Ready for a special night-out or for an insolit-romantic getaway? We have what you need! Favoroute has decided to make up a list of the most incredibile and surprising traditionnal houses of the world that you may have not yet considered! Between Eco way-of-life discovering, adventurous housing experience and unexpected retreat from the moving world: a […]

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Japan is known for its clash between old and new, tradition and tech. Making a trip to Japan is an unforgettable journey, in which you want to explore the country at its best. In this list, we will show you the top 10 things to do in Japan, so you won’t miss a thing! 1. […]

What’s still on Yashira’s Bucket List? “I think my bucket list is never ending! Every time I visited a country that was up my list, I thought of a new one I’d like to go to. For now, I would say Japan and New Zealand are high up my list as I’m going that way […]

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Must do’s for this summer, according to Robert from journeylism.nl: “Summer turns my mind to islands. So here are 4 places on 4 continents to enjoy that island spirit…One of these islands is Peninsula Valdes in Argentina – seen on the photo. Here a description of all four islands: “1) Governors island is set against […]

Favoroute Travelguide Robert de Koning

What is the best tip in journeylism.nl’s guide about South Korea and Japan? “Nestled between bamboo groves in the southern prefecture of Kumamoto you find Takefue Ryokan. Here you can experience Japanese food, hospitality, design, architecture and onsen culture to the max.” Find his guide on: www.favoroute.com/favoroute/45

Robert from journeylism.nl wrote an amazing guide about South Korea and Japan! Visit the amazing capital Seoul, check out the border with North Korea and experience the different clothing styles in Japan! Check out Robert’s guide with all the best tips of South Korea and Japan here: http://www.favoroute.com/favoroute/45