Food Travel

Yes, yes, yes! I love happy outdoor animals… I went on a wonderful husky safari (see video). Røros in Norway is at its best in wintertime when it turns into a sparkling and magical wonderland. 

Husky adventure Røros | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Pure! Food Travel


24. Local dish in Florence, Italy
Hidden gems by: Leonardo & Elisa

If someone would ask me about a typical Florentine dish, my answer will be simple: panini con il lampredotto. Round bread rolls (called Rosetta) opened up, filled with steaming hot meat, and topped with green sauce. This dish is a tradition and can only found in Firenze. When you are there… try it out! 

Panini con il lampredotto, Italy | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Leonardo and Elisa


25. Casa Amora in Lisbon, Portugal
Hidden gem by: Little Wanderbook

If you are looking for a cosy, warm & homy place to stay in Lisbon, book a room at B&B Casa Amora,. This place truly feels like a home away from home and is perfectly located near the subway and in walking distance to the city center. Amora means ‘mulberry’, not ‘love’ like I thought….There are a lot of mulberry trees in the area and the neighbourhood is called Amoreiras. Read more about Lisbon in Little Wanderbook’s guide. 

B&B Casa Amora Lisbon Portugal | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Little Wanderbook


26. Kvareli town in Kakheti, Georgia.
Hidden gem by: Dariko 

Two wine factories, two lakes with beautiful recreational areas around… It is a marvelous destination for at least a day trip! Do you want to read more about Georgia from a local? Visit Dariko’s guide for beginners about Tbilisi

Kvareli Lake Resort Georgia | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Dariko


27. Starkbierfest in Munich, Germany.
Hidden gem by: Travel Around With Me

The German Oktoberfest is known worldwide and attracts hundreds of thousands people each year. But have you also heard about the less well-known Starkbierfest? In February, during Lent, some Munich breweries transform into a festive bierfest. Act like the locals and rent a dirndl or lederhosen for matching outfits. 

Starkbierfest Munich | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Henriette Bokslag


28. North of Sardinia, Italy.
Hidden gem by: Food Travel Photography 

Are you planning a road trip for this Summer? The north of Sardinia has picturesque, typical Italian villages, rough nature, and Caribbean beaches. Thereby.. the food is divine! Read more guides by Bianca Kramer here or check out the Sardinia Guidebook App

Sardinia Italy | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Food Travel Photography


29. Ioannina city and Ali Pasha’s island, Greece. 
Hidden gem by: Barbara Venetikidou

Located in the northwestern part of the country, the small city with a huge history and a glorious lake in it. In the lake of Ioannina, you find a small island, called the Ali Pasha’s island, famous for its frog legs and eel. This small island is a piece of history, back in the times of the Othoman occupation. The surrounding of the city of Ioannina is a feast for the eyes of a winter sports’ lover and mountain hiker, with the Sierra of Pindos making you lose your breath by its beauty. Camp in front of the lake of Ioannina, it’s such a special experience. 
Ioannina Greece | Hidden Gems Favoroute


30. Restaurant Mini Bar Teatro in Lisbon, Portugal.
Hidden gem by: Little Wanderbook

Many people told me to visit this place and it didn’t disapoint! It is one of the best restaurants I have EVER visited and it is affordable too! Try the explosive olive… Or one of the other ‘tragicomedies’ or ‘drama pieces’ on the menu and your taste buds will have a party! Read more about Lisbon in Little Wanderbook’s guidebook ‘Lisbon in 3 Days‘! 

Restaurant Mini Bar Teatro Lisbon Portugal | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Little Wanderbook


31. Surfing in Fuerteventura. 
Hidden gem by: StyleSpy

Hawaï is closer than you think! The island Fuerteventura is known as the ‘Hawaï of Europe!’ The weather is good, there is always wind, and lots of waves – especially in the morning! What could be a better place – close to home – to take your first surfing lessons than in the Hawaï of Europe?! Exactly! Fuerteventura is part of the Canary Islands and THE island for water sport lovers! Read the guidebook about Fuerteventura by StyleSpy here. 

Surfing Carrelejo Fuerteventura | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: StyleSpy


North America’s Hidden Gems

32. Gut River on South Coast, Jamaica
Hidden gem by: Inspiring Vibes

A drive on a dirt road, full of potholes, leads to the deep Blue Hole of Gut River. This natural well, surrounded by rocks, with crystal clear water and mystic vibes invites you to jump in and cool down, or meditating at the riverside. The river flows calm and quiet to the ocean passing the private property at the white sand beach where you can rent a cabin and have a country cookout. Read more local tips from Jamaica in the guidebookExplore the Real Jamaica in the Natural Rasta Way‘. 

Gut River Jamaica | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Inspiring Vibes


33. El Cortez Tequila Bar in Edmonton, Canada
Hidden gem by: Journeylism

In the historic but lively Edmonton neighbourhood Old Strathcona you find this edgy Mexican tequila bar a good spot to fill up on the old booze, taste some Mexican highlights and listen to the upbeat tunes of the DJ under the neon graffiti. Read more about Edmonton and this hidden gem in the guidebookRocky Mountains Road Trip‘.

El Cortez Tequila Bar Edmonton Canada | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Journeylism


34. Coronado Island in San Diego, USA.
Hidden gem by: Natalie Neece

Take an Uber/Lyft across the bridge over to Coronado Island. The island is home to a unique community of San Diego. The historic Hotel Del Coronado built in 1888 and is the place where the iconic film “Some Like It Hot” starring Marilyn Monroe was filmed. You can rent bikes from Bikes and Beyond and finish the afternoon, at the bar at the Hotel Del Coronado that looks over the Pacific Ocean. Read more about San Diego in Natalie’s guidebook. 

Coronado Island San Diego USA | Hidden Gems Favoroute


35. Carousel Bar in New Orleans, USA.
Hidden gem by: The BohoSocialite

Back in downtown New Orleans you go for the famous Carousel Bar at the Hotel Monteleone. The only revolving bar in New Orleans, take a spin on this bright and beautiful merry-go-round while sipping on a Vieux Carre, Carousel Bar’s signature cocktail. 

Carousel Bar New Orleans USA | Hidden Gems Favoroute


36. The Island of Maui, USA.
Hidden gem by: Magnificent Escape

Although many know Hawaï as the tropical surf island of the USA, not that many people know Maui. This island next to Hawaï is part of the same island group and is just as beautiful! With a landscape offering many activities like hiking, biking, and snorkeling, it also features some great national park, like the Hakeakalã National Park for instance. Read more about this magical island in the guidebook ‘Discovering the beautiful island Maui‘. 

Maui Hawaii USA | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Magnificent Escape


37. Dutchess County in New York, USA.
Hidden gem by: Magnificent Escape

Dutchess County is located southeastern New York State. You will found some beautiful nature here as well as histories like the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic site, Vanderbilt Mansion, and much more. Read more about this miraculous country in the USA guidebooks

Dutchess county New York | Hidden Gem Favoroute

Photo by: Magnificent Escape


38. Turtle Beach in Manchioneal, Jamaica
Hidden gem by: Inspiring Vibes

Coastal erosion has worked it’s magic to create this idyllic setting of rocks and cliffs. A little goat path leads to a soft green/blue lagoon and further on Turtle Beach; a hidden pearl which only can disclosed by locals. 

Turtle Beach Manchioneal Jamaica | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Inspiring Vibes


39. Baby Grand Karaoke Bar and Gallery in New York, USA. 
Hidden gem by: Journeylism

Squeezed in between the shine of Soho and the oriental vibe of Chinatown, this teeny tiny gallery and bar is where the karaoke magic happens every night. For 2 dollars to cover the royalties, the stage, mic and crowd packed into the Baby Grand are all yours. Read more about New York City and this hidden gem in the guidebookNew York City Trip‘.

Baby Grand Karaoke Bar and Gallery New York USA | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Journeylism


40. Grouse Grind in Vancouver, Canada
Hidden gem by: Gerben from Favoroute

Referred to as ‘one of the most dangerous hikes in the world’ this summit climb is exhausting, yet rewarding. Rumours go that even the Vancouver canoes (Hockey team of Vancouver) run these steps for their workout a couple of times a year. The view from the summit shows you an amazing sight on Vancouver. Definitely worth a visit! 

Grouse Grind Vancouver Canada | Hidden Gems Favoroute


41. Roaring River Cave, Jamaica.
Hidden gem by: Inspiring Vibes

Take a brief escape from the fun-in-the-sun ethos in Negril and explore the Roaring River cave in the green hills of Savanne La Mar. Gliding back in time, slaves hiding in the caves; singing, playing drums and pray their prayers. The big chamber in the cave with its serene and peaceful vibes is still used by musicians nowadays, playing the Nyabinghi drum.
The lime stone caves contains mineral water spring, take your swimming gear to get the healing effect of the waters. Read more local tips in the guidebookAstonishing Jamaica – 3 days Negril‘.

Roaring River Jamaica | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Inspiring Vibes


42. The High Line in New York, USA.
Hidden gem by: Alba from Favoroute

This old railroad above the city of Manhattan was changed into an urban public park, supported by the community. In 2009 the first part of the High Line was opened, featuring exceptional architecture and plant design. The High Line is now one of New York’s favorite local places, for a sense of rest and nature in the vibrant city. Find more hidden gems in New York here. 

High Line New York USA | Hidden Gems New York


43. St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans, USA.
Hidden gem by: The BohoSocialite

While taking in the lush view of Jackson Square and St Louis Cathedral across the street, you entered the French Quarter of New Orleans. This historic church sits on the border of the French Quarter, looks a bit like a Disney castle, and is among the oldest cathedrals in the United States.  

The Saint Louis Cathedral New Orleans Louisiana | Favoroute Hidden Gems


44. Watching whales in Vancouver Island, Canada
Hidden gem by: Gerben from Favoroute 

To watch these enormous and beautiful animals in real life is definitely a must do when on Vancouver Island. On a whale safari you get to meet them from up close! Funny fact about the air harbour of Vancouver Island is that the landing strip is probably the only landing strip in the world dealing with whale on the landing strip! 

Whale Watching Vancouver Island | Hidden Gems Favoroute


Oceania’s Hidden Gems

45. Noosa, Australia.
Hidden gem by: Magnificent Escape

Noosa is a little beach town located on the Sunshine coast, Queensland. There is a lot to do in and around Noosa, but one of the must do’s is the walk from Noosa main beach to Sunshine beach. On this walk you can take a swim, see koalas and if you are lucky you will spot some whales! 

Noosa NSW Australia | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Magnificent Escape


46. Kirribilli Lookout, Australia.
Hidden gem by: Magnificent Escape

Kirribilli is a lookout located at Jeffery Street in Sydney. Here you have an amazing view of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. From here you can also see the fireworks on New Years Eve. Curious for more Australian guidebooks? Check our Australia page! 

Kirribilli Sydney | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Magnificent Escape


47. Lincoln Rock, Australia
Hidden gem by: Magnificent Escape

Lincoln Rock is located in the Blue Mountains, close to Sydney. Besides taking the famous rock picture you also have a breath taking view. The Blue Mountains National Park is famous for its blue glow or haze, its steep cliffs, scenic rock formations like the Three Sisters, and lookout points like Lincoln Rock.   

Lincoln Rock Australia | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Magnificent Escape


48. Hokitika Gorge, New Zealand. 
Hidden gem by: Magnificent Escape

The water of Hokitika Gorge is so blue you won’t believe it until you see it for yourself. It is only a short walk from parking but you can spend some time exploring here. If the weather allows it you can also take a swim! 

Hokitika Gorge New Zealand | Hidden Gem Favoroute

Photo by: Magnificent Escape


49. Byron Bay, Australia.
Hidden gem by: Charlotte from Favoroute

Although everyone has heard about Byron Bay when traveling to Australia, a couple of places within this surf/hippie village are a true gem. Whether it’s the walk to the lighthouse by sunset, the whales playing around in the sea, the best kebab I ever ate from the main street, or the easy going vibe around town.. Byron Bay is not one to miss! 

Byron Bay Australia | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Charlotte.


50. Lake Hillier in Western Australia

In the middle of Middle Island, off the Western Australian coast, one of the many Australian pink lakes appears: Lake Hillier. From above, the lake appears a true bubble gum pink. Just a small strip of vegetation separates the pink lake of the crystal blue sea. And the crazy thing is.. no-one fully knows why the lake is pink. Scientists speculate that the color comes from a dye created by bacteria that lives in the salt crusts. 

Lake Hillier Middle Island Australia | Hidden Gems Favoroute


Asia’s Hidden Gems

51. Villa Sinar Cinta in Bali, Indonesia
Hidden gem by: Ita Amahorseija

The East Coast of Bali is getting more popular; especially the city Amed is attracting more travellers. The hidden gem here is the quiet bay in front of Villa Sinar Cinta, called Melasti Beach. This bay is frequently used for colourful Hindu ceremonies and offers three unique panorama views; the morning, afternoon, and night panorama are all different! Find more unique places in the Bali guide ‘Ontdek het authentieke Bali in Karangasem‘. 
Bali Amed | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Ita Amahorseija


52. Metrostations in Moscow, Russia. 
Hidden gem by: Velislava from Favoroute

While you think that something as simple as a metrostation would hardly make it to the list of top 100 hidden gems for 2016, you might have thought wrong. Travelers passing through Komsomolskaya Metro Station in Moscow are treated to beautiful vaulted ceilings, decorated with extravagant chandeliers. Taking a subway have never been more royal-like than in Russia!

Komsomoiskaya Moscow Russia | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: David Burdeny


53. Panakha Festival, Bhutan. 
Hidden gem by: Karlijn Travels

It’s the absolute highlight of your trip through Bhutan: attending the ‘tsechu’ of Panakha. The festivities last for four days, with as most important activity the holy Cham-dans, conducted by the monks. This traditional danses depict complete stories, often with a moral message. 

Festival Dzong van Punakha, Bhutan | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Karlijn Travels


54. Bucas Grande Island, Philippines.
Hidden gem by: Mavic Conde

Bucas Grande Island is a protected area in Surigao del Norte, Philippines. The pristine lakes and lagoons and the coves and caves found in the area can be accessed only in certain conditions. Sohoton Cove National Park is a major attraction in Bucas Grande. 

Bucas Grande Island Phillippines | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Mavic Conde


55. Phugtal Monastry in Ladakh, India.

This beautifully hidden monastery (also referred to as Phugtal Gompa) is overlooking a narrow valley and a rope-bridged river in south-eastern Zanskar in northern India. Though it was constructed in the early 12th century, it was a hidden treasure for many until the Hungarian Alexander Cosmo de Koros visited the place in 1826. Since trekking is the only way to reach this serene place, it has remained isolated and cut off from the rest of the region.  

Phugtal Monastery India | Hidden Gems Favoroute


56. Sapa, Vietnam. 
Hidden gem by: Charlotte from Favoroute

Hidden in the North of Vietnam, close to the Chinese border, you can find the traditional village of Sapa. With traditional clothing and the traditional farming of rice, this area is extremely special. Every tribe has its own clothing and within the villages you can still see the manual labor going into these costumes. It feels so special to walk through these rice paddies and get to know each other’s traditions.  

Sapa Vietnam | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Charlotte


57. Pamir Highway, Tajikistan.
Hidden gem by: Karlijn Travels

It’s the ultimate adventure: driving the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan.You drive along the border with Afghanistan and conquer mountains of 4000 meters high. The rough nature, the centuries old forts, hotsprings, and traditional villages make this highway a trip to remember! 

Pamir Highway | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Karlijn Travels


58. Takefue Ryokan Kyushu, Japan.
Hidden gem by: Journeylism

Ancient customs, the art of service, Japanese fine cuisine and a talent for design all come together at this intimate wooden gem where besides you private onson the most beautiful natural baths wait to relax your body and mind to give you the ultimate Japanese ryokan experience. 

Takefue Ryokan Kyushu Japan | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Journeylism


59. Taroko Trail, Taiwan. 
Hidden gem by: Nandin from Favoroute

Hidden in the mountains of Taiwan you can find the Taroko Trail. Narrow hiking paths will guide you to beautiful view points over the valley, into the gorgeous cut by the Liwu River. It’s possible to do a one-day trail with one of the four routes, of which the Tunnel of the Nine Turns is my favorite. 

Taroko Trail Taiwan | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: James Lambie


60. Pura Lempuyang in Bali, Indonesia
Hidden gem by: Ita Amahorseija

From Amed it’s 15 minutes driving to get to the green valley of Tirta Gangga. When you walk through the rice fields of Tirta Gangga, the valley of the Holy water, you will be amazed how rice gets produced and eat rice with extra joy. 
In this area the highest Hindu temple in Bali is located, the Pura Lempuyang. It’s more then 1.000 steps up the stairs, if you like to experience a spiritual journey to the top, which begins at ‘Heavens Gate’ as you admire Mount Agung. Find more unique places in the Bali guide ‘Ontdek het authentieke Bali in Karangasem‘. 

Tirta Gangga Bali | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Ita Amahorseija


61. Lake Baikal, Russia.
Hidden gem by: Nandin from Favoroute

The biggest (31,722 km2 ) and the cleanest lake in the world – Baikal is a true hidden diamond in the heart of Siberia. Mesmerising, vast, and breathtaking, Baikal will steal your heart in no-time! Every shore of the lake is gorgeous, but my personal advice for the first time travelers is to visit the lake from the side of its island Olkhon, yes, an island on the lake with 1500 permanent inhabitants. You can visit any season, but it’s so much more special in winter!

Baikal lake is not only the deepest an the largest lake in the world, it is also the gorgious one in winter


62. Namtso Lake, Nepal.

Despite being one of the largest salt-water lakes in Asia, Namtso is still relatively an unknown name to most people. Namtso Lake is more popularly known as the ‘Heavenly Lake’ and is considered as the third holiest lake in Tibet. Nevertheless, from this unknown lake comes one of the rarest Buddhist artisan salts that are good in combating and protecting us from negative chi and also helps generate wealth luck. 

Namtso Lake Nepal | Hidden Gems Favoroute


63. Traveling to Iran.
Hidden gem by: Karlijn Travels

The friendliest people in the world, centuries-old culture, busy bazaars, and a unique atmosphere: that’s Iran. The Iranians are overjoyed you are visiting their country and will do everything in their power to give you the most beautiful trip you could imagine. Iran is often forgotten as a travel destination, but it’s absolutely worth the trip! 

Iran | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Karlijn Travels


64. Warung Wardani in Bali, Indonesia.
Hidden gem by: Mary Salim

This place serves a few kinds of Indonesian food, but the specialty here is their Nasi Campur Bali – rice with satay, spiced chicken, and sautéed green beans – which is a huge local favorite. If you’re into authentic Balinese flavors, make sure to get here before lunch or else you’ll find nothing but a sold-out sign on its door. Read more tips about Bali in Mary’s Bali family guide

Warung Wardani Bali | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Mary Salim


65. Glow-in-the-dark-beach, Maladives. 

This rare phenomenon of a blue lightened beach can only be spotted on a few spots in the world, such as in Puerto Rico, Jamaica and even Belgium. Nevertheless, it’s hard to capture the glow on your lens, since it lasts only for seconds. So what’s the magic behind this glow-in-the-dark beach? The blue glow is in fact “ostracod crustaceans”, although they’ve been commonly mistaken for phytoplankton. Amazing, right? 

Maladives Blue Sand | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Wei Hung He


66. Museum of Islamic Arts, Qatar.
Hidden gem by: Harmke Kraak

In Doha, the capital of Qatar, you can find the Museum of Islamic Arts. This cubic building, designed by the notorious Chinese – American architect Ming Pei, easily distinguishes itself from the ultramodern skyline. It features a beautiful art collection and is situated at the beginning of the Corniche, a 7-kilometer long boulevard leading you to the business district of the city. 

Ming Pei Doha Qatar | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Harmke Kraak


67. Palawan, the Philippines.
Hidden gem by: Karlijn Travels

Dreaming of deserted bounty beaches, green jungles, and a turquoise sea? Then the island of Palawan in the Philippines is your destination. Between El Nido and Coron are hundreds of perfect tropical islands waiting to be discovered! So what are you waiting for?! 

Palawan Philippines | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Karlijn Travels


68. Snorkeling in Amed, Bali.
Hidden gem by: Ita Amahorseija

The coastline of Amed offers many places for excellent snorkeling. A hidden gem is to explore the statues amongst the coral and fish on the bottom of the Bali sea. You will find a deserted mailbox in the form of a small temple and even a mermaid. When you go snorkeling in Jemeluk Bay in Amed you will fall in love with Bali even more. Read all Bali tips in the guidebooks by Ita!  

Snorkeling in Amed | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Ita Amahorseija


69. Siargao, Philippines.
Hidden gem by: Mavic Conde

General Luna in Siargao is your gateway to different attractions in Surigao del Norte. These include Cloud 9, the premier surfing destination in the Philippines; the pristine islands of Guyam, Naked and Daku; and Bucas Grande Island. It can be your favorite sunset spot in Siargao. 
Sargao Phillippines | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Mavic Conde


70. Aldepos Salaca – Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.
Hidden gem by: Mary Salim

This Kampong-style resort is located at the foot of the towering Mount Salak, three hours away from the nearest town. Even though it seems isolated, the resort offers lots of activities to do, such as archery, traditional art classes, zip lining, canoeing, and fishing. You can also find peace and quiet here with grass fields and creeks located at your cottage’s front door. Read more about Indonesia in Mary’s family guide about Bali

Aldepos Salaca West Java Indonesia | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Mary Salim


71. Zen Garden Yuushien, Japan.
Hidden gem by: Harmke Kraak 

Yuushien Garden is a classic zen garden on the tiny island Daikonshima in Japan. The garden breaths tranquillity and harmony. A bridge leads over a pont with water lelies, like on the paintings of Monet. There are waterfalls and rocks, and there are growing cherry trees and peonies. Gardeners rake the gravel and keep the ponts clean.

Zen Garden Japan | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Harmke Kraak


72. Quitinday Nature Park and Hills, Philippines.
Hidden gem by: Mavic Conde

Quitinday Nature Park and Hills is a newly opened tourist attraction in Camalig, Albay in Bicol. The hills resemble those of Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Mayon Volcano, Bicol’s tourism icon for its perfect cone, can be seen in the background, especially during early morning or before sunset. Read more about the Philippines here. 

Quitinday Nature Park Philppines | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Mavic Conde


73. Bakmi Jawa Pak Pele – Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Hidden gem by: Mary Salim

Locals say that this street-side noodle stall serves “some of the best noodles in Yogyakarta” – and indeed it does. The stall itself is only open at nighttime and diners can enjoy their noodles on the floor of an elementary school hallway with other diners, listening to a street musician who sounds like an opera singer playing some 80s rock tunes. Read more about Indonesia in Mary’s family guide about Bali

Bakmi Jawa Pak Pele, Yogjakarta, Indonesia | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Mary Salim


Africa’s Hidden Gems

74. Star Wars Village in the Sahara, Tunisia.
Hidden gem by: Velislava from Favoroute  

This village was used for parts of the four original Star Wars movies. When you think of Star Wars, you think of galaxies far, far away but this exotic desert in the south of Tunisia is just on our own planet! The movie set/village (the planet Tatooine in the movies) is still in good state and you can visit Luke Skywalkers home (now a hotel!). 

Star Wars village, Sahara, Tunisia | Hidden Gems Favoroute


75. Sani Pass Mountain – Drakensberg Mountains, on the border of Lesotho and South Africa.
Hidden gem by: Ceeces Travel
I have had the honor of hiking and walking up Sani Pass Mountain several times. Both in warm and cool conditions. I personally prefer the cooler conditions, the frozen waterfall is always an amazing scenic benefit. The hike can be done in a day but I would keep aware of the border closing times as you need to enter Lesotho to camp the night. It’s stunning when covered in Snow and you’ll be sipping the local maluti beer in SA’s second Highest Pub in Africa. Extra tip: take your passport! You are crossing the border. Read more about South Africa here. 

Sani_Pass_heading_into_Lesotho South Africa | Hidden Gems Favoroute


76. Mauritius 
Hidden gem by: Journalism

Founded by the Dutch, the capital of Mauritius – Magebourg – has grown from village with more than 15,000 inhabitants. The travelers willing to leave their golden cage of 6 and 7 star resorts can explore the Dutch historic museum, visit the local markets or explore more from this exotic volcanic island in the Indian Ocean. 

Mauritius | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Journeylism


77. Creation restaurant, South Africa. 
Hidden gem by: Harmke Kraak 

Creation is a beautifully situated vinery in the Hemel-en-Aardevallei (Heaven and Earth Valley) in South Africa. It produces for example award winning chardonnays and pinot noirs. Not only the wine, but also the kitchen offers high quality. The food pairings, e.g. the wine-food combinations, are unsurpassed, like viognier & quiche, merlot & gorgonzola soup, and sauvignon & oysters. 

Vinery Creation South Africa, Hidden Gem Favoroute

Photo by: Harmke Kraak


78. Maliba Lodge in Lesotho. 
Hidden gem by: Journeylism

In the middle of Tsehlanyane National Park you can find this 3-5 star accommodation: Maliba Lodge. With a view over the National Park, the lodge offers everything you could wish for! Pass the gates of the National Park and you will find yourself on a road with a mix of a dirt road and river bottom. At the end of the road – after 10 minutes of shaking and stirring – you will receive your reward; the crown on top of your vacation! Read more about the road trip in South Africa in the guidebook ‘Zuid-Afrika, Lesotho, Swaziland road trip (in Dutch). 

Maliba Lodge in Lesotho | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Journeylism


79. Granny Mouse Country House & Spa – The Midlands Meander, in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.
Hidden gem by: Ceeces Travel
This amazing property is best visited in Winter where one can often experience evenings with light snow and hot gluhwein around a log fire. The suites are the best rooms on the property which are accessible via walking through the gardens. The property on its own is stunning to walk around in boots and a scarf and the food is some of the best in Southern Africa. If you’d like to explore the area I’d suggest visiting some of the pubs and homemade cheese spots in Nottingham Road. Read more about South Africa here. 
Granny Mouse South Africa | Favoroute Hidden Gems


80. Boathouse in Johannesburg, South Africa
Hidden gem by: T and Serendipity

A serene space in the center of Johannesburg – who would’ve thought?! Head towards the Zoo Lake where you’ll find the modest Boathouse. For R10 (less than €1) per person per hour, you can hire a boat and spend the morning floating around the fountain and soaking up the sun. An ideal activity for a relaxing and romantic weekend getaway! 

Boat House Johannesburg | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: T and Serendipity


81. Cave of Hercules in Tangier, Morocco. 
Hidden gem by: Said from Favoroute 

The cave, in the north-west point of Morocco close to the Street of Gibraltar, has two openings: one to sea and one to land. The sea opening is also known as ‘The Map of Africa’ because of its shape. It was believed that Hercules stayed and slept in this cave before doing his 11th labour, which was to get golden apples from the Hesperides Garden. Nowadays, this cave shows an incredible view over the ocean. 

Caves-of-Hercules Tangier Morroco | Hidden Gem Favoroute


82. Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve – Zululand, South Africa.
Hidden gem by: Ceeces Travel
While the reserve is not the biggest “hidden” secret, it is one of the most underrated. It saddens me when travelers and tourists only hear about Kruger National Park. I honestly feel that there is something more about seeing the big 5 in Zululand. Not only that but the parks diversity in terrain and habitat between the Hluhluwe and Imfolozi sides are outstanding and should be explored if possible. I ALWAYS stay at The Fever Tree Guesthouse in Hluhluwe town and would suggest this establishment to everyone. If you do make a booking let them know Cee sent you :-). Read more about South Africa here. 
 Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve South Africa | Hidden Gems Favoroute



83. Horseback riding in Franschenhoek, South Africa. 
Hidden gem by: Gerben from Favoroute 

Exploring the nature with a horseback riding tour by Paradise Stables in Franschenhoek. During your trip you also get to taste some of the best wines from the area and gallop through the wine fields. Doesn’t this sound like a gem? Find more of our South Africa guidebooks on our South Africa page

Horseback Riding Franschenhoek South Africa | Hidden Gems Favoroute


84. Chefchaouen, Morocco

This magical blue city in Morocco is one of its prettiest in the country. The city underneath in the Moroccan Rif Mountains, contains a large fortress to protect itself against Portugese invaders. The blue color of the houses comes from a Jewish tradition suggesting that dyeing thread with tekhelel (an ancient natural dye) and weaving it into prayer shawls, people would be reminded of God’s power. The memory of this tradition lives on in the regularly repainted blue buildings. 

Morocco Chefchaouen | Hidden Gems Favoroute


85. Durban, South Africa. 

When people travel to South Africa, often Cape Town or Johannesburg are on their itinerary. Therefore, the beautiful city Durban was chosen as one of the world’s 10 most underrated cities by CNN in 2014. Located on South Africa’s eastern coast, it has an undeserved reputation as unsafe. The city highlights include its beaches and dunes and its sporting and surfing scene.  

Umhlanga-Durban-South Africa | Hidden Gems Favoroute


South America’s Hidden Gems

86. El gigante, Nicaragua
Hidden gem by: Myrte

When you want to go to the beach in Nicaragua, most people send you to the party town San Juan del Sur. But when you’re not in a party-hard mood consider El Gigante. This small bay is a bit more difficult to reach than other beach towns and therefore not overwhelmed by tourists. A perfect place to escape reality for a while, live on the beach in a bubble and enjoy a great laidback backpackers and surf vibe. Be aware, this place can be a trap! Once El Gigante gets into your heart it’s hard to leave again!

El Gigante Nicaragua | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Myrte Hisschemöller


87. Machu Picchu by motorbike, Peru.
Hidden gem by: That Wanderlust
When you are traveling to South America, you probably want to visit Machu Picchu and most probably you group with one of the hikes on the inca route. What if you want to do this a little different for a change? Go crazy and rent a motorbike! The 5-day route from Cusco to Machu Picchu shows you the best local villages and fascinating ruins. You must have a sense of adventure to take this route, because this route is known for being submerged and being crossed by waterfalls!
Machu Picchu by motorbike Peru | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: That Wanderlust


88. Espacio Escultórico in Mexico City, Mexico
Hidden gem by: Alex from Favoroute

Espacio Escultórico at Ciudad Universitaria is a place where a group of artists took advantage of the volcanic rock and created a “scupltoric crater”. With sculptures all over the area, this crater turned into a magical place. This cultural space was designed by one of the most prominent Mexican sculptures: Federico Silva. The circle frames a natural sea of death lava and it is surrounded by a botanic garden with endemic species and many sculptures of other artists. 

Espacio Escultórico, Mexico City | Hidden Gems Favoroute


89. El Bolsón, Argentina
Hidden gem by: That Wanderlust 

Many travelers traveling in Argentina go to Bariloche for its beautiful nature, but did you ever hear about the closeby El Bolsón? This true hippie paradise is still undiscovered and therefore cheap! You can find a lot of smaller beer breweries that produce about 75% of the total beer in Argentina! The locals declared El Bolsón as their ‘non nuclear zone’ and ‘ecomanicipality'; you can imagine the tranquility here. (Photo caption: tasty hippie sweets from El Bolsón).

El Bolsón Argentina | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Tasty hippie sweets from El Bolsón. Photo by: That Wanderlust


90. Perito Moreno National Park in Patagonia, Argentina. 
Hidden gem by: Ternaround

This remote but beautiful national park along the road 40 is a true hidden gem with its mountain ranges, turqoise lakes and moonlike lanscapes. With only about 4.000 visitors a year, the spectacular scenery will be all yours. This is the real Patagonia.   

Perito Moreno national park Patagonia Argentina | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Ternaround.com


91. Casa del Arbol, Ecuador. 

The ‘swing at the end of the world’ is located in – how else possible – in the adventure capital of Ecuador: Banos de Agua Santa. The swing looks rather exciting than it actually is, but with the right angle, it can make your photograph look like you’re flying towards the end of the world. Nevertheless, this location will give you an extraordinary view of the valley and on the volcano Mt. Tungurahua.

Swing at the end of the world Casa de Arbol, near Banos de Agua Santa, Ecuador | Hidden Gems Favoroute


92. Coyoacán in Mexico City, Mexico
Hidden gem by: Alex from Favoroute

This oldest and colonial neighborhood is the original village of Mexico City and now the favorite place of the Mexican bohemian set. It’s a tranquil area with parks, squares, and cobblestone streets. Former artists Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Leon Trotsky lived in this area a few streets away from each other, making this neighborhood a creative counterculture hotbed for decades. 

Viveros de Coyoacán Mexico City | Hidden Gems Favoroute


93. The Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina.

At the end of the world, at the most southern point in Argentina you can find the Pertito Moreno Glacier, one of only three Patagonian glaciers that are growing. With its huge 250 m2 ice formation, this ice field is the world’s third largest reserve of fresh water. This unique glacier – at the end of the world – is definitely worth a visit! Read more about this unique location in the guidebooks ‘Ushuaia – the southern most city in the world‘. 

Patagonie Argentina | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Frederieke Wolter


94. Pantanal, Brazil
Hidden gem by: That Wanderlust
Everyone heard about the Amazone area, but almost nobody knowns the Pantanal in Brazil. This marshy area give you the ultimate opportunity to spot wildlife because of less tropical trees, and makes it therefore possible to spot a jaguar swimming by in the many rivers. Also, you can go Piranha fishing here and eat them afterwards! Yummy! 
Pantanal Brazil | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: That Wanderlust


95. Valle de Cocora, Colombia
Hidden gem by:

How many pictures have we seen of fantastic travel destinations that stun us, but once we get there it just like the pictures? No matter how many pictures you have seen of Valle de Cocora in Colombia it will still amaze you. With the tallest palm trees in the world (up to 60 meters), and surrounded by cloud forest you can hike for hours, this is a gem you have to visit while you are in Colombia.

Valle de Cocora Colombia | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Myrte Hisschemöller


96. Lençois Maranhenses, Brazil.
Hidden gem by: Frederieke from Favoroute. 

This beautiful Natural Park in Brazil is on top of my list! Walking through the sand dunes, swimming in the lagoons…And did I already tell you about the sunsets? Magnificent! This moon landscape slash desert is definitely a hidden gem for me! 

Lençóis-Maranhenses-National-Park Brazil | Favoroute Hidden Gems


97. Ria Deseado National Park in Patagonia, Argentina
Hidden gem by: Ternaround

Leave the national road number 3 to go to the coast at Puerto Deseado. Undeservedly, few people go there. Be amazed by the colors of the landscape and the abundant variety of seabirds, dolphins and other wildlife! 

Ria Deseado National Park Argentina | Hidden Gem Favoroute

Photo by: Ternaround.com


98. Turrialba, Costa Rica
Hidden gem by: Myrte

Costa Rica is famous for it’s amazing nature. Unfortunately also for the many tourists that flood the country. Connecting with locals can be difficult sometimes for that reason. When you want to experience a true local town, with kind Costa Rican people, go to Turrialba. This city in the mountains at the foot of the Turrialba volcano is often skipped by tourists, but worth a visit. Especially when you love white water rafting, horseback riding, hiking, coffee, and waterfalls.

Turrialba Costa Rica | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Myrte Hisschemöller


99. Desdemona shipwreck in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Hidden gem by: Ternaround

Tierra del Fuego, including the infamous Cape Horn, has seen many ships wrecking its shores in turbulent weather. In the wonderful Cabo San Pablo rests Desdemona – rusty but proud – one of many reminders of the past. This is the end of the world. Read more tips from the ‘end of the world’ in the guidebook ‘Ushuaia – experience the end of the world‘ by Nicoliene.  

Desdemona shipwreck Argentina | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Ternaround.com


100. Torres del Paine, Chile.
Hidden gem by: Frederieke from Favoroute

This National Park in Patagonia, the southern part of Chile, is incredibly beautiful. The National Park, named as the Towers of Pain, is full of these tower high mountains, electric-blue glacier icebergs, and the azure lakes make this park beautiful for hiking. 

Torres del Paines Chili | Hidden Gems Favoroute

Photo by: Calvin Sun


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