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Although at Favoroute we already knew that traveling with your smartphone is the new way of travelling, recent research conducted by Allianz Global Assistance towards the younger generation’s travel behaviour revealed today that using a smartphone is THE ultimate travel guide!

The research has shown that this curious generation is ready to explore the world!

As soon as the exams come to an end, the younger generation is preparing for their week away, or perhaps a longer trip including several destinations. International research has shown that young travelers completely rely on the internet and to smartphones to help them plan their trips. In order to conduct this experiment Allianz Global Assistance gathered around 5.500 young travelers between the ages of 18 and 30 from eleven different countries.

Favoroute travel guide

Ready to explore with smartphone as travel guide! 

The research has shown that this curious generation is ready to explore the world with their smartphone! The young travelers are well prepared for their travels however there are still many risks as they believe that their smartphones or tablets are going to save them from tricky situations. The younger generation is very dependent on both technology and the smartphone itself, using it as a main source for travel tips. As for the travel information, the must see destinations won’t lose popularity over 10 years. If a young traveler is asked how they will be traveling in 10 years, half of them will say that culture or gastronomy will be the priority. The other half would rather visit the must see places, even if this place would be more crowded at the time. To summarize, the younger generation relies more and more on their smartphone as their travel guide.

New generation of Dutch travelers

The most important findings about the new generation of young Dutch people are:

Generation Travel: today is the day that almost all Dutch youth has the opportunity to travel, only a small percentage claims to never have travelled before.

  • 97% has travelled.
  • 47% of those who have never travelled before said they never had the opportunity, 20% were not able to financially.

    Generation Connected: young Dutch travelers are looking for travel information on the internet, while at the same time also taking advice from their friends and family. They also prefer to travel together rather then alone.

    • 38% of the young Dutch travelers take advice from their family and friends, but also from websites such as TripAdvisor (27%), or Expedia (28%) to prepare for their travels.
    • 50% of those rely on their smartphone in case of emergency (compared to France which is only 20%).

      Generation Discovery: as travelers they are looking for new places to relax and visit more touristy destinations.

      • 55% travels to new destinations, 43% goes for relaxing vacations.
      • 38% expect that in 10 years they will visit the must see destinations, 33% goes for the luxurious travels.
      • 55% of the Dutch claims weather is the most important factor when choosing a destination, for the youth in other countries this is not as important.

Favoroute Travel Guidebooks

Keeping up with recent research, Favoroute has many guidebooks to offer for on your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android), that you can now also use offline! Our interactive guidebooks are up-to-date and personal, made by a community of over 200+ Travel Designers. Click this link for a quick download and explore the hidden gems of your favorite destination!

Results were based on research done by Allianz Global Assistance.

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