On the 5th of August will be launched the famous Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro will care for its symbolic Torch and welcome its champions for 16 days! A worldwide event that will make of Brazil the center of the world for a great and enjoyable sportive moment. While hosting the Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, already quite recognized for its lush of life and so typical insanity, will go beyond expectations! As to get Rio’s Olympic vibes and make the most out of it, Favoroute has spotted the best hip and happening from the Olympic sites to the Copacabana Beach! Enjoy!


 > What to do around the Olympic Games sites ?


Rio Olympic Games

With its 32 venues all around the city, following the Olympic Games route will already allow you to visit Rio in depth. From Maracana to Fort Copacabana, the whole city will thrill to the Olympic rythm! Do not miss its Opening Ceremony real delight to the eyes and well kept secret show until the arrival of the Torch! The show will for sure display what Rio has best to offer : lights, colours and sounds! An amazing tribute to the sport and a worldwide spotlight on the cultural expression of Rio. But do not miss the rest of the Brazilian stamp and get to discover the whole brazilian atmosphere following the diverses competitions outside the city walls! Many football matches will bring you on the path of Brazila, Bello Horizonte, Salvador, Manaus and even the biggest city of Brazil, the iconic Sao Paulo!


> What to do in the city ?


Rio de Janeiro

Rio has so much to offer! Real treasure of culture, having a simple walk in the Cidade Maravilhosa is already enough to feel its so typical vibes. Music is scattering from everywhere and is part of the soul of the city, no need to go into a coffee or a bar to enjoy its rythm, most of what Rio has best to offer is already in the streets! Choro, Jazz, Samba, Bossa nova

Rush to the Rua General Glicerio and enjoy its traditional flower and exotic fruit market along with its open air concert. The “Roda de Choro” has for sure to be on your Rio bucket list, recognized for its music quality, the musicians get a full “house” on every saturday at noon.

Pedra do Sal

If you are a sunset lover, reach the Maze Inn, in the favelas of Tavares Basto to listen to some amazing bassa nova and jazz music looking over Rio and its bay at night. A real cinema like hotspot, once you will have reach the inn, candles will show you the way to the concerts in this reputated peaceful favela! A out-of-time experience for sure!

As to make the most out of the night and have a real hint of Rio de Janeiro insanity and lush of life, one should consider going to Pedra do Sal ! Renamed Little Africa, because of the slavery market that was taking place there, the streets have thus a symbolic historic meaning and a fascinating cultural stamp. Headquarters of the Samba lovers, Pedra do Sal is living and crowded all night long from Monday to Friday !

Most of what Rio has best to offer is already in its streets… but also in its sight!

Do not miss the fantastic classic church of the Igreja de nossa Senhora da Candelaria or the contemporary architecture of the Museu do Amanha (Museum of tomorrow). In addition, one can’t ignore Rio main treasures arising from its horizon as the Cristo Redentor and the impressive Pao de Açucar (Sugar loaf hill).

Igreja Nossa C

Pao de CCristo R

But these incredible places are also historic heritage gems, symbolism of the sugar cane production for the Pao de Açucar, and of the religious dedication of the city and Art Deco passion concerning the Cristo Redentor, 710 meters over the sea level monumental statue of the Christ. These hotspots will offer you the best breathtaking view and panorama of Rio bay and on its most famous beach Copacabana !

Copacabana Beach is for sure Rio little paradise! Coconuts, white sand and clear blue water make of this sea side the most beautiful post card spot ever. On the occasion of the Olympic Games, environment friendly  Olympic Rings made of recycled plastic are displayed until the end of this big event on the beach itself!


> Outdoor experience

Exploring Rio de Janeiro, it’s also having the chance to get to change of scenery at only few minutes from its center! Many outdoor experiences awaits you, between its tropical forest and reclused beaches, Rio aeras can present real unexpected corners! As for exemple, Sitio Burle Marx, a 365 square meters tropical and sub-tropical plants garden that will make you feel what it must be to discover an ancient forgotten city-state !

Sitio Burle Marx

In the Carioca West zone, get to discover what we call an hidden gem : the Praia do Secreto ! This amazing non indicated secret beach is in reality a natural pool! It will take you  5 minute hiking to get there and enjoy a retreat from Rio fast life reconnecting with the wild! Do check the tide before going, the natural pool phenomenon depending on it !

Praia do Secreto

If you are an adventurer, you will enjoy for sure the Tijuca Forest! This tropical forest is known to be the largest urban forest of the world! If you are up for some climbing and hiking, Tijuca Forest offers the highest peak of all Rio reaching 4000 feet high! But if you are more of a calm adventurer, the Tijuca park displays a lot of exhibition and walking path to discover the surprising forest plants and rainfalls!

Tijuca Forest

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  1. would like to suggest a short trip trought Guanabara bay, to know Paquetá island, a very charming and quiet place 1 hour by ship from downtown Rio. There are no cars up there and people still keep doors opened. There are beatifull views even from Rio mountais, nice place for taking pictures and some historical points. The ships leave from Praça XV for a very low price and passes under the Rio Niterói bridge.
    Have a nice trip! Read about Paquetá, it was an important place in the begining of Rio.


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