Favoroute interview Travel Massive

In today’s published interview by Travel Massive, Frederieke Wolter, founder of Favoroute, explains more about her perspective on the company. Questions like how Frederieke came up with the concept of Favoroute, what makes Favoroute different to any other travel startup, and some advice for other entrepreneurs are being discussed. Main advise from Frederieke for entrepreneurs? “Don’t […]

It's all about execution - the path from idea to realization

  “It’s all about execution” – the path from idea to realization. “It’s all about execution”. This is the quote of a highly successful Dutch entrepreneur and it’s a quote I will never forget. After being an entrepreneur for three years, I know it’s absolutely true: once you have an idea, you can share this with the world. […]

thank you

In the upcoming weeks, founder of Favoroute Frederieke Wolter, will blog about her experiences of starting a business, facing a crowdfunding campaign and about being a female entrepreneur. In today’s first blog, she will discuss how to use your network in your crowdfunding campaign. How to use your own network to achieve your first successful […]