What on earth is an inselberg!?? It’s time for a little geological catch-up: coming from the German words for “island” and “mountain”, these visually stunning land forms protrude from relative flatness in an absolutely remarkable way. Our amazing earth has so many stunning surprises and if you have the chance to travel to these gifts of nature, your […]

Clifton Beach, Cape Town by SkyPixels

Eating.. Relaxing.. Enjoying.. This may not apply to all but for some of us, when we think of vacation we don’t think of endless jungle hikes, sleeping in random hostels with strangers or having to bargain every meal you buy. No, when we think of vacation we think of laying on the beach or by the […]

Favoroute travelguide Henriette Bokslag

Does Henriette from Henriëtte Bokslag – Freelance travel blogger and journalist still has something on her Bucket List? “I have so many places on my bucket list! The more I travel the longer my bucket list gets. From Mexico to Australia and from Indonesia to Lapland. At this moment I have no plans to really go there […]

Mysteryroute in Australia:  Day 1: Just arrived after a long trip on this beautiful beach! Can’t believe how blue the water is of the Great Barrier Reef! The best way to fresh up is to dive into the sea and check the world’s most beautiful aquatic life! Day 2:  We tried to enjoy the beach as much […]

Coming up north from the Stuart Highway, this trip will be waiting for you. Visiting multiple national parks, waterfalls and wildlife!This Northern Territory Route by Travel North is absolutely a must visit! For more information, visit their website:http://www.travelnorth.com.au/

Stuart Highway – ‘the Track’ There aren’t many road trips like this one… They come very rare. This route is also known as ‘the Track’ and named after explorer John McDouall Stuart who discovered a route through Australia’s inland on several excursions in the 1850s and 1860s.  With over 3000 km, this road trip – crossing the entire […]

Choosing your car while Road Tripping in the Outback!  Driving in Australia is an experience to be savoured! It is a way to experience the wide-open spaces and magnificent natural scenery, and there are so many destinations that can only be experienced by car. Before setting off you should make sure you are well prepared […]

Today we start the Australian dirt road Road Trip Week!  Always wanted to travel the dirt roads by jeep, stumble upon crocodiles and experience the real outback?!  Follow this week’s blogs and get ready to get into the wilderness!

All good things come to an end! And so are our Continent Weeks…We would like to thank all our amazing FavoBloggers for sharing their stories and photos these last few months!From New Zealand to the USA, from Bolivia to Nepal and from Europe to South Africa, We Loved It! Thank you very much!! 

A day on the river… One of the many things I like about Sydney is that within 30 minutes from the city centre you can be in the most beautiful nature you can imagine. The other day we took the kids to Hawkesbury River. We drove to the Empire Marina on Bobbin Head Road and […]

What’s in a name of the perfect cup of coffee? As told you before, Sydney is all about good coffee. It is even hard to find a place where they sell bad ones… Even in parks, train stations or in the middle of nowhere, you can get your perfect cuppa! Of course there are still […]

Charming, cute and colorful! When I walked from Milsons Point towards the Harbour Bridge in pretty Kirribilli, I suddenly passed a very charming, colorful, tiny shop. Of course I entered. This shop, named Ginger Flower, is very popular with the locals but it’s time for more people to get to know this hidden treasure! It […]

Link: Time lapse of Brisbane Panorama by Stephen Wiltshire Time lapse vision shows British artist Stephen Wiltshire taking four days to complete a panoramic drawing of Brisbane after one viewing of the city.

What’s up in Alexandria? The other day I checked out Sydney’s suburb Alexandria. This inner-city suburb is well-known for its warehouses and trucks which does not make it very pretty. But nevertheless it is becoming very popular nowadays due to the great demand of the brunchers in Sydney. And going out for brunch is what […]

My favourite product in Australia? One sourdough please! Two former chefs, one more experienced in pastry and the other more in bread, had the same vision: opening the perfect bakery in Sydney which was small, homely and timeless. And so they did: in 2004 they opened their first one, Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills. After […]

Wanna go for a hike? My love for hiking actually has started in Hong Kong but luckily Sydney is into hiking as well! It has many walking tracks and most of them along the harbour and the ocean, oh yes! One of my favorites is the Mosman to Manly hike. It starts at the Spit […]

What is your favoroute in Australia? Is it one of our user’s or do your have your own favoroute?

The Suburbs of Sydney  Sydney consists out of many different suburbs. All these suburbs have a different feel and vibe which makes them very interesting to explore. Living in Sydney for over a year now I have explored a lot of them, but Balmain is still one of my favourites! In the early days Balmain was […]

Devine Brekkie! Sydneysiders are all about having a good breakfast or how they call them: ‘a divine brekkie’! There are many places to go for a good one, but when you are looking for the best, definately go to Bill’s! This well-known restaurant is located in Darlinghurst, Surry Hills and Woollahra. After Sydney, owner Bill […]

Sydney Beaches Sydney is THE city of beaches. Just minutes from the city you have a choice of many beautiful white sanded ones. Of course you can choose the well-known ones as Bondi, Coogee or Manly but you can also check out the hidden ones for a change! Tucked away on the water edge of […]