Paris Plage 2012

Summer is here! Who said we have to go to the Balearic Islands to know how to get the most out of it? Believe us, you can live your summer to the fullest in Paris! From sipping a cocktail on trendy blossoming rooftops to laying on the docks beach, Paris is the city that never sleeps, especially […]

Unexpected places - photo by : Mélanie Chesnel

Europe, Europe.. Beloved Europe! In these surprising times for the Union, we thought it could be wise to focus on Europe’s unexpected places rather then its political decisions (#Brexit). Rummage through your drawers for your passport, while you need it, why not make the most of it and discover our bucket list of unexpected destinations and secret […]

Meteora by ©Aleksandar Todorovic

Do you think it’s time for a new adventure? Favoroute has created a list including 6 of Europe’s best kept secret places that will help you embark on a new adventure, travelling through beautiful cities and islands that offer a touch of history every step of the way.  Have you ever heard of these unexpected […]


Traveling has always been an exciting and adventurous venture. But what makes it truly unforgettable is traveling to certain places that are well-known travel hotspots during a specific season! This includes destinations from winter holidays, summer beach paradise(s) to special natural phenomenas. In the following list we are going to tell you about the gems you can visit […]

City Trips Europe | Favoroute

Are you a real citytripper? Feeling at home with a travel guidebook in one hand and your sunglasses in the other? Have a look at our inspiring selection of ten city trips in Europe. Perhaps you might find your next destination! 1. Milan, Italy. Milan is the capital of fashion and home to one of […]

Syracusa | Favoroute

Sicily is hot this Summer! Not only in temperature, but also as a more and more upcoming travel destinations. Create your own travel guidebook by combining different spots from our Travel Designers. We already made a selection for you, so you can start collecting! Enjoy!

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Favoroute App | Favoroute

Today the newest version of the iOS App is released! From now on, you can download your chosen or created guidebooks on the App to take it with you… also when you don’t have an internet connection! The new App has an additional ‘reading guides offline’ function, better quality photos, and an overall improved performance. Curious to find […]

What are the best tips in Alexandra’s chosen travel guidebook about Surfing in Sardinia?! “The best spots are boat trips with Giangi from Naturawentura, the beautiful surf spots around Capo Mannu and the food at Il PescaTore in Mandriola!” Find all the tips in Alexandra’s guide:

Favoroute Travelguide Robert de Koning

What is the best tip in’s guide about South Korea and Japan? “Nestled between bamboo groves in the southern prefecture of Kumamoto you find Takefue Ryokan. Here you can experience Japanese food, hospitality, design, architecture and onsen culture to the max.” Find his guide on: