Elsevier, a weekly opinion magazine that addresses issues concerned with the economy, science, politics, finance and culture, featured Frederieke in their “The person behind” feature in the July 30, 2016 issue. The interview asks where Frederieke got the idea from Favoroute from, how Favoroute works, what the business model is and what’s in store for the future. […]

Who knows .. maybe you will receive this postcard in your mailbox!

Everybody acknowledges the fact that travel planning can be very time-consuming. Travelers visit on average 34 sites, before they actually book a vacation.  You would think the Internet has made travel search more transparant but this doesn’t appear to be the case at all.Finding a solution to this planning problem is considered to be the […]

We’ve been busy over the past few weeks. Kim, Irene and I went to the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show in Berlin (ITB). We met more than 30 travel agencies and travel boards and they were (except maybe for one) ALL extremely enthusiastic about the Favoroute solution. So we ended up going home with more […]

Dear Favo-fan,Over the past months we have made a lot of progress, and this is also thanks to your help. We are extremely happy to be surrounded by such an enthusiastic group of people and hope you will still be on board in 2013. Mid-February we expect to be able to tell you more about […]

 Every time I check in @ Favoroute it makes me really happy. And since Kim joined our team I feel there is more and more energy streaming into the company. Someone who is helping me with the text-editing part (or story-telling part) gave me some tasks for the upcoming holiday. First of all I have […]

Favoroute won the second prize at the Next Women pitch event! This means that on the 5th of February, Favoroute is at the Final of Next Women 2012. Favoroute received great feedback – our idea is worth a 9! Of course, Favoroute aims for first place on February 5 2013.

Favoroute is about favos and favoroutes. Right now, it is possible to make your own favos (we are still in private beta). Favos are places of interest while you are traveling like accommodation, eat & drink, nature, culture and more! After you have selected and collected your current favos and your wishlist favos (the places […]

How exciting! This week Favoroute status changed to “private” beta.For the first time, we invited travelers to test Favoroute as a group. It was so much fun to see how the users were discussing what they like and what they don’t like. It is really worth it! We tested with 12 people and we now […]

Last week I met up with one of the founders of a big Dutch Travel Organisation and I shared Favoroute with him. Another Favoroute fan was born. We discussed the fact that planning a trip is not a science but an art. He agreed that it remains a challenge to properly plan a trip and […]

We moved in together, Wouter and me. Wouter was working from another location on the Herengracht and I was working at Deskowitz. We decided it would be better to work together somewhere.  It is one thing I would advise every start-up: work together very closely with your developer. When you are developing something new I […]

This month has been very interesting: we launched the temporary homepage, I was able to rename my company name on Linkedin (finally I can use the name we really like), and I pitched at a VC conference for the first time in my life. I was nervous, but you need to learn to pitch.The most […]

At the end of last year, after a year of networking and talking about the concept favoroute and WHY we want to do this, we started (with the help of a great marketeer) to put everything on paper. Now, every time we need to make an important decision, for example about business models or partners, […]

I have written about my cousin before. We spent many days and evenings at ‘Het blauwe theehuis’ in the ‘Vondelpark’ in Amsterdam & at Coffee Plaza near her house. We spent almost every minute talking about my start-up: Favoroute. She is extremely good at visualizing a concept and she really grasped what I was talking […]

You need to start somewhere…

I’m now in a very interesting phase, actually the one that I’m best at: execution! I am pretty good at picking the right people and I am extremely good at knowing what to do when. As I actually don’t like processes I don’t understand why I am good at this. But I like execution best, […]

My grandfather will turn 100 in about a month! He asked my aunt a year ago  if the champagne had been ordered and if all people (still alive  ) had been invited, the most important one being the mayor!His advice for growing old in good health: be sporty, don’t smoke, learn a lot, see the […]

At myy former employer KPN (a Dutch telecom operator), I learned that the roots of a brand are its greatest asset (Brand Key Model – I think it is a Unilever model). Let’s elaborate on Favoroute’s roots:1. When I was a kid we travelled a lot. We usually went camping in Europe with two or […]

This week I was having cold feet. I am now in the phase where I will have to spend my savings (big money for me). I am asking myself if my baby (favoroute) will be welcomed by the big bad world. Furthermore, I ask myself if there will be someone else who is perhaps a […]

My dear, dear, dear friend and reporter from India (Margootje Geurts) is a great support. She is the one who really understands everything about Favoroute (and about me and you and others ). And by the way … she is my little cousin (2 heads smaller than me).From the other end of the world, she […]

Yesterday evening we had a great session with a few entrepreneurial women to see what we could learn from each other. Funny how, just before the session, you can wonder “What were we going to do again?” and then once you get started you know: “Yes, this is inspiring, we can learn so much from […]

Today I received the first designs for my start-up. Very nice! Copyright lies within my family – my nephew (12 years) from Rotterdam owns it! A designer and entrepreneur in spe, absolutely!

In 1995 I did an internship with Philips in San Jose in Silicon Valley (CA). That was in the last year of my studies (innovation management) and I thought it would be useful to do an internship and write my dissertation in innovative surroundings. That was a really good choice! Apart from the fact that […]

Early this year I choose to focus on favoroute. I noticed that freelance work is fun and nice to do, I met really great people, but ultimately I  have to do what I should do and focus. It’s very easy to choose for simple tasks while you have to make difficult decisions for favoroute. I […]

Since a week I am at my new office at Deskowitz. It is such a relief not “building a company” at home. If you work for yourself and start something, I would advice to immediately take this step. Especially if your home is not an ideal working place or if you are (like me) rebuilding […]

A sublime picture of my cousin – who know when I will ever need it?

Sometimes you think you need to make pace. The question is why? Is it because you need money? Or because your environment wants to see something (proving what you are doing all that time … familiar question?)? Whether you think they are thinking you should? Or just because you do need a result yourself? Remember […]

1. Evernotes (gratis): handig om teksten, websites, opnames of lijstjes te bewaren. 2. 1Password (7,99): om al die wachtwoorden die we tegenwoordig allemaal hebben op te slaan. Het is beveiligd, maar toch begin ik er zelf nog niet aan. Ik train liever mijn geheugen. 3. iMindMap (5.99) of Mindmeister (gratis): om je ideeën […]4. Do […]

1. Visualize the future in the now.2. Accept yourself, but have no expectations.3. Ask yourself, but do not forget to always ask a third party.4. Take a rest and work hard.5. Eat all you want to, but think yourself slim and do not forget your balance day.6. Be true to yourself and fake it till […]

For my freelance work next thursday we (stedenlink) want to show to governments that you can put only successful innovations by just trying, being open to renewal, to take risks and dare to deviate from the original plan. We asked IdeaDJ ( to show all kinds of innovations that were originally quite different. The day […]

I have to admit for me it’s been of great value working in a corporate company. Politics, tuning, persuade, allocate budgets, business plans , making a lot of spreadsheets, say spreadsheet management, tight planning documents, clear objectives at project start, you learn it all.If you work for yourself the most important thing you learn: taking […]

I allways believed, even at KPN, that technology is the last you should think of when introducing a new product. If you are too much focused on technology it means that you forget why you did it again. But I am not quite sure this really counts in the Internet world? It seems technology and […]

So do you ever had this feeling? You think to know your family, in my case my cousin for 30 years now, and then because things changed in our lives very fast and at almost the same time we got to know eachother extremely well. It’s like we met for the first time! Of course […]

So, this weekend I arranged my follow up for the company. You can not be early enough. My 12 year old nephew and me discussed about routebooker. I have to say these kids are pretty smart these days as he was asking me the business model, the  business plan and my marketing plan. He’s got […]

Word ik blij van het maken van een business plan? Nou, moet eerlijk zeggen van niet, het kost gewoon echt verschrikkelijk veel tijd om een heel goed plan ook goed op papier te zetten. Maar… als het dan af is en je jezelf aan een bepaalde deadlines hebt gecommit (met t team) dan moet ik […]

Link: Women of Color in Tech: How Can We Encourage Them? | TechCrunch Nice article with some fun and I think also true suggestions for women with a (tech) start up. The best suggestions I found from Raissa B. Nebie from Spoondate:1. Identify a problem you want to solve, talk to potential customers. Use your […]

A manager of mine at KPN (Paul Smits) was always talking about ‘the fog’ in the innovation process, this is the phase in the process if you are materializing your idea. In this period you need to get hold of all information, you need to speak with many people about your idea, you need to […]

It is really an adventure: doubt, job termination, the black hole, materialize your idea, many conversations, find out everything (administration to tax issues), develop the idea further, adapt, ai ai what about the business model and earnings and making choices. Focus and go for it! Additionally, most important, you can do it never never on […]

Yesterday I worked late to finish this blog/website. I was thinking about it for a while what it should look like. But to really start it you have to sit down. This is the result. What do you think?