The ultimate Exchange Bucket List We all know it’s the best university experience you can have… having an exchange to a foreign country. In case you’re on your this experience of your lifetime, this blog post is for you! Now has come the time to show to your friends how wonderful your Erasmus / Exchange […]


Do you remember few months back when you and friends said you would go on a vacation all together this summer? And yet your weeks of holiday are coming and you still haven’t booked anything? Then, silence the little voice in your head saying “I knew we would not do it anyway” and get started […]

Chocolate cover

Chocolate ice-creams, chocolate bars, mokas, chocolate cake, cocoa beans, chocolate milk… Best happiness cure ever, Chocolate has gave us so much that, we, today decided to celebrate its smooth flavour with you on this very special occasion that is the International Chocolate Day!  Let’s treat ourself and have a look at the best chocolate destinations ever! *Reading of […]

Unexpected places - photo by : Mélanie Chesnel

Europe, Europe.. Beloved Europe! In these surprising times for the Union, we thought it could be wise to focus on Europe’s unexpected places rather then its political decisions (#Brexit). Rummage through your drawers for your passport, while you need it, why not make the most of it and discover our bucket list of unexpected destinations and secret […]

Best cocktail around the world

Since most of us are starting to enjoy the first hints of our summer holidays, we thought it would be about time we speak truthfully about what should be our main concern : where to find the best cocktails? Whether you are still searching for your favourite cocktail or are in need of a refreshing break, […]

Favoroute interview Travel Massive

In today’s published interview by Travel Massive, Frederieke Wolter, founder of Favoroute, explains more about her perspective on the company. Questions like how Frederieke came up with the concept of Favoroute, what makes Favoroute different to any other travel startup, and some advice for other entrepreneurs are being discussed. Main advise from Frederieke for entrepreneurs? “Don’t […]

by Tiany Kiriloff

Going to Belgium and not sure what to do in Antwerp? Favoroute has created a short list of some things to do in Antwerp! Antwerp is an international port city located on Belgium’s River Scheldt. In the city centre you can find century old Diamond District houses with thousands of traders, cutters and polishers. Antwerp […]


After last nights magnificent win against Spain in the UEFA Euro 2016 we cannot help but praise Croatia! This beautiful Mediterranean country has something for everyone. Whether you want to explore the National Park, party at Ultra Music Festival or relax on the beach with your family – every location is unique and guaranteed a […]

Favoroute part of 5 startups to watch in the Netherlands

In the latest article by Global M featuring the 5 startups to watch in the Netherlands, Favoroute was selected as number 4! Of course, we couldn’t be more happy! According to them is the Netherlands is one of Europe’s most prominent tech countries, with a thriving entrepreneurial hub in both Amsterdam and throughout the country. Other […]

Stade Vélodrome by revjoy

Since the UEFA championship 2016 is taking place right now, we thought it would be a good idea to put France in the spot light. In case you didn’t know where to go or what to do when you’re not busy supporting your team, check out the France guidebooks Favoroute has! Lille The quarter finals […]

barcelona festivals

It’s June! You know what that means.. Spanish Festival time! Favoroute has gathered a list including 4 of their favourite upcoming Spanish festivals in June 2016. Check it out! Spanish Festivals: Azkena Rock Festival When: 17th – 18th of June Where: Vitoria- Gasteiz What: The Azkena Rock Festival, known as ARF, is a rock festival celebrated in […]

Favoroute | travel guide

Although at Favoroute we already knew that traveling with your smartphone is the new way of travelling, recent research conducted by Allianz Global Assistance towards the younger generation’s travel behaviour revealed today that using a smartphone is THE ultimate travel guide! The research has shown that this curious generation is ready to explore the world! As […]

Clifton Beach, Cape Town by SkyPixels

Eating.. Relaxing.. Enjoying.. This may not apply to all but for some of us, when we think of vacation we don’t think of endless jungle hikes, sleeping in random hostels with strangers or having to bargain every meal you buy. No, when we think of vacation we think of laying on the beach or by the […]

The Philippines… an archipelago in South-East Asia of more than seven thousand islands, located between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea at the very eastern edge of Asia. The Philippines has many wonderful beaches, beautiful nature and the locals are very friendly. In fact, the country has been voted Asia’s friendliest country and ranked […]

Meteora by ©Aleksandar Todorovic

Do you think it’s time for a new adventure? Favoroute has created a list including 6 of Europe’s best kept secret places that will help you embark on a new adventure, travelling through beautiful cities and islands that offer a touch of history every step of the way.  Have you ever heard of these unexpected […]

Random fun fact: There are 63,500 farms and ranches with beef cattle across Canada. - Photo by Mike Anderson

Travelling can be very stressful at times, but perhaps this can help you release some stress. Favoroute has created a list of 40 unexpected random fun facts you need to know before planning your next vacation. Who knows, maybe these random fun facts could help make or break your future travel plans!   Random Fun […]

Eivissa, Ibiza by becca212121

Whether its due to the climate, the surroundings or the beautiful crystal blue water, when Favoroute thinks of summer – the Mediterranean instantly comes to mind! There’s nothing better then having a relaxing day (or week) on the beach, roasting in the sun, trying to get that Mediterranean glow everyone seems to be talking about. That’s why […]


Traveling has always been an exciting and adventurous venture. But what makes it truly unforgettable is traveling to certain places that are well-known travel hotspots during a specific season! This includes destinations from winter holidays, summer beach paradise(s) to special natural phenomenas. In the following list we are going to tell you about the gems you can visit […]

Inspiring Fifty Queen Maxima | Favoroute

Last week has been Startup Week in Amsterdam: plenty of start-up events to promote both startups and women in tech. With big events like The Next Women Awards, Startup Fest, and The Next Web Amsterdam was booming! In this blog post we share our day-to-day report of the events, with pictures and all.. ;)

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Favoroute reisgidsen op ANWB

Favoroute was featured in an article on the website of the ANWB website, the Dutch largest travel and breakdown service association. In this issue, different initiative around local advices are being discussed, of which Favoroute was one. The article explains how travel guides on Favoroute are written by locals. “There are these wonderful platform where you […]

Hohenzollern Castle Germany | Favoroute

If you’re thinking on going abroad soon but still have not decided to which country, it may be a good idea to travel to Germany! Located in the middle of Europe and surronded by a pretty large number of countries, there’s a destination suitable for all kind of travelers. Continue reading

Toki - Coffee Spots Amsterdam Favoroute

Foodies, coffee lovers, Amsterdammers, people into sweet but healthy, organic cuisine, and design: this is your post! If you like to discover new places and try the best coffee, share a cup of this dark pleasure while meeting some friends, working surrounded by an inspiring atmosphere or just chilling with a book, coffee places are […]

Grazia Cover - Favoroute

Favoroute is featured in this week’s Grazia! Within the section ‘10 Hot Things to Do’, downloading the Favoroute App and getting inspired by new and unexpected travel guidebooks appears as the seventh must!

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Lisbon Cover - Favoroute Guidebook

What about having a break in a beautiful city located near the sea and discovering its hidden gems? And, trying some delicious food along with a cup of refreshing local wine? Just image yourself walking through streets that keep the magic of the past and the excitement for the present. Continue reading

Brussels - Travel to Belgium Favoroute

Located in the middle of Europe and surrounded by France, Luxembourg, Germany, and The Netherlands, you can find the beautiful country of Belgium. Continue reading

Siargao - Backpacking Routes Favoroute

There are a lot of ways to travel the world although, we believe, backpacking is one of the most exciting. Not made for everyone but still worth to try at least once in life! Meet the locals, get lost and face the real problems of a country -but also its hidden treasures-. You will learn a lot of this experience which constantly moves forward! Continue reading

USA Road Trip | Favoroute

USA road trips are our speciality when it comes to traveling for a long period of time. And it’s not surprising since the USA is one of the best destinations to rent a car and just go! Therefore we thought it would be nice to gather the best routes and give you a collection of 9 USA road trips. Start day dreaming and make your favorite one with Favoroute!

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Berlin Cover - Local Hidden Gems Favoroute

Huge when it comes to dimension, but also when talking about its history. Still full of hidden gems despite being a well-known capital. Land of opportunities and home for foreigners. City of art, art of any kind. Grey but lively at the same time: BERLIN.

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Paris Favoroute Review

As a new member of the Favoroute Team, I share with them a common characteristic: love for traveling. Although I’m originally from Barcelona, I like saying I’m a current Amsterdammer and, last weekend, I became Parisian for three days! Well, maybe three days is not enough to be part of a city and its citizens but, at least, […]

Same guidebooks, new website Favoroute

Tired of your printed guidebook everyone else uses? Exhausted of ending up at the same restaurant as the rest of the world? Let’s get unexpected!

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100 best hidden gems for 2016 | Favoroute

‘What are your favorite places in the world?’ is what we asked our 150+ Travel Designers. Discovering the world place by place, our local experts, travel bloggers, and journalists collected their hidden gems for you!

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Colosseum - Cool Facts Italian Art Favoroute

Italia. Country of pizza and pasta! Sun, beautiful beaches, charming people… and art! Lots of art and culture! Many cool facts can be found behind Italian art. It’s not a surprise considering that Rome is the capital of the country and Greece is located just next to it (as you may know, Classical Art was mainly produced in […]

Saffire Freycinet - Eco-friendly Hotels Favoroute

Eco Travel means discovering the world while loving it and taking care of our natural resources. Actually, this has been a society’s concern for a long time already and, lately, a lot of people are jumping into the eco-friendly movement; also when traveling.

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Floating Market - Biggest Markets Favoroute

Delicacies, clothes, perfumes, antiquities… Street markets are those magic places where everything can be found, even the most unexpected items!

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Utrecht - Visiting Utrecht Favoroute

Capitals are those places known by everyone when you talk about a concrete country. Capitals are normally visited and photographed, loved and pursued by travelers around the world. Capitals collect nice sights, international business, and all types of people. Capitals are great.

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Akumal - Scuba Diving in Mexico Favoroute

Think of a beach… But one of those with turquoise water where you can swim and go scuba diving. Imagine the white sand and the shining sun waiting for you after an exciting session under the refreshing sea, watching all kind of exotic fishes, and colorful seaweed.

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Pulpo a la Gallega - Food Travel Spain Favoroute

Traveling is an activity that can fulfil all our senses. Food travel brings exotic flavors that, along with breath-taking landscapes, unexpected scents, and street music, become the perfect experience.

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Day of Dead - Holidays around the world Favoroute

We at Favoroute want to enjoy each day of the year while we keep wandering, so we have collected the best holidays around the globe for 2016.

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Favoroute featured on RTL Z

Last Friday, Favoroute was on television in the Dutch television program Z Today of channel RTL Z. The item discusses the trend of people searching for their travel inspiration on blogs more often. Therefore, travel bloggers are able to make their living out of traveling the world and get paid for this!

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New Update Favoroute App available

From today a new update from the Favoroute app is available! The app features a new fresh design (matching our upcoming re-design of the website) and new features like downloading the guidebook for offline usage and adding a guidebook to your bucket list.  Continue reading