When everybody is rushing to the beach… why not enjoy your summer in an unexpected way and get to discover wonderful summer spots but often forgotten for some coconuts and white sand! Favoroute has picked up for you the best ideas of not sea side summer vacations, no clear blue water ahead but exceptional cultural stamp, ancient city-state, human experiences and untouched wild lands!

Make this summer different!



From Favoroute Athens guidebook

What better not sea side summer vacation than this antique iconic city-state! Hot weather, warm people and heated night parties will make you enjoy summer to the fullest! Historic and amazing world heritage, the Acropolis will blow your mind! The Parthenon being the most mysterious human construction of all times, it is still not clear for the scientist how did our ancestors manage to make it rise over the city. Explore the yellow and white land of Athens and come to meet the “mother of everything“, from science to philosophy, Athens indeed shared with all of the human kind its myths and incredible knowledge. Revitalized for the Olympics in 2004 and thus at the edge of modernity, enjoy Athens paradox and discover the unique atmosphere of this crossing between Old and New World.

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At the heart of Spain, Madrid is known to be the most spanish city of all! Clear blue water will be a distant memory facing the incredible stamp of this typical warming city! Hosting the most outstanding artistic collections, Madrid has yet so many surprises to reveal. Historic testimony of Spain most tremendous times, there was a time when Madrid me mata (Madrid kills me) but now it would be only of enjoyement! Its night parties are legendary and its bar and nightlife more than ever teeming with the so typical Madrilene lush for life! Discovering Madrid, is even a human experience, feeling the vibes of its people, feel welcome by there mythical “If you’re in madrid, you’re from Madrid” motto.

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johannesburg johannesburg1

Lost and forgotten city for decades, Johannesburg is now breathing a new life and becoming a more and more African hotspot worth to be experienced! Johannesburg is a unique and singular city to explore, still growing, it makes of the colorfull and chaotic city a place of great interest! Seeing the cultural districts Braafontein and Newtown revealing all its secrets and intense history as the inner city rising,  is a real embodiment and main tip on how to get true Johannesburg vibes. Progressive city, it has an unequalled soul and will make of your summer an out-of-the-box vacation adventure!



From Favoroute Rome guidebook


From Favoroute Rome guidebook

Sunny Rome has to be one of your summer hotspots! Rome isn’t by the sea side but is for sure a little summer paradise! It’s Trevi fountain and antique Colosseum will ravish your eyes and cameras! Rome has something for everyone! Between a religious retreat in Vatican, enjoying italian delicious ice-creams visiting the most wonderful antique remains of the ancient world in the Forum and a crazy nigth out drinking Spritz, This non sea side summer vacation will plays its charms on you for sure! An open air city filled with emotions!

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