What on earth is an inselberg!?? It’s time for a little geological catch-up: coming from the German words for “island” and “mountain”, these visually stunning land forms protrude from relative flatness in an absolutely remarkable way. Our amazing earth has so many stunning surprises and if you have the chance to travel to these gifts of nature, your […]

What are the Summer must-do’s according to Yashira? “The summer has almost come to an end, but as there are still some days left, I would definitely go for a city trip to a great European city if you still can. Maybe pick out one of the less obvious cities, you will be surprised what […]

What are the best tips in Yashira’s travel guidebook about Edinburgh? “I love art, so I definitely always try to sneak in the best sculptures, museums and galleries in my guides. I put in as many art-related sights as possible in the Edinburgh City Trip guide. It’s quite easy to see why I love this […]

Yashira wrote an amazing city guide about Edinburgh! This guide is full of art and culture showing its reason to be referred to as ‘the Athens of the North’. In this guide you can’t only find all the best museums, but you can also find the best addresses to sleep, eat and undertake activities like […]