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Summer is here! And this means time to relax, time to sunbath, time to vacate, and time to drink plenty of cocktails. All of this is nice, but only when the sun is high in the sky and the temperature allows you to wear your favorite swimsuit. So where do you go? In this Summer post, we selected our 5 best summer guidebooks, especially for you. Grab your bags, and let’s go!

1. Sardinia, Italy

This Italian island is known for its delicious food, culture, and beaches. But did you know that Sardinia is also great for water sports like surfing, wind surfing, and kite surfing? In this guidebook by I Love the Seaside, you can find all the best surf spots, restaurants, and accommodations to have a summer never to forget!
Guidebook also available in printed Pocket Edition, and in English as well as Dutch.

I Love the Seaside Sardinia | Favoroute I Love the Seaside Sardinia | Favoroute I Love the Seaside Sardinia | Favoroute

Photos by: Alexandra Gossink


2. Champagne, France

Fields of sunflowers, bubbly wine, and small historical villages. The Champagne area is, with just a small distance from Paris, ideal for relaxation and culture. Visit the wine castles and vineyards, villages like Châlons-en-Champagnes, and the beautiful lakes like Lake Der-Chantecoq and Lac Du Mer to cool off. In the guidebook ‘Tour du Champagne‘ by Bianca Kramer from FoodTravelPhotography you can find the best places to visit, with beautiful photos and recommendations.

Champagne | Favoroute Champagne | Favoroute Champagne | Favoroute

Photos by: Bianca Kramer


3. Valencia, Spain

Summer means food! And where to enjoy delicious and pure food better than in Spain? Claro! In Valencia you can find restaurants for everyone: the vegan, the vegetarian, and the omnivore! All as Pure! as you could wish for. Visit the Marcado Central, the local market, or sip your ‘agua de Valencia’ on a terrace in the sun. Let’s explore Pure! Valencia now! Find all these best tips in the guidebook ‘Where to enjoy Pure! food in Valencia, Spain in 48 hours?‘ by Jeannette van Mullem from PureFoodTravel.

Valencia | Favoroute Valencia | Favoroute Valencia | Favoroute

Photos by: Jeannette van Mullem


4. Around Porto, Portugal

The north of Portugal is more than just Porto. From romantic yet wild nature parks, to charming cities and Mediterranean historic villages. The north of Portugal is worth a road trip! Be surprised by the Costa Nova with its hallucinating striped houses and relax with the well-known port wine in Vila Nova de Gaia. In the guidebook ‘On the road in Noord-Portugal‘ (in Dutch only) by Tineke & Dorien you can find your perfect road trip route. The guidebook is also available as printed Pocket Edition.

Noord Portugal | Favoroute Noord Portugal | FavorouteNoord Portugal | Favoroute

Photos by: Dorien Koppenberg 


5. Copenhagen, Denmark 

If you don’t feel like the southern European heat, Scandinavian countries like Sweden or Denmark are flourishing in summer as well. Copenhagen offers you vibrating architecture and a cool summer breeze from the sea. Visit one of the many terraces, and sleep on your own AirBnB boat. A city trip Copenhagen is just what you need! For all the best summer spots, accommodations, and restaurants, download the guidebook ‘Copenhagen City Trip‘ by Robert de Koning from Journeylism on your app.

Copenhagen | Favoroute Copenhagen | Favoroute Copenhagen | Favoroute

Photos by: Robert de Koning



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