Go and live the summer American dream with our selection of summer destinations in the USA! Everything will seem bigger, prettier and sunnier as always in America, why not have both a hint of the delusion of grandeur and sun then? From San Diego to the Oregon coast, make the most out of what America […]

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Summer is here! And this means time to relax, time to sunbath, time to vacate, and time to drink plenty of cocktails. All of this is nice, but only when the sun is high in the sky and the temperature allows you to wear your favorite swimsuit. So where do you go? In this Summer […]

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Did you find some of the Favoroute travel guidebooks you like, but you wish to combine them to create your own travel plan? This is possible! By copying guidebooks written by our Travel Designers, you can mix and match different destinations to create your own route. Download your guide and bring it on the App! Easy […]

What is the Summer must-do according to Roëll from We Are Travellers? “Myanmar. I visited this country recently and it’s incredibly beautiful! This country only opened its borders recently and therefore it’s still very authentic, has the most beautiful temples, special nature, best food and extremely kind people. Although you can see large hotels being build and […]

What’s still on Roëll’s bucket list? “South Africa is still high on my bucket list! I would love to make a road trip along cities like Cape Town, Mosselbay, Port Elisabeth, Durban, Johannesburg and the Kruger Park. To me this seems like a totally different trip than any other trip I’ve made! Also, I would love […]

Last week we had an amazing road trip through South Africa, Botswana and Namibia! Thank you Sjaak for all the beautiful pictures and inspiring route!