Leapfunder header | Favoroute

Network funding platform Leapfunder had an interview with the founder of Favoroute, Frederieke Wolter, about crowdfunding and her (successful) experiences with the platform. Favoroute had two successful campaigns on Leapfunder and shared her story about this in the interview.

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In the upcoming weeks, founder of Favoroute Frederieke Wolter, will blog about her experiences of starting a business, facing a crowdfunding campaign and about being a female entrepreneur. In today’s first blog, she will discuss how to use your network in your crowdfunding campaign. How to use your own network to achieve your first successful […]

Favoroute weekend

The weekend is the ultimate time to relax and to daydream about travel. Therefore, Travel Designers see the weekend as the best time to post their inspiring stories on the internet, hoping for the lost wandering traveler to feel inspired and to pack his/her bags. Also this weekend. In two posts, Favoroute was brought to the […]

Sprout | Favoroute

Sprout.nl is a Dutch online magazine, writing about technology, knowledge and the newest updates in the start-up world! Today also Favoroute is mentioned as one of the ‘7 Need to Knows’ where we were ranked nr. 4. The post explains how we raised money with our crowdfunding at crowdfunding platform Leapfunder. For more information, visit […]

TravelPro | Favoroute

The Dutch travel trade magazine TravelPro published an article about Favoroute called ‘Start-up Favoroute grows with crowdfunding and interactive travel guidebook’. Read the full article here: Link to Travel Pro article.

Favoroute crowdfunding

We closed our crowdfunding campaign with great success! In the last two months, we raised €115.000 – 230% of our minimum pledging amount! We would like to thank all our backers and supporters for the great success! For more information and the complete press release (in Dutch), check out this link: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxDGYzdNgb0-SFdzSXFESVZyOTQ&usp=sharing or contact Charlotte […]