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Japan is known for its clash between old and new, tradition and tech. Making a trip to Japan is an unforgettable journey, in which you want to explore the country at its best. In this list, we will show you the top 10 things to do in Japan, so you won’t miss a thing! 1. […]

Stuart Highway – ‘the Track’ There aren’t many road trips like this one… They come very rare. This route is also known as ‘the Track’ and named after explorer John McDouall Stuart who discovered a route through Australia’s inland on several excursions in the 1850s and 1860s.  With over 3000 km, this road trip – crossing the entire […]

Choosing your car while Road Tripping in the Outback!  Driving in Australia is an experience to be savoured! It is a way to experience the wide-open spaces and magnificent natural scenery, and there are so many destinations that can only be experienced by car. Before setting off you should make sure you are well prepared […]

„After surf” After surfing, or on days the waves are low, there is plenty to do on Bali! As you could read in the previous post, you can eat delicious Indonesian food here. Very often, we just took our motorbike and drove around the island looking for new warungs where we didn’t eat yet. On […]

„Eat, sleep, surf”   Besides surfing, you have to eat and sleep. You can depend the type of sleeping place on your budget. We did sleep quite often in homestays. Homestays are rooms next to the houses of locals which you can rent. In Canggu we stayed at Ombak Bagus Homestay. It’s a homestay where […]

Surf Gear The most important things you need on a surf trip are, of course, surf gear. I didn’t bring my board to Bali, but there are plenty of possibilities to get your surf gear in Bali. First, the board. Along the beach there are lots of men renting the boards. We rented a board […]

„Bali surf road trip” Bali is a true paradise when it comes to surfing. Several beautiful surf spots, for experienced and non-experienced surfers there are plenty of waves and the water temperature is so good you would only need a board shorts! Besides, Bali is of course a beautiful island with lots of things to […]

This week we will start the first Road Trip Weeks!! This week we will follow Jasper’s road trip in Bali and you find out about the ins and outs of surfing! 

A day on the river… One of the many things I like about Sydney is that within 30 minutes from the city centre you can be in the most beautiful nature you can imagine. The other day we took the kids to Hawkesbury River. We drove to the Empire Marina on Bobbin Head Road and […]

Always wanted to go where the locals go? Always thought it was hard to find the best spots in a big city? Not anymore! Below you can find all the best tips from a local to guide you on a trip never to forget!  Bars and Restaurants 1. Marche des Enfants Rouges – Rue de Bretagne […]

Valencia, here we come!   Today, we leave Barcelona and head southward to Valencia. The train takes us there in about 6 hours, so by the time we get there we have to take a cab to our camping. We (kind off randomly) picked a place in El Saler: a national park just between the […]