Going on vacation can sometimes be a hassle. Not to mention sometimes it doesn’t go right and the mood can be completely ruined. Getting away from the day to day and relaxing is the goal for most people going on vacation. Whether that time is spent hiking up rigorous mountains, laying on the beach or mingling with […]

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Last weekend Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad (AD) published a large news spread in their weekend magazine about ‘the new travel guides’ and their features. And the good news is… Favoroute is one of the examples given! With 9 features, they explain the new characteristics of the travel guide 2.0:  1. No lugging around The new travel […]

What are the best tips in Yashira’s travel guidebook about Edinburgh? “I love art, so I definitely always try to sneak in the best sculptures, museums and galleries in my guides. I put in as many art-related sights as possible in the Edinburgh City Trip guide. It’s quite easy to see why I love this […]

What are the best tips in Alexandra’s chosen travel guidebook about Surfing in Sardinia?! “The best spots are boat trips with Giangi from Naturawentura, the beautiful surf spots around Capo Mannu and the food at Il PescaTore in Mandriola!” Find all the tips in Alexandra’s guide:

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What is the best tip in’s guide about South Korea and Japan? “Nestled between bamboo groves in the southern prefecture of Kumamoto you find Takefue Ryokan. Here you can experience Japanese food, hospitality, design, architecture and onsen culture to the max.” Find his guide on: