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Although you might think of Hawaï, Australia, or California first when it comes to surfing, Europe has plenty of hidden surf gems as well! Try Portugal, Sardinia, or Fuerteventura as one of your next surf destinations and find all the best beaches, spots, and rentals in our guidebooks!

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Surfing in the south west of Portugal, from the little village of Figueira. A place where you still feel the very real, warm and traditional atmosphere of the Portuguese people with their slowed down pace of life. Read the guidebook ‘Casa Meranka, surf trip south west Portugal‘ for the best surf spots in the area. Guidebook is written by Joshua & Margootje.

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Fuerteventura is also often referred to as the Hawaï of Europe. The weather is good, there is always wind, and – especially in the morning – there are plenty of waves! Explore this Canary Island with the guidebook ‘Fuerteventura, het Hawaï van Europa‘, written by Stylespy.

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Last but not least, Sardinia. Although Mediterranean surf is not a secret anymore, to say Sardinia is a swell magnet would be a bit optimistic. Read all about the ins and outs of this surf island in the guidebook ‘La Bella Sardegna – seaside, surf, and the unknown‘, written by I Love The Seaside.

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