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Did you find some of the Favoroute travel guidebooks you like, but you wish to combine them to create your own travel plan? This is possible! By copying guidebooks written by our Travel Designers, you can mix and match different destinations to create your own route. Download your guide and bring it on the App! Easy as that!

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So, for example: you want to go to New York. When you search on Favoroute you can find multiple guides. But which one do you choose? Take them all! Copy all New York guides into your own and edit or delete the days you don’t like.


You like to make a road trip through Europe, but not all cities are covered in Favoroute guidebooks. What to do? Copy the destinations that are available and create your own route by adding the cities that are missing. Now you can find information from other sources (blogs, paper guides, family and friends) to fill the missing cities!

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For creating your own guidebook, start here. For all our Travel Designers and their guides, check our page.

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