Death Valley USA

We are all looking for a enjoyable afternoon under the sunshine right? Well, if you are looking for some more extreme experiences, Favoroute has find out for you the warmest places in the world. Get ready and heat up for this challenge! Sunglasses and sun hat mandatory! 1. Kebili in Tunisia  This small oasis in […]

Traveling along the East River This is my last post for now so I’ll send you off with some random Roos tips about biking around NYC. There is so much great stuff to discover, and New York is an ever-changing dynamic bomb of energy and creativity – so it will never be enough, but it […]

Ride to Red Hook Just a bit more practical information before I show you the way to Red Hook. Big question, how and where to get a bike. My advise: If you are in New York for over a week, buy a cheap second hand bike and resell it when you leave. Check Craigslist or […]

New York by Bike! Here’s my big tip. If there are two things you are going to do in New York: Ride a bike, and go to Brooklyn. In this and the following few posts, I will try to show you why I think this is so great. And give some suggestions how to make […]

When living in Chicago, there are some things you just cannot miss: food! And Chicago is very good with food! Check out my list of best places to eat below!  Sweet Mandy B’s – 1208 W Webster Av This place is addictive. You’ll find it in Lincoln Park, close to the DePaul Squad. They sell cupcakes, cookies and […]

A small view of the big city One of my favourite club in New York was ph-D in the Dream Down Town Hotel. It’s not really a night club, but it’s dark and the music is quite resembling the music of club Marquee: techno. This club is a bit more fancy to have drinks with […]

JFK One of the most imaginary presidents of America was John F Kennedy. Kennedy, of its origin of an Irish family, started to gain local and regional power over its region in Boston in the 20th century. Grandfather Kennedy was long time mayor of the city and his father ambassador in London. Because of this […]

Giants of the Ocean The north eastern part of the American coast is known for its biodiversity. Different kinds of fish – you can see loads of fisherman boats – shellfish like the famous Maine Lobster, but also a lot of mammals like seals, dolphins and whales.   During summer, whales and Humpback whales are […]

Cape Cod The holiday destination for most people living on the East Coast in the US is Cape Cod. This peninsula is for both people from New York as people from Boston a good distance to travel. Beautiful nature, lots of history, cute villages where time seemed to have stopped and good restaurants. Cape Cod […]

7 Days on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway When you live in a big city where concrete and tarmic are commonly around you sometimes wish to be very lonely and quiet in a forrest, to be able to camp at place no-one has ever been before and to not be able to hear cars and planes […]

The Buddhism of Sushi In New York, sushi is a long lasting trend that has been there for a while now and is still growing! On every corner you can buy sushi if you want! I love sushi and after a lot of research on different sushi places, I found the one and only place […]

‘’Vegetable slaughter house’’ “Six months in New York, for sure you will return fatter than you came!” is one of the most common sentences you hear when leaving to America! After all the films and documentaries I had a bit of a prejudice myself and was a bit scared of the final result! But it […]

Perfect place for a perfect date! New York: a lively city with lots of shops, restaurants, bars, lounges and parks. A city where so many beautiful people live. The moment you get asked out of a date – or when you want to take someone out on a date – this lounge is the place […]

Beerpong and $1 jugs!  New York, the metropole city of the world. For 6 months I lived in New York for taking an internship. I had never been in New York, but of course heard so many good stories, read it in books and saw it all on television. Now that I was there, just […]