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‘Favoroute is developing into a BBC platform for travel guidebooks’ is the title of the article written by TravelNext. The article gives an extensive explanation about the new features we added for travel organizations and shows how our platform is now also for travel organizations available, and not just for travelers. Read the full article […]

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In the article “It’s time to leave the old travel guide, welcome travel guide 2.0″ (in Dutch) Frederieke speaks about the changes in the way of traveling. More and more travelers travel independent and one their own. This new way of traveling is asking for a different kind of information: digital, interactive, personal and up-to-date […]

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Today on TravelNext a duo interview with Frederieke and Veerle from travel start-up Travel Diaries about connecting travelers before and after their trips! Read the full article here (in Dutch): http://www.travelnext.nl/connecting-travelers-duo-interview-met-experts-favoroute-en-traveldiaries.html

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“Tried & Tested: Favoroute is online!”. Article about Favoroute.com at time of launching! Read the complete article here (in Dutch)