What better way to feel and enjoy this summer vibes than to listen to the most heated tones worldwide culture blend has created! Favoroute has gathered all you need to known about the music style of the world that will make you feel laying on a sandy beach or wandering in a crowded warm street in Rio from your sofa! Get also to discover the best and most iconic music style places ever and their singers! Ready for it ?

Choro  – Rio de Janeiro

Pedra do Sal


Rio de Janeiro must be in your bucket list if you are a heated music rhythm passionate!

In Rio, music is scattering from everywhere, the best music gathering are even displaying their frenzied tones from the public places as the well known rua General Glicerio or from the best view point of Rio as the Maze Inn in the favelas of Tavares Basto.

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But yet the most traditional music is the timeless Choro! Also called Chorinho which means “little cry” in Portuguese, this traditional and emblematic music style is originated in 19th century, created by Brazilian and African inspirations. But beware, even if its meaning seems a little bit dramatic, Choro music will offer to your ears the happiest and most thrilling notes ever! Mastered by virtuoso of the improvisation, Choro is aimed to be lived as an urban popular music style, full of modesty, authenticity and heartwarming intentions. It serenaders often play as a group composed of a trio of flute, cavaquinho (other type of string instruments as the harp or mandolin) and guitar that harmonized perfectly. One the most renowned Choro composer being Pixinguinha, he even added to the Choro style some Afro-Brazilian percussion instruments and some jazz vibes.

Jazz – New Orleans

New orleans jazz


Which lead us to talk about the famous jazz music style! Born originally from the Afro-American ingenious influence cultural blend, Jazz is believed to take its roots in New Orleans for the first time in the late 19th century. Relying on swing notes and a lot of improvisation and performance, Jazz is the real expression of the soul smoothness. Everybody from the African-American community could take part in its fabulous evolution. From Billie Holiday, Betty Carter to Louis Armstrong, icones of the jazz and their music are still timeless.

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Fado – Lisbon


From Favoroute Lisbon guidebook

Fado is one of the most typical Portuguese music genre, meaning “destiny, fate”, origins of Fado are still quite mysterious, identified approximatively to be born in the 19th century. Fado follows a traditional structure of mourning tones and lyrical take-off, captivating and compelling, its singer can talk about any life related matter. Most commonly linked to the sea, lost or longing for someone or something, fado is the expression of the deeply heartened feelings. Standing somewhere between classical music and traditional Portuguese instrumental rhythm and sounds (Portuguese guitar and viola baixo especially) Fado is an unique genre in itself. Lisbon is said to be the birthplace of its sensational music notes, having the largest harbor of Europe by that time, Fado singers are believe to be the maritime proletariat of the Alfama district. Today the singer Ana Moura is said to be walking in the steps of the famous Fado women singer Amalia Rodrigues and reinvigorating the Fado ancient tones.

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Flamenco –Andalusia

flamenco Andalusia

Heated rhythms and clapping hands, Flamenco is a world wide known music style that ravish the eyes as the ears! Flamenco is originated from Andalusia in the 18th century. Born from the cultural blend of as well the Spanish, the Andalusian stamp and romani gitanos vibes, Flamenco has become the main iconic symbol of the Andalusian lush of life. Gift from an incredible melting-pot, Flamenco is a complete art from music, to dance and even theatrical hints. Playing on the dramatic tension of suavely passions, Flamenco is sensational, thunderous and beguiling!

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