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Chocolate ice-creams, chocolate bars, mokas, chocolate cake, cocoa beans, chocolate milk… Best happiness cure ever, Chocolate has gave us so much that, we, today decided to celebrate its smooth flavour with you on this very special occasion that is the International Chocolate Day!  Let’s treat ourself and have a look at the best chocolate destinations ever! *Reading of […]

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There are a lot of ways to travel the world although, we believe, backpacking is one of the most exciting. Not made for everyone but still worth to try at least once in life! Meet the locals, get lost and face the real problems of a country -but also its hidden treasures-. You will learn a lot of this experience which constantly moves forward! Continue reading

Favoroute travelguide Henriette Bokslag

Does Henriette from Henriëtte Bokslag – Freelance travel blogger and journalist still has something on her Bucket List? “I have so many places on my bucket list! The more I travel the longer my bucket list gets. From Mexico to Australia and from Indonesia to Lapland. At this moment I have no plans to really go there […]

exico What is the best tip in Roëll’s travel guidebook about Mexico? “San Cristobal is one of my favourite places in Mexico! It’s much cooler than in other places in Mexico and you can find spectacular nature and beautiful villages with historic sights. Also, Palenque – not far away from San Cristobal – is one […]

  Roëll from We Are Travellers wrote an amazing city guide about Mexico, full of Mayan Temples! Check out Roëll’s guide with all the best tips for Mexico here:

New Week – New Travel Designer. This week we introduce to you Roëll from We Are Travellers (!  Roëll traveled in over 28 countries and wrote 2 amazing travel guidebooks! Which countries did you visit? “I traveled to: Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, America, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, France, […]

Route Mexico – Guatemala – Belize!  1. Cancun (Mexico) 2. Chichen – Itza (Mexico) 3. Merida (Mexico) 4. Campeche (Mexico) 5. San Juan Chemula (Mexico) 6. Lago d’Atitlan (Guatemala) 7. Antigua (Guatemala) 8. Semuc Champey (Guatemala) 9. Tikal (Guatemala) 10. Caye Caulker (Belize) 11. Tulum (Mexico) 12. Cancun (Mexico) Thank you Kiymet for all the […]