Beautiful Copenhagen awaits to be discovered! Often a forgotten destination, Copenhagen offers the best of Scandinavia. A meticulous blend between the stamps of Oslo and Stockholm, the colorful Danish capital is quite renowned for being at the edge as well as having an ecologic, lush life spirit. At the very core of Europe, Copenhagen is a place where […]


No better way to learn about San Francisco than with a local! From funny weather facts to undisclosed architectural secrets, Megan Funk’s 4 Days in San Francisco guidebook will make you feel part of the city’s atmosphere in an authentic way. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the most unexpected secret places, San Francisco has so much […]

100 best hidden gems for 2016 | Favoroute

‘What are your favorite places in the world?’ is what we asked our 150+ Travel Designers. Discovering the world place by place, our local experts, travel bloggers, and journalists collected their hidden gems for you!

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exico What is the best tip in Roëll’s travel guidebook about Mexico? “San Cristobal is one of my favourite places in Mexico! It’s much cooler than in other places in Mexico and you can find spectacular nature and beautiful villages with historic sights. Also, Palenque – not far away from San Cristobal – is one […]

New Week – New Travel Designer. This week we introduce to you Roëll from We Are Travellers (!  Roëll traveled in over 28 countries and wrote 2 amazing travel guidebooks! Which countries did you visit? “I traveled to: Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, America, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, France, […]

This week we introduce to you: Robert from! What’s the total amount of countries Robert visited?: “57!!” And what’s the total of Favoroute travel guidebooks? “An astonishing number of 25!” Do you have a special characteristic people can recognize you by? (e.g. quote, tattoo, piece of clothing) “I guess you can say that when you […]