After one of the hottest summers ever recorded, the temperatures are finally dropping, fall is here and winter is right around the corner. Many are rejoicing for the oncoming chilly winter days and what’s better than to celebrate this joyous occasion by spending it abroad in cities perfect during the winter time! These destinations throughout the […]

Favoroute Travelguide Robert de Koning

Must do’s for this summer, according to Robert from “Summer turns my mind to islands. So here are 4 places on 4 continents to enjoy that island spirit…One of these islands is Peninsula Valdes in Argentina – seen on the photo. Here a description of all four islands: “1) Governors island is set against […]

Ride to Red Hook Just a bit more practical information before I show you the way to Red Hook. Big question, how and where to get a bike. My advise: If you are in New York for over a week, buy a cheap second hand bike and resell it when you leave. Check Craigslist or […]

Ok, So How to Ride the Big Apple?! Just like most things in New York, biking here can be a hassle too. There’s a lot of traffic, and the roads are sometimes rough. People shout and honk, pedestrians – and all kinds of other objects – block the bike paths, and the weather can be […]

The Buddhism of Sushi In New York, sushi is a long lasting trend that has been there for a while now and is still growing! On every corner you can buy sushi if you want! I love sushi and after a lot of research on different sushi places, I found the one and only place […]

‘’Vegetable slaughter house’’ “Six months in New York, for sure you will return fatter than you came!” is one of the most common sentences you hear when leaving to America! After all the films and documentaries I had a bit of a prejudice myself and was a bit scared of the final result! But it […]

Chocolate, Chocolate and Chocolate! The dream of every woman, a restaurant with only chocolate on the menu! Chocolate milk, chocolate sandwich, chocolate chunks – the selection at this restaurant can’t top the Max Brenner Chocolate restaurant. A friends of mine, Sara Creemers, was visting me in New York and after a long day of shopping […]

Perfect place for a perfect date! New York: a lively city with lots of shops, restaurants, bars, lounges and parks. A city where so many beautiful people live. The moment you get asked out of a date – or when you want to take someone out on a date – this lounge is the place […]

Beerpong and $1 jugs!  New York, the metropole city of the world. For 6 months I lived in New York for taking an internship. I had never been in New York, but of course heard so many good stories, read it in books and saw it all on television. Now that I was there, just […]