Akumal - Scuba Diving in Mexico Favoroute

Think of a beach… But one of those with turquoise water where you can swim and go scuba diving. Imagine the white sand and the shining sun waiting for you after an exciting session under the refreshing sea, watching all kind of exotic fishes, and colorful seaweed.

Stop dreaming, I have good news for you. Paradise exists! Those dream-like beaches are located in the country of Mexico and are a real must for, both, professional divers and people who just enjoy sea life.

If water is your element and Mexico still a location to discover, keep reading…


Scuba Diving in Cozumel

Cozumel I - Scuba Diving in Mexico Favoroute

Cozumel is an island with the shape of a teardrop located in the Caribbean Sea, just in front of Playa del Carmen. People from all over the world come to this paradisiac location to scuba dive since it belongs to the second largest coral reef in the world. Cozumel is also popular due to an amazing wall where huge sponges, colorful sea plants and animals such as lobsters, crabs and turtles can be seen.

The temperature is perfect, the views breathtaking and the sea life unique. What else do you need?


Scuba Diving in Akumal

Akumal - Scuba Diving in Mexico Favoroute

If what you want to see is sea turtles, Akumal is your place! Next to Playa del Carmen, almost in front of the Cozumel Island, you can find the place where turtles go and leave their eggs. Locals over there take care of this specie, making Akumal a relaxing and safe location for these giant animals to live.


Scuba Diving in La Paz

La Paz - Scuba Diving in Mexico Favoroute

Located in la Baja California, this white city is one of the best places to contemplate exotic animals as sea lions, hammerhead sharks, whales or giant squids! This world-wide known locations is the right place for professional divers as well as beginners, since you can admire the sea animals just 8 meters under the water surface. In addition, the sea side and the landscape over there are absolutely well worth it.


Scuba Diving in Cabo Pulmo

abo Pulmo - Scuba DIving in Mexico Favoroute

Really close to La Paz, we can find Cabo Plumo. There is a huge amount of biodiversity in the area since this is the place where the tropical warm water and cold streams converge, hosting more than 220 types of fish, 10 kind of different coral and countless species of seaweed. Great mammals such as wales, dolphins, sea lions and wale darks are also frequently seen in Cabo Plumo.


Scuba Diving in Costalegre

Costalegre - Scuba Diving in Mexico Favoroute

Costalegre is the right place to scuba dive for different reasons. First of all, the temperature there is absolutely ideal and the water, calm and crystal-clear. Rent a boat to discover the treasures this place has to offer or just ask the fishers where the best sights are located.

All kind of plants and animals are hidden in this beautiful coast. For instance, sea cucumbers, puffer fishes, anemones and devilfishes that can reach up to six meters wide! If you’re lucky, you may also contemplate huge turtles and some dolphins.


These are just some hidden gems. Discover more places in Mexico to go scuba diving here, with the guidebood written by That Wanderlust!

Already looking forward to summer,

Favoroute Team.


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