Death Valley USA

We are all looking for a enjoyable afternoon under the sunshine right? Well, if you are looking for some more extreme experiences, Favoroute has find out for you the warmest places in the world. Get ready and heat up for this challenge! Sunglasses and sun hat mandatory! 1. Kebili in Tunisia  This small oasis in […]

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What are the best tips in Henriette’s favorite travel guides?! “In my Bangkok guide I write about the island Koh Talu, it is still kind of undiscovered and really a worth visit. In my Cape Town guide, you just have to follow the whole route and do everything I mentioned: then you will have done […]

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Favorite travel guidebooks according to Henriette? “Cape Town and Bangkok!” Travel to the most southern point of Africa or travel from Bangkok to paradise – you can find it all in Henriette’s

Mystery route in Thailand Day 1: Just arrived by plane and heading to the center of the city. This view is very typical for this city. Cars who are fully packed and a lot of tuktuk’s and scooters!  Day 2: Our first stop this morning is this wonderful temple; Wat Pho. Also named ‚Temple of […]