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You love to travel, but don’t consider yourself a tourist. You explore the off the beaten tracks and are most comfortable experiencing a country with homestays, local diners, and learning the country’s language. Traveling like a local means you submerge yourself in its culture and gain a new perspective. Choose one of our Local Travel Guidebooks to learn more about the destination’s customs and traditions, written by these 14 local experts.

Meet our 14 Local Experts: 

1. Ita Amahorseija is working in Bali and the owner of the Sinar Cinta villa in Amed. As an inhabitant of the island, Ita knows the best places for every traveler type on the island. Do you have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask her! She would gladly be answering them. 

Schermafbeelding 2015-10-12 om 14.11.32 Bali Sanur Singles Expeditie Indonesië Ontdek het authentieke Bali in Karangasem Indonesië | Favoroute Bali Roundtrip Budget & Exclusive | Favoroute


2. Tash Suschki is from Johannesburg and is currently living in Amsterdam. With her roots in South Africa she knows the ins and outs of her hometown Johannesburg. 

4 Day Romantic Getaway Johannesburg | Favoroute


3. Elke (and Sarah) from Wander-Lust lived for 7 years in London and know where to go! In their guidebook ‘Discover London like a local‘ they guide you to all their favourite local spots in this metropolitan city. 

Discover London like a local | Favoroute


4. Henriette Bokslag is a travel blogger from The Hague, always looking for new adventure abroad. Nevertheless, she isn’t hesitant to share the best tips from her hometown.  

24 uur in Den Haag | Favoroute


5. Marona van den Heuvel is a Dutch expat living in Mumbai, India. In her guidebook ‘48 hours in Mumbai, the maximum city‘ she guides you around this adventurous city. 

48 hours in Mumbai, the maximum city | Favoroute


6. Kirsten Danse is living in Sydney, Australia. In her guidebook about Sydney, she explains all the best ins and outs for this incredible city down under. 

Five Fabulous Days in Sydney | Favoroute


7. Dainahara is living in Utrecht and constantly looking for the latest hotspots in her hometown. With her blog Explore Utrecht she knows how to attract local and foreign travelers to the city of Utrecht. 

City Trip Utrecht | Favoroute


8. Barbara Venetikidou is living in Berlin and is from Thessaloniki. The Greek beauty is part of one of Berlin’s orchestras, and shows you around all the musical and cultural highlights in her hometowns.  

Berlin City Guide - Getaway | FavorouteTourist Guide of Thessaloniki | Favoroute


9. Rebecca Boektje is from Amsterdam and explores with her blog My Travel Boektje all the corners of the world for the latest hotspots. 

Amsterdam Bachelor Weekender | Favoroute


10. Eric Schmidt is a humanitarian and commercial rural and urban developer, living in Abu Dhabi, with a great passion for traveling. Because of his work, he is well informed about the culture and history of different destinations, like parts of Africa, Asia, and South America. 

Abu Dhabi - what to do in 2 days | Favoroute


11. Jacintha Verdegaal is an expat living in London, exploring her favourite places for you on her blog UrbanPixxels. In her guidebook ‘Girls’ Weekend in London’ she can guide you to a memorable girlfriends trip! 

Girl's Weekend in London | Favoroute


12. Ria Poulsen used to live in Madrid and started her company ‘Spain Made For You to help others enjoy her favourite country Spain. 

Bijzondere Stedentrip Madrid | Favoroute


13. Nicoliene is living in Patagonia, Argentina as a tour guide, guiding people to the most special places at ‘the end of the world’! Curious to find her guidebooks? She wrote about Ushuaia and Patagonia in particular.    

Patagonia Highlights | Favoroute


14. Margootje & Josh are living in South-West Portugal. They started their guesthouse Casa Meranka in 2015 and live their life surfing, cooking, and enjoying Portugal.  

Casa Meranka, surf trip South-West Portugal | Favoroute


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  1. Great to see that Favoroute has found so many local experts already, in so many different destinations: the Netherlands, Europa ánd worldwide!

    • Thanks Ria! We are very happy with all the great quality content you guys are providing! :)


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