On the 5th of August will be launched the famous Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro will care for its symbolic Torch and welcome its champions for 16 days! A worldwide event that will make of Brazil the center of the world for a great and enjoyable sportive moment. While hosting the Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, […]

All good things come to an end! And so are our Continent Weeks…We would like to thank all our amazing FavoBloggers for sharing their stories and photos these last few months!From New Zealand to the USA, from Bolivia to Nepal and from Europe to South Africa, We Loved It! Thank you very much!! 

what a sight! Swimming with Pink River Dolphins, Hunting for Anaconda’s and Fishing for Piranha’s in the midst of the Amazone Flying from La Paz to Rurrenbaraque is like a Disney attraction! We took off at 6 o’clock in the morning in a small 12-seater plane. We got front seats, which meant we could practically touch […]

Forget Muhammad Ali, Rocky Marciano and Mike Tyson – You have to see the Flying Cholitas! Every Sunday afternoon indigenous locals and curious tourists gather at the stadium in El Alto – a growing suburb on the Bolivian altiplano high above La Paz.  The spectacle they are all coming to see is “Cholita Wrestling” – […]

Morro de Sao Paulo Morro de Sao Paulo, also referred to as ‘Paradise of Brazil’ is an island easily reachable from Salvador. There is a cheap and a more expensive route from Salvador. We took the cheapest route and went by ferry to the island Itaparica. From there we took the bus to Valenca and finally […]

Copacabana When talking about Copacabana, everyone thinks about Brazil, Barry Manilow and Lola. But let me tell you about Copacabana in Bolivia … the first spot you see after crossing the border from Peru, a spot that many tourists tend to skip, but a spot that is absolutely breathtaking! We arrived in the most charming […]

Trekking along the original Inca paths Hiking the Inca Trail – the ancient royal highway – is, hands down, the most authentic and scenic way to visit Machu Picchu and get a clear grasp of the Incas’ supreme regard for nature. Imagine if you can fuse this glorious trekking with adrenaline-pumping adventures! The Jungle Inca […]

Soaring through the air like a bird!What better way to see Lima than from the air? The tandem flight over Costa Verde is an amazing adventure in the skies of Lima. Close to Parque del Amor, there is a small circular patch of grass with many colorful tandems and young Peruvians! While observing other tourists […]