Eivissa, Ibiza by becca212121

Whether its due to the climate, the surroundings or the beautiful crystal blue water, when Favoroute thinks of summerthe Mediterranean instantly comes to mind! There’s nothing better then having a relaxing day (or week) on the beach, roasting in the sun, trying to get that Mediterranean glow everyone seems to be talking about.

That’s why we have put together a brief list that includes a few of the many unexpected beach hotspots along the charming Mediterranean coast.

1. Corfu, Greece

Palaiokastritis, Corfu by kpthepp

Paleokastritis, Corfu by kpthepp

Beaches in Corfu attract many visitors every summer due to its clean water and green surroundings. Many of the beaches are tourist friendly and lined up with hotels, restaurants by the seaside, water sports and beach bars. So whether you’re going on a family friendly vacation or looking to party with friends on the beach – Corfu offers both!

Paleokastritis is the most famous beach resort, it is quite small but extremely known for its cool waters and captivating environment. It tends to get very busy during the day as its surrounded by many bars and taverns, the area also offers some amazing sea views! Very picturesque.

2. Comino, Malta

Blue Lagoon - by waldomiguez

Blue Lagoon – by waldomiguez

Malta’s most popular swimming spot is the Blue Lagoon, located off the north coast in between the small island of Comino and the even smaller island of Cominotto. As there are no hotels near the Blue Lagoon, most people take a day trip from one of the nearest main islands. The perfectly clear blue water and contrasting bright white sand is what attracts most tourists to the area.

Around the edges of the lagoon there are caves that can be be explored by boat or experiences snorkelers. Even though there is a huge lack of space on the beach, the swimming is refreshing and delightful! Definitely worth going.

If you enjoy soaking in the sun at various beaches, Roos Kriek has created a 5 day guide across Malta which takes you around different areas!

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik by mrkaczor

Dubrovnik – by mrkaczor

Imagine laying down in the scorching sun with a cocktail in your hand, lush crystal blue sea in front of you, and looking to your side only to see the beautiful and distinctive Old Town of Dubrovnik, encircled with its historical massive stone walls that date back to the 16th century. Well, this can be done at the Banje Beach!

Banje, is Dubrovnik’s most popular beach, it is made out of a mixture of small pebbles and sand. Its location offers a heavenly view of not only the town but also of the Adriatic coast. As the sun sets and the last swimmers leave the beach, the beach bars turn into night clubs, offering tourists a fun night out.

4. Ibiza, Spain

Eivissa, Ibiza by becca212121

Ibiza by becca212121

The small protected sandy cove of Cala Salada is a favourite amongst the tourists and private boat owners of Ibiza. Surrounded by pine-forested hills and turquoise waters is why this small beach gets very busy on summer weekends. Near the beach there are famous caves at Ses Fontanelles, this is a perfect opportunity for the explorers amongst you to go on an adventure! The walk to the cliffs is long, but the view is incredible.

If you’re not interested in the mainstream scene, or are looking for something different and new to do. Follow Liz La Force’s 3 day spiritual guide through Ibiza! This guidebook offers a different journey in Ibiza.

5. Sardinia, Italy


Sardinia-  by DarioPanella

Sardinia – by DarioPanella

Long stretches of soft white sand, spectacular dunes, rugged coves and smooth pebbles, being the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia has a very long coast and a large number of sandy beaches. One of these beaches, La Pelosa Beach, is arguably one of the best in Europe, it is a true Sardinian oasis.

La Pelosa is only 2 km away from the harbour village of Stintino, in the province of Sassari. The beach is 300 m long and faces north-east, this means there are marvellous views of the island of Piana and the island of Asinara. Along with marvellous views of islands, La Pelosa is also accompanied by an ancient watchtower (Torre della Pelosa) from the 16th century.

If you’re more of an active traveller, Favoroute offers a guidebook for surfing in Sardinia!

6. Marseille, France

Marseille - by ynessa

Marseille – by ynessa

You might not think of Marseille as beach holiday, but the city offers a large array of seaside spaces catering to all different kinds of hankerings. Some beaches are perfect for family trips and others for surfing, whatever your needs are Marseille can easily satisfy them!

Many of the beaches are natural, however there are also plenty that are man-made ranging from sandy to pebble or rock beaches. The most well known artificial beaches in Marseille are “The Plages de Corbière”, just outside of L’Estaque they are the unofficial starting point of the Blue Coast. They consist of three artificially created urban beaches, the Plage de la Lave, the Plage de la Batterie (sand), and the Plage du Fortin (pebble), all 3 beaches offering many activities.

If you prefer to explore romantic city life rather then beach life, Favoroute’s very own Charlotte van Dijk has put together a guidebook taking you for a city trip around Paris in 4 days!

Ready to go for a dip at one of these beaches? 

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