Are you in town for fashion week? Looking for the latest dining spots and coolest cafe’s to refuel at? Look no further – here are all the places in Milan to be and be seen at. We’ve detailed the best spot for each day of fashion week mayhem.   1. Potafiori – Via Salasco 17 The Best Spot for…dining surrounded […]


Italy is famous for destinations such as Rome, Venice and Florence and rightly so – these cities are obscenely wealthy in history, culture and sights but with great riches comes an even greater number of tourists. Amongst the crowds it can be hard to feel the authentic soul of this iconic country but as soon as you step […]


Rome again and again and even forever! This city trip is a must-do! Rome has a particular antique and teeming Italian stamp that will blow your mind. Rome has something for everyone and in every season of the year. Favoroute has gathered all the information you need to known in order for the city to […]


Ready for some tenderness? Love is in the air this week with Favoroute selection of unexpected romantic getaways you may not have considered yet! Time to treat yourself and your soulmate with some exclusive alone together moments in cities as much special as your couple! From sun sea side resort, reclused private island to sweet christmas atmosphere […]


Ready for a special night-out or for an insolit-romantic getaway? We have what you need! Favoroute has decided to make up a list of the most incredibile and surprising traditionnal houses of the world that you may have not yet considered! Between Eco way-of-life discovering, adventurous housing experience and unexpected retreat from the moving world: a […]

Clifton Beach, Cape Town by SkyPixels

Eating.. Relaxing.. Enjoying.. This may not apply to all but for some of us, when we think of vacation we don’t think of endless jungle hikes, sleeping in random hostels with strangers or having to bargain every meal you buy. No, when we think of vacation we think of laying on the beach or by the […]

Meteora by ©Aleksandar Todorovic

Do you think it’s time for a new adventure? Favoroute has created a list including 6 of Europe’s best kept secret places that will help you embark on a new adventure, travelling through beautiful cities and islands that offer a touch of history every step of the way.  Have you ever heard of these unexpected […]

Eivissa, Ibiza by becca212121

Whether its due to the climate, the surroundings or the beautiful crystal blue water, when Favoroute thinks of summer – the Mediterranean instantly comes to mind! There’s nothing better then having a relaxing day (or week) on the beach, roasting in the sun, trying to get that Mediterranean glow everyone seems to be talking about. That’s why […]

Syracusa | Favoroute

Sicily is hot this Summer! Not only in temperature, but also as a more and more upcoming travel destinations. Create your own travel guidebook by combining different spots from our Travel Designers. We already made a selection for you, so you can start collecting! Enjoy!

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Summer is here! And this means time to relax, time to sunbath, time to vacate, and time to drink plenty of cocktails. All of this is nice, but only when the sun is high in the sky and the temperature allows you to wear your favorite swimsuit. So where do you go? In this Summer […]

Italy | Favoroute

We all know Europe is a beautiful continent! But some movies give us the little reminder we need sometimes. This movie is not an exception. In this timelapse, Greece, Italy and Iceland and more countries are shot in a beautiful manner. Have a look now!

Sardegna | Favoroute

WIN the Sardinia pocket guide by I love the seaside! Check their Facebook to see how you can win one of these 5 amazing surf guides! There are 5 guides to be won…so check out their Facebook soon! For more information about the author, Alexandra, visit their website:  

What are the best tips in Alexandra’s chosen travel guidebook about Surfing in Sardinia?! “The best spots are boat trips with Giangi from Naturawentura, the beautiful surf spots around Capo Mannu and the food at Il PescaTore in Mandriola!” Find all the tips in Alexandra’s guide:

Alexandra wrote a great guidebook about Surfing in Sardinia! In this guide you can’t only find all the best places to surf, but you can also find the best addresses to sleep, eat and undertake activities (like yoga and biking!) Check out Alexandra’s guide with all the best tips of Surfing in Sardinia here:

This week we introduce to you: Alexandra! A short introduction about this surf chick: “My favourite luggage: surfboard, camera & laptop. My favourite ride: campervan. My favourite destination, guess what.. The Seaside!” The total amount of countries Alexandra visited?: 31!! And the total of Favoroute travel guidebooks? “Two, (and counting..)” Do you have a special characteristic people can […]

Discover one of Italy’s best, but unknown wine region Friuli Venezia GiuliaJacqueline Krielaart, owner of Sapore d’Amore, imports personally selected wines. Several years of exploring the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in the Northeastern part of Italy, bordering Austria and Slovenia and visiting the wine producers, revealed its hidden treasures. The multiple flavors, hospitality, history and […]