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The owner of Favoroute, Frederieke Wolter, was recently interviewed by Gerrie Brand of Emerce at the eTravel Europe convention over her fast-growing company. Emerce is a magazine that informs its readers about the latest trends in online business, marketing and media. From innovative marketing cases to new internet projects, e-commerce concepts and the most important market developments […]


No better way to learn about San Francisco than with a local! From funny weather facts to undisclosed architectural secrets, Megan Funk’s 4 Days in San Francisco guidebook will make you feel part of the city’s atmosphere in an authentic way. From the Golden Gate Bridge to the most unexpected secret places, San Francisco has so much […]


The ultimate Exchange Bucket List We all know it’s the best university experience you can have… having an exchange to a foreign country. In case you’re on your this experience of your lifetime, this blog post is for you! Now has come the time to show to your friends how wonderful your Erasmus / Exchange […]


Do you remember few months back when you and friends said you would go on a vacation all together this summer? And yet your weeks of holiday are coming and you still haven’t booked anything? Then, silence the little voice in your head saying “I knew we would not do it anyway” and get started […]

Unexpected places - photo by : Mélanie Chesnel

Europe, Europe.. Beloved Europe! In these surprising times for the Union, we thought it could be wise to focus on Europe’s unexpected places rather then its political decisions (#Brexit). Rummage through your drawers for your passport, while you need it, why not make the most of it and discover our bucket list of unexpected destinations and secret […]

Favoroute part of 5 startups to watch in the Netherlands

In the latest article by Global M featuring the 5 startups to watch in the Netherlands, Favoroute was selected as number 4! Of course, we couldn’t be more happy! According to them is the Netherlands is one of Europe’s most prominent tech countries, with a thriving entrepreneurial hub in both Amsterdam and throughout the country. Other […]

The Philippines… an archipelago in South-East Asia of more than seven thousand islands, located between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea at the very eastern edge of Asia. The Philippines has many wonderful beaches, beautiful nature and the locals are very friendly. In fact, the country has been voted Asia’s friendliest country and ranked […]

Meteora by ©Aleksandar Todorovic

Do you think it’s time for a new adventure? Favoroute has created a list including 6 of Europe’s best kept secret places that will help you embark on a new adventure, travelling through beautiful cities and islands that offer a touch of history every step of the way.  Have you ever heard of these unexpected […]

Hohenzollern Castle Germany | Favoroute

If you’re thinking on going abroad soon but still have not decided to which country, it may be a good idea to travel to Germany! Located in the middle of Europe and surronded by a pretty large number of countries, there’s a destination suitable for all kind of travelers. Continue reading

Siargao - Backpacking Routes Favoroute

There are a lot of ways to travel the world although, we believe, backpacking is one of the most exciting. Not made for everyone but still worth to try at least once in life! Meet the locals, get lost and face the real problems of a country -but also its hidden treasures-. You will learn a lot of this experience which constantly moves forward! Continue reading

Paris Favoroute Review

As a new member of the Favoroute Team, I share with them a common characteristic: love for traveling. Although I’m originally from Barcelona, I like saying I’m a current Amsterdammer and, last weekend, I became Parisian for three days! Well, maybe three days is not enough to be part of a city and its citizens but, at least, […]

Floating Market - Biggest Markets Favoroute

Delicacies, clothes, perfumes, antiquities… Street markets are those magic places where everything can be found, even the most unexpected items!

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Shit Happens Mirtas Diaries

Every backpacker knows situations like these.. embarrassing moments that result from a lack of privacy, a true love for wandering the world, or everyday problems like reading a book in dorms. Besides describing these moments in her guidebooks, Travel Designer Myrte Hisschemöller captured these moments also perfectly in her cartoons! On her blog she knows how […]

Tbilisi for beginners Dariko | Favoroute

Dariko, our Ukrainian travel blogger living in Georgia, wrote her first guidebook ‘Tbilisi for beginners‘ about the Georgian capital and its surroundings, for people that never traveled to this Caucasus country before. A great guidebook with tips covering both the capital and the mountains in the area. Now, her guidebook also made it to the Georgian news site Georgian Journal.

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surfguides Europe | Favoroute

Although you might think of Hawaï, Australia, or California first when it comes to surfing, Europe has plenty of hidden surf gems as well! Try Portugal, Sardinia, or Fuerteventura as one of your next surf destinations and find all the best beaches, spots, and rentals in our guidebooks! Surfing in the south west of Portugal, […]

Het Laatste Nieuws | Favoroute

In this weekend’s edition of Het Laatste Nieuws (the latest news), one of the main newspapers in Belgium, our Travel Designers Tineke and Dorien featured their travel guidebook ‘Bem-Vindo. Porto en de Dourovallei‘.

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Karlijn Travels | Favoroute

Japan is known for its clash between old and new, tradition and tech. Making a trip to Japan is an unforgettable journey, in which you want to explore the country at its best. In this list, we will show you the top 10 things to do in Japan, so you won’t miss a thing! 1. […]

City Trips Europe | Favoroute

Are you a real citytripper? Feeling at home with a travel guidebook in one hand and your sunglasses in the other? Have a look at our inspiring selection of ten city trips in Europe. Perhaps you might find your next destination! 1. Milan, Italy. Milan is the capital of fashion and home to one of […]

LaPlaya Ibiza | Favoroute

Known as ‘the magical island’, Ibiza has been a favorite holiday destination in Europe. Crazy parties, yoga retreats, deserted beaches, and the bohemian lifestyle make Ibiza an island to return to. Planning a trip to Ibiza any time soon? Create your own travel guidebook by combining different spots from our Travel Designers. We already made […]

Syracusa | Favoroute

Sicily is hot this Summer! Not only in temperature, but also as a more and more upcoming travel destinations. Create your own travel guidebook by combining different spots from our Travel Designers. We already made a selection for you, so you can start collecting! Enjoy!

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pocket editions | Favoroute

Looking for an adventurous travel? A road less discovered? Or a place without tourists? Planning these trips can be quite difficult, since information is scarce. The large publishers simply don’t print travel guidebooks anymore, and TripAdvisor recommendations can give you the chills. You need an exclusive Pocket Edition, written by some of our travel writers, guiding […]

Leapfunder header | Favoroute

Network funding platform Leapfunder had an interview with the founder of Favoroute, Frederieke Wolter, about crowdfunding and her (successful) experiences with the platform. Favoroute had two successful campaigns on Leapfunder and shared her story about this in the interview.

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travel organization tool Favoroute

Innovative and digital guidebook tool for travel organizations launched by Favoroute today With the new business tool for travel organizations, Favoroute offers travel organisations a service for interactive guidebooks (in web & app). Travel organizations can use this technical highlight to offer easy and inexpensive digital guidebooks to their customers. Also, quotes, vouchers, and direct payment […]

Launch iOS App Favoroute

From today our Favoroute iOS app is available in the App Store! It is now possible to can now surf to your Favoroute guides on Android and iOS! Here are some the screenshots of our iOS app: For downloading the app, go to the App Store here.

Travel Next Logo | Favoroute

In the article “It’s time to leave the old travel guide, welcome travel guide 2.0″ (in Dutch) Frederieke speaks about the changes in the way of traveling. More and more travelers travel independent and one their own. This new way of traveling is asking for a different kind of information: digital, interactive, personal and up-to-date […]

TravelNext | Favoroute

Today on TravelNext a duo interview with Frederieke and Veerle from travel start-up Travel Diaries about connecting travelers before and after their trips! Read the full article here (in Dutch):

skift-travel | Favoroute

Favoroute is selected as one of the daily travel start-up’s to watch on Travel website Skift! Read the full article here

TravelNext | Favoroute

Favoroute on Frankwatching as one of the six ‘prepared’ start-ups for the power of consumers! Read the full article here (in Dutch):

Favoroute travelguide Henriette Bokslag

What are the must-do’s and must-sees for this Fall according to Henriette? “For this fall I should say: go on a citytrip to the south to catch some sun and enjoy your time before winter gets here! In winter time you should definitely go to Finland or Lapland, they’re upcoming destinations. And for Christmas shopping, […]

Favoroute travelguide

What are the best tips in Henriette’s favorite travel guides?! “In my Bangkok guide I write about the island Koh Talu, it is still kind of undiscovered and really a worth visit. In my Cape Town guide, you just have to follow the whole route and do everything I mentioned: then you will have done […]

Favoroute travelguide Henriette Bokslag

Favorite travel guidebooks according to Henriette? “Cape Town and Bangkok!” Travel to the most southern point of Africa or travel from Bangkok to paradise – you can find it all in Henriette’s

A new week and Two new Travel Designers!  How many countries did you visit? “We traveled about 42 countries- which of some countries they visiting very often (or for a longer time). Dorien lived and worked for 1,5 year in Nicaragua and Costa Rica and Tineke spent almost 18 months in Indonesia (in 13 different visits).”  How […]

  Roëll from We Are Travellers wrote an amazing city guide about Mexico, full of Mayan Temples! Check out Roëll’s guide with all the best tips for Mexico here:

New Week – New Travel Designer. This week we introduce to you Roëll from We Are Travellers (!  Roëll traveled in over 28 countries and wrote 2 amazing travel guidebooks! Which countries did you visit? “I traveled to: Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, America, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, France, […]

This week we introduce to you: Alexandra! A short introduction about this surf chick: “My favourite luggage: surfboard, camera & laptop. My favourite ride: campervan. My favourite destination, guess what.. The Seaside!” The total amount of countries Alexandra visited?: 31!! And the total of Favoroute travel guidebooks? “Two, (and counting..)” Do you have a special characteristic people can […]

Robert from wrote an amazing guide about South Korea and Japan! Visit the amazing capital Seoul, check out the border with North Korea and experience the different clothing styles in Japan! Check out Robert’s guide with all the best tips of South Korea and Japan here:

Favoroute Travelguide Rebecca Boektje

Must do and must see for this summer: Milan! “This summer I visited Milan and discovered so much cool places to eat and shop and party! This guide will be online very soon, so you can find all the best spots in it!” Find My Travel Boektje‘s guides on:

Favoroute Travelguide Rebecca Boektje

What is the best tip from My Travel Boektje‘s guide about Thailand? “Koh Phangnan, for sure. If you are planning on going there just follow my guide and you’ll have the best vacation ever!” Find her guide on:

Rebecca – this week’s Travel Designer – wrote an amazing guide about Thailand! Take a biking tour in Bangkok, visit the amazing temples, take the jungle raft or take a shower underneath the waterfalls. Thailand has so much to offer! Check out Rebecca’s guide with all the best tips of Thailand here:

Logo-RTLZ | Favoroute

“Iedereen een eigen reisgids dankzij Nederlandse startup”. Article about at time of launching! Read the complete article here (in Dutch).