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Last week has been Startup Week in Amsterdam: plenty of start-up events to promote both startups and women in tech. With big events like The Next Women Awards, Startup Fest, and The Next Web Amsterdam was booming! In this blog post we share our day-to-day report of the events, with pictures and all.. ;)

Monday 23rd of May – The Next Women Awards

At this special event celebrating female entrepreneurship in the Netherlands, 100 women were awarded for their leadership skills, remarkable efforts, and progress they made for women in the business industry. Queen Máxima opened the event and in the afternoon former EU commissionair and Dutch startup ambassador Neelie Kroes – a special occasion to see both power women in the house! Main focus of the event was celebrating female business qualities in the Netherlands and aiming to support each other, with quotes like: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other!” – and we couldn’t agree more!

Next Women Awards Queen Maxima | Favoroute

Opening speech by Queen Máxima

Next Women Awards Neelie Kroes | Favoroute

Dutch startup ambassador Neelie Kroes

Tuesday 24th of May – Startup Fest Europe

Big day for startups in the Netherlands, since today was the opening of the Startup Fest Europe in the ‘Beurs van Berlage’ in Amsterdam. CEO’s of some large companies were key-note speakers, like Tim Cook (Apple), Eric Schmidt (Google), Travis Kalanick (Uber) and Gillian Tans (Booking) aiming to help startups grow faster by bringing founders, investors, business leaders, and developers together. Highlight of the day? Kalanick’s speech about his ‘Geeks guide to becoming an entrepreneur‘ with 8 things that made Uber so successful – great and inspiring talk!

Startup Fest Tim Cook | Favoroute

Tim Cook at Startup Fest Amsterdam

Wednesday 25th of May – Inspiring Fifty

Another day, another great event. This time, Frederieke our founder, was invited to be part of the Inspiring Fifty event. Again to promote female entrepreneurship; but this time for women in tech. It was a very exciting event, with our Queen Máxima, Dutch startup ambassador Neelie Kroes, and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte showing how much fun it is to work in a tech company! Quote of the day was by Neelie Kroes, saying: “Women need to be more forceful – I never met a modest man.”

Inspiring Fifty Queen Maxima | Favoroute

Inspiring Fifty tech women with Queen Máxima

Inspiring Fifty Mark Rutte | Favoroute

Inspiring Fifty tech women with Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Dutch startup ambassador Neelie Kroes


25th of May – Pre-drink The Next Web

After all these formal events, it’s time for some relaxation! Because besides talking to investors, meeting royals, and shaking hands with Prime Ministers, startups know how to throw parties as one of the best! The opening party of The Next Web conference (26th and 27th of May) was at our former office Rockstart. Indeed, we had to dress up as Rockstars! How do you think we look?

Pre-drink The Next Web | Favoroute

Startup Week was a truly inspiring, exciting, and also exhausting event, which we hope to have in the Netherlands more often. Until now, we just have to wait until next year… See you then!

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